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  1. Went to brookbank Boxing Day wasn’t to bad same price as Mendip but only allow for 8 percent of no birds. There were a few more no birds than they allowed for which they charged for. food was a little more expensive than I thought it would be. Will probably go back if the staff cheer up a bit to. Going to give Lady’s wood a go on the 5th does look very posh and expensive I’m sure we will stick out like sore thumbs. Haha
  2. Didn’t go there in the end because shooting didn’t start until 11am which was a little later for my busy day. Going there Boxing Day for a shoot plenty of time on my hands then.
  3. I’m heading to brook bank tomorrow for the first time. Useually go to mendip on a Sunday or Woodspring clay shoot on every other Saturday. Can be found on Facebook near Weston super mare, friendly and cheap they sell Fiocchi carts which I like to use.
  4. I have the same it has 5 big pins up the door.
  5. Package received. Thanks @DR JAMES look forward to using them next weekend.
  6. Good point I will call the shop first and see if they can help before potentially it all going to pot.
  7. Thanks I will give the my RFD a call tomorrow.
  8. He does, it was in his cabinet which he has only just found the keys for after renovating his house.
  9. Hi, Can’t find much information online. My father in law has a shotgun which he is going to give me. He hasn’t got a valid SGC anymore what would be the consequences in signing it over to me? using his old SGC details. I’m a SGC holder. Thanks in Advance
  10. Hotch


    Thanks for the other places I will have to have ago at them myself. I have been to Braces and wasn’t a fan to be honest. There were lots of stag parties which I wasn’t against but they insisted we didn’t go on certain traps because they will be using them. I will get someone to check for gun figment as people have said that is the most important thing.
  11. Hotch


    thanks I will keep on practising and see how I get on with the 686s and take some lessons.
  12. thought I would say hello to everyone. I have been clay shooting for around a year with my Grandfather which i love doing. he used to take me when I was 14 but as a teenager I lost interest. I also live in North Somerset and go to Mendip shooting ground frequently. are there any other shooting grounds in and around my area anyone would recommend don't mind traveling uptown 45 mins ? currently in the process of getting my SGC which should be here in next couple of weeks. I have also been lucky enough to have my girlfriends father give me his shotgun which he no longer uses, It's a Beretta 686s 1989 28" M/C with no more than 2k shots through it. gun is pretty much new. I was wondering what chokes are best used for clays, the gun I use at the moment has 1/2 and 1/4 fixed and the 686 currently has a choke with 4 notches and 5 notches. Thanks Aaron.
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