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  1. No rain here since mid March. Needs 3 or 4 days of rain, then some more for a few hours once every week or so. Worrying, A
  2. Thats sound thinking, when you do come to buy 20 would be better as its lighter and she has nowhere near your strength to move it around, so will tire easily. One other point, once she has decided she likes it and wants to keep it have the toe of the stock rounded. Girls/ladies are a different shape there to us blokes and the toe will dig into her chest and become painfull unless removed and rounded off; A
  3. Thousands of acres lost to flea beetle near me, one big farming group lost 2000 acres, re drilled it and lost it all again. OSR as a crop is now finished in the UK in the opinion of several local farmers. A
  4. I use VIP and some of their Pigeon Select carts with no issues at all. In my book Its a matter of getting used to a specific shell and sticking to it, pigeons its the slower Select 6s, game the faster VIP5s. I have used VIP for about 10 years and switched from Hull High Pheasant only for price reasons. Last batch I bought I did try some Express which many of my friends use but could not get on with them, suspect they were a bit faster than the VIP and I was missing in front. A
  5. Bought a new 687 in 1992, never had an issue with it. Recommended but check the fit, depending on your build a Browning/Miroku might be a better fit. A
  6. I have seen a vid some years ago showing crows/pigeons etc being taken through an open sun roof in a car in the middle of a town. One looked like a runner. alas it dropped down an open chimney. A
  7. I bought a 687 new in 1992/3, been faultless. Someone mentioned poor finish on a 692, I handled a year or so old 32 inch one recently, far to heavy for me but I saw no faults what so ever with the finish. I would have no issue at all buying a used 687. A
  8. I would think not but GMK would tell you, they might want the serial number of the 20. Even if you did you would probably have a gun that was stock heavy, ie the point of balance moved back behind the hinge pin. Not in my book an ideal situation. I had no issues with an additional set of 12 barrels on my 12, the set the gun came with were a bit tight and I wanted some a bit more open for early season use. The second set came from a 686. As an aside these HAVE to be on your ticket as a separate item, just make sure the records at Police HQ say a barrel set only. My licence
  9. Its wind that kills you at distance not drops. Wind meters and a good ballistic app such as Strelock will also be needed and mastered, but the ability to read wind direction is critical as it making allowance for hedges restricting wind velocity. On a high power scope with mill dots and 1FFP ret that first dot is 4MOA down, thats 350 yards or so in many calibers. In 2FFP its a guessing game depending on the mag setting. If price is not an object have a look at the Swaro rangefinder scope, that handles the drops ok but not the drifts. A
  10. I have tried a handfull, put the pattern in the right place and they work but no better and no worse than VIP 30s my usual load. I used them through 3/4 + 1/2. They are not though as fast as some would lead you to believe, not as quick as most top end game cartridges such as VIP, but at sensible ranges the difference is not apparent. I think the main selling point is the copper plates shot, so if a lead ban comes in Eley have something arguably better than Bismuth, the cartridge in my book is designed for SBS use, around 1250 fps on the Eley web site and fairly soft on
  11. I bought a new 687EELL fixed choke game gun in 1992, its been faultless. Must have had 15,000/20,000 through it, works and looks as new. A
  12. Northampton Gun hold such an account, pretty sure there will be nearer ones to you. A
  13. When waiting up a high seat for parents of cubs that were about 120 yards away I had a second set of cubs playing around the base of the ladder !!. That was a surprise. A
  14. Yeoman SBS has a pretty thick grip and not best suited to those of us with small hands. I cant hit much with one residing in my cabinate either. A
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