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  1. Does this have side parallax adjustment? Thanks kev.
  2. I would rfd if that was an option. As everyone knows there is quite an expense when starting out and generous offers like this dont come round often.
  3. Great offer! I would bite your hand off if you were in Scotland as just got my FAC for a .22 Someone is going to get a great gift.
  4. K3vvk

    l 200

    Air in fuel system or the l200 have problems with the suction control valves located on the fuel pump.
  5. K3vvk


    I used to work with a driller from Malaysia who drank this stuff. Couldn't bring myself to try it, plus costs a few quid!
  6. I'll need to get a look see if there are any local.
  7. What decoy bags are everyone using? Looking for large bag to hold nets and decoys etc.
  8. Hi folks looking for a bit of assistance. Im looking to pick up some pigeon shooting in Ayrshire, Scotland. Any leads to some in the area would be great. Cheers Kev
  9. Hi folks. Newbie to the site. From Ayrshire up in scotland. Looking to get in to doing som pigeon shooting. Been shooting clays for couple years now.
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