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  1. Hi there - when driving through Salisbury a couple of weeks ago on my way to Cornwall, I noticed some very interesting prospects - just wanted to know if anyone on here shoots around that area? Thanks Trent
  2. Hello Dave, Fantastic offer - I would be keen to help out if you needed a hand - I have my own gear and happy to bring you lunch as well and shout you a pint after! Please keep me in mind, Thanks, Trenta
  3. Just to back up what Tomto said - as he used live around my way - What we have lost here is St Neot's gain. He is a top lad, loyal friend, great for a pint and a yarn at the pub, oh, and an ok shot as well 😉 I will definately be making the journey up to see the new property when I can. Good luck in your new endeavours mate!
  4. I have tried Rakers, Mole Valley Country stores, TGS, C.& H. Weston and Chichester Armoury (who had some, but not enough)
  5. Hello, I am looking for gun shops in Surrey or surrounds that stock Ely 20 gauge cartridges for pigeons (28 gram 6s) - I am not having much luck - any recommendations?
  6. Looks like the canes from the garden centre will do nicely
  7. Another good point! I use a carp barrow for my gear and that seems to work ok when the ground is dry - bit of a pig when it is muddy!
  8. Yes, I guess that will work - I was thinking something metal, as the ground is like concrete at the moment - a screwdriver with mallet should sort that out though to make a hole for the bamboo
  9. Hi guys, I am shooting over standing wheat at the moment, and I need to get shell decoys up above crop to be obvious to the birds. I have balanced them ontop of the wheat, but if there is any wind they soon fall through and I risk losing them. Has anyone seen or used any type of ready made spike or peg to tape the spring sticks to to give them more height? I am using floaters, whirly and flapper duct taped to a spare hide pole but wanted to get my shell decoys up there as well. Cheers Trenta
  10. Very interesting - thanks for the replies. I will give it a go next time I am out, will make sure it is sloweed down though
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has used corvids on a whirly when targetting crows, rooks and jackdaws? if so, any tips or is it a waste of time? Thanks! Trent
  12. Hello again - I have an FF6 flapper - however I have problems with the wings of the birds coming off the flapper arms - meaning I have to go out and reset it all the time. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it? I was thinking of bending the point of the flapper arm back, but I am not sure this would work, and it would make mounting the wings more difficult? Thanks in advance, again!
  13. Hi Old'un - the rotary and spreaders are illustrated in the photo below - the spreaders are on the top right corner:
  14. My spreaders dont have that middle bar - where did you get spreaders like that?
  15. Thanks for the response. Now that you explain it like that - the setup makes much more sense. I take it you put the wing spreaders on then position the bird on the magnet arm as you suggest, then bring the wing spreader back up to get the right final position of the birds - right? I guess it is easy when you know how... 🤪
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