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  1. Trenta

    Where did they go?

    That is a great idea, I will give that a go next time I am out - strike while the iron is hot huh
  2. Trenta

    Where did they go?

    As I only have the one permission, if they fly off, they fly off, and I am stuck with the fields I have. It is not a case of being in a hurry to start shooting, more like the only option I have at the moment to shoot on. Birds or no birds, being out in the countryside is just a bonus for me.
  3. Trenta

    Where did they go?

    Yes, that is what I was thinking - setup before dawn. How soon after / before dawn do the birds normally become active?
  4. Trenta

    Where did they go?

    I was shooting over OSR on the weekend, got there at about 0930h and set up where I saw the birds (which there were plenty) - they moved around the corner while I was setting up, and never came back. I did stalk after them, but they ******** off completely after the first shot... there was not even any flying close by that could have looked at my decoys - very frustrating. What was I doing wrong? There were plenty of birds when I first got there, but then I was left with nothing? In the picture you can see where they were feeding, which is where my decoys were - but nada?
  5. Trenta

    L/H Hinged Gunsafe

    Hello all, does anyone know of any other brands of gun safe except for Brattonsound that offer a left hand hinged model? I am looking at the SL9 by Brattonsound, but wondered if there is anything else out there, and my google search is proving fruitless. Thanks!
  6. Thanks to all for your replies - I raised this with my BASC representative as well, and they advised me to sit on it, as I do not have any medical conditions to declare, and only act if I am contracted by the police again - so I will see what happens there.
  7. Hello there, I am in the process of applying for a FAC to go along with my SGC and this seems to be going along quite nicely until yesterday when I received an invoice from my local doctor's surgery asking me to pay £74.23 for the medical certificate for my FAC application. They kindly added that "If you decide you no longer want to go ahead with your application for a firearms certificate please let the surgery know" Just to state that I do not have any medical conditions that would affect my application, so this seems very steep to me, considering the FAC application was only £90! Has anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance
  8. Trenta

    Oilseed Rape

    Thanks for the advice, I am confined to only one permission, so for me, that is the only choice I have. I understand that I may be alerting the birds for later in the year, but it is a day out away from the office for me, to sit in the hide hoping that a pigeon might fly past while I contemplate the world. At the moment, I look at in the same way as I do fishing - and that is "it is called fishing and not catching for a reason" That being said, if anyone had any leads to permissions in the Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire areas I would be all ears! Cheers
  9. Trenta

    Oilseed Rape

    Hi guys, just after some advice - I have been shooting over a field of OSR for a couple of months, and the plants themselves are starting to get quite high now. When is the OSR most attractive to the pigeons, and what part of it do they eat? Are they interested in the more mature plants, or just the seedlings? I havent had very much luck yet, and I only have this one permission, so I have to stick it out and hope that they arrive in numbers sometime soon! This picture was taken last Sunday, when my efforts resulted in just one crow....
  10. Trenta

    Sitty Trees?

    Thanks for the advice - I have a couple of camo nets and four hide poles, so would you suggest setting up an enclosed square hide with associated foliage etc. Silly question, but how would you go about putting a partial roof on top of it? would laying foliage across the top edges work without the whole thing collapsing? I think I might need more hide poles? Thanks once again for all of the information to a very grateful newby!
  11. Hi Nick, what a great offer, and this is how I believe this part of the forum should work. If I was closer I would definitely help you out. You don't know any farmers or friends requiring these services down Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex way, as I would gladly help out.
  12. Trenta

    Sitty Trees?

    Thanks for all the advice guys, headed out on Saturday morning before the rain, and set up how you advised, and managed to bag our first pigeon! Thanks again.
  13. This is where I regularly shoot: https://www.headleyclaypigeon.com/
  14. Trenta

    Sitty Trees?

    The field I will be shooting on Saturday has a sitty tree in one of the corners of the paddock, which obviously the pigeons use as a stopping point. I can't shoot from two sides of the tree, as they face onto a road, which is just over 100m away. Is it a good idea to set up a hide right under the tree on the safe sides? The canopy of the tree is very dense at the moment and will restrict vison. I can't really think of where else to set up though - any tips? Thanks! Trenta
  15. Hi Tomto, I have sent you a PM a couple of days ago - so I hope I am not too late, but I am very local! Cheers Trent