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  1. Hi. When can we meet ? I am at home all day today and most days for that matter. If you PM me i can send details.

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    2. Tooold2care


      PS Please dont forget Shotgun Licence 👍

    3. nobbyathome


      thank you charles see you in the morning .rob

    4. Spr1985


      Gentlemen, I’m not sure that either of you are aware but the whole of your conversation is visible on the forum including address vehicle and mobile numbers, it seems you’ve had a conversation in statuses and not in private messages, may be an idea to remove ASAP. Being an open forum anyone can read this information. 

      apologies if you are aware and I’m overstepping the mark.


  2. I am changing from 28gram to 24gram and have these cartridges for sale all 7 1/2 Plastic wad. Not cased:- Country Way / Gamebore (Lead ) X 350 Gamebore HV Steel X 200 Gamebore Super steel X 50 (Tatty boxes) £70 the lot collected from Maidstone Kent ME16 . Buyer obviously must show current Licence. Can send photos if required
  3. Well yes. I have done some sums on this. It works out that I have notionally saved £166 by having stop start over 17,300 miles. The cost of the battery brings that down to between £131 and only £42. That is because my wife has an almost identical but older car to mine but without Stop Start. The battery on this car is going strong and showing no sign of needing to be changed. There is also the matter of future wear and tear. Only time will tell. The up side is there is a C02 saving of 224 kg's but the life usage of the battery is 80 kg so a net saving of 144 kg's
  4. As I understand it. If you have a pre-selector Auto. Box and it is engaged but the car is stationery. Without stop start the clutches will be wearing out. However I find when the engine restarts, there can be a big jolt which is probably causing damage to the rest of the drivetrain. I have also just had to fit a new Stop Start battery at a cost of £124 instead of £85 for a non Start Stop engine in only 3 1/2 years. So the extra cost of ownership for me has outweighed any fuel saving and with battery manufacture and disposal costs, has wiped out any C02 savings.
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