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  1. I thought the same with the reflection from my u/o, to the point I went and bought a Hatsan escort camo, which is now back in the cupboard not getting used didn’t make a difference as far as I could see, I have gone back to the u/o, and have subsequently had some good days. I now think that the choice of pattern shape position etc, floater or rotary or not we’re the largest issues along with the wind, hide position and flight lines. I think I’m also better at keeping still choosing the moment to move now. It doesn’t always work out but I’ve satisfied myself that it’s not the gun that’s the problem.
  2. Golf buggy battery 20ah, the 18 hole type as opposed to 36 hole (which I guess will be heavier) lasts the day.
  3. That’s a poor attitude from your GP, I’d move. As far as I understand he’s not being asked to predict the future, neither is he being asked to provide a full psychiatric assessment. He’s being asked if there’s anything in your notes (the police provide a list of conditions that should be notified) at a point in time that could be a risk factor which then may or may not need further exploration from your FEO. It’s pretty much a simple yes or no. If he can’t be a bit more open minded and stop thinking catastrophically I wouldn’t want him treating my medical problems either.
  4. I’ve had an axion key for three weeks now I bought it for spotting so had no interest in video capabilities and to be honest I’ve not seen anything through it worth videoing. I’m using a ward 800 with a Solaris. The first thing I’ve noticed is that the conditions effect the quality of the image, so don’t expect the same quality image all the time, the best is colder windless nights where I’m very happy with the image. It gets better as the night goes on and it gets a bit cooler. Otherwise there is less contrast between objects so the trees and back ground is less distinct. I have found black hot the best. Rabbit and hare sized objects are visible as black blobs at 200yrs or more on a bad night and over 300 on a good night, you’ll know there’s something there, but ID won’t be 100%, you get more idea when they move, foxes move more than rabbits, rabbits hop foxes don’t. I picked up a very obvious heat source last week at about 300yds over stubble I thought it was a fox the way it was moving but on looking through ward it was a cat. So for me the key complements the digital perfectly. I can scan a field in seconds identify heat sources or not then decide if I want to check it out further with ward digital at 300 yards plus and be very sure what I’m looking at. So for me they key will pick up pony/deer sized objects at over 800yrds just not with a positive ID, digital is better at ID than the key and is therefore the limiting factor before you pull the trigger I’m impressed and the key has been a game changer
  5. I emailed him on the 10th April 2019 about some shims for my 800l never got a reply as yet, “we don’t do them” would have done, either he doesn’t read them or doesn’t reply neither is acceptable.
  6. Have a look at “nylon coasters” anglers use them for fastning rods to reels, maybe that’s what your after.
  7. I’ve cut off the very tip of my poles with hacksaw, just enough to make a flat area, then drilled pilot hole and ran tap down to take a length of threaded bar as long as you want, then add a lock nut to secure, works a treat. Easy to tap as it’s ally/ alloy.
  8. Hi, whereabouts is this please?
  9. It looks very similar to one I had there is a cover that bolts on the front with three screws half covering the front pulley, the cover had the name Tauco on it. I found it was a USA model made around 1940. Google TAUCO drill.
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