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    Hi, Buing a first sporter for sporting clays, compak clays and skeet. I cùrrently have B525 Game 1 and Benelli M2. Within the last few years I have been using B525 for clays a lot and it works ok, been happy with it. I spend time at range quite alot. Will be using the sporter also for hunting occasionally and I dont mind the extra weight. Barrel lenght will be 32 inches. B525 Game 1 fits me almost perfect. The comb is few mm to high for me and i shoot 60/40 with it. Rizzini is the only I was able to see and try and it felt the same with adjustable stock in down position as B525 so the comb felt high for few mm. Problem is that I live in Finland and here we dont have guns availabe for testing at the range. If your are lucky as a left hander you might find one to try how it fits you. Normally lefthand shotguns must be ordered and very seldom there is one at the shop . I dont have the chance to try the others since there is non available. I was able to pull these comb height numbers from the internet just for myself to see if anything would be even close. But i dont think there is no way to calculate that since there is too many variables in the stock? Lop for me is 375. My preference would be fixed stock not adj. My current B525 game 1 stock drop at 36mm and at heel 56. Lop 375mm 1. Rizzini Fierce 1. Drop at comb 35mm and at heel 54mm 2. Miroku Mk38. Drop at comb 38mm and at heel 57mm 3. Browning 725 Pro sport adj. Drop at comb is 25-39mm and at heel 45-59mm 4. Browning 725 Ultra xs pro adj. Drop at comb is 24-38mm and at heel 38-54mm 5. Beretta 694 fixed stock. Drop at comb is 35mm and at heel 50mm Regards. M
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have sent a number of requests and hopefully we get few good days hunting in England.
  3. Hi all, I am new on on the forum and regards from Finland. Not sure if this is right place to ask this but I try. Our season here is only two and a half months long for pigeon hunting per year and thats it. Snow comes and pigeon moves to warmer climate etc. The amount on pigeon here is nothing comparing to England, but nevertheless we try to take all the joy out of the season every year. We are just googling the pigeon hunting opportunities in england for next year. Yes, we want to experience good hunting days and see what it is in the promised land of pigeons ? What would be the best area to go for a springtime hunt? I have seen that the prices vary from 200 pounds to about 130 per day with a guide including permits etc + accomodation. Please recommend place to go? Thanks.
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