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  1. Hi guys, I have very limited shooting options, and one of them is over a field of now flowering OSR - is this still attactive to the pigeons, or will they lose interest now? I would drive up and have a look but it is about 45 mins away, which can be quite hit and miss. Thanks in advance!
  2. What club is this? Sounds like the Kent Wildfowlers? I hope you get some good guidance mate!
  3. Hi Team, Any recommendations on where to get a replacement barrell for a 410g Mossberg Pumpaction - I have a hushpower barrell on there at the moment, but wanted the option of a non moderated barrell as well. TIA
  4. Hi Team, Can anyone recommend a gunslip that will fit a Mossberg 410 Hushpower? Many thanks! Trent
  5. Do you have a link to the original item and where to purchase? I appreciate it was 10 years ago, so might not exist anymore
  6. Hi there - I am thinking about buying one of these - but wanted to canvas the group first to see if there are any recommendations good or bad about them? They are about £80 so I dont want to buy one if they are no good. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have the same barrow, which does get tough to push in mud - do you have a link to the wheel you replaced it with? Thanks!
  8. HI Guys, Does anyone have any recommendaitons on where to by Ely Extra Long 3" Subsonic .410 Magnums - I have tried Just Cartriges, but they are out of stock at the moment.... I am based in Surrey Cheers Trent
  9. Hi guys, just a quick one - what do you prefer and why - wind from behind, or in your face? Looks like tomorrow I might have a stiff breeze in the face - which is going to be cold as well...
  10. Does shooting over OSR get better the as the weather gets colder, or doesnt it matter, and it is just down to when the plants get the growth spurt in late Feb and there are no other food sources around? Looking at my diary of other years on the same perm and crops, it wasnt until end Feb that birds started to show - but also, I seem to remember it was a more mild winter than right now... I am thinking if it is worth trying again this weekend, when it is forecast to be -2 degrees throughout the day...
  11. Hi guys, I managed to get out for the first time in a long time on Saturday to do a bit of crop protection over OSR. There were a few birds flying (away) when I got to the perm around 0800h, but by the time I got in place and set up they were few and far between. The OSR looked like it had been nibbled at some stage, but also looked pretty hammered by the conditions as well I am thinking I am a little to early to get any decent numbers on it at the moment, what is everyone else finding? I blanked, but bloody good to be out. Cheers
  12. Hello guys, Does any one have any reommendations around lightweight seating options for the hide? My son and I currently use a folding garden kneeler (see picture) each, however they are quite heavy and cumbersome to lug across muddy fields. So, any suggests of a lightweight seat alternative would be greatly apprieciated. One consideration would be abilty to use on a slight slope, which might make non adjustable three leg stools tricky. Thanks in advance! Trenta
  13. Me and my boy had a pleasant summer shooting over wheat - was a strange time due to Covid, but great to spend quality time together
  14. Heya Houseplant - where in New Zealand are you from? I am originally from Piha, but have been living in the UK for the past 20 years - the hunting here is pretty good, and the pigeon shooting can be outstanding depending on your location - bit hard to translate that back to NZ quarry as the old kererū would be tasty, but very frowned upon 🙂 I took my Dad out on the pigeons over standing wheat here a couple of years ago and he had a ball - he had never experienced shooting like that before Personally, I cant wait to get back to NZ for a hunting and fishing holiday - I had planned to bring my boy (6 at the time) back to NZ in April this year, but the bloody 'rona ruined that. I hope the borders open soon, as we will be back in a flash Thanks for sharing!
  15. Hi there - when driving through Salisbury a couple of weeks ago on my way to Cornwall, I noticed some very interesting prospects - just wanted to know if anyone on here shoots around that area? Thanks Trent
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