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  1. All, thank you for the advice! Much appreciated. Will keep the gun and play around with it to see what works. Thanks again.
  2. It’s the sidelock. Looking online the xxv retails from £800-£2k so might look into it further.
  3. Hi all, Just looking for some advice- I’m helping a friend out by buying a AYA 25 from him. He bought it at auction a few weeks ago, is yet to collect yet but has some issues and can’t afford it. He paid £440 for it. I understand it is mid 1970’s and in very good condition. However I’ve just found out that it has about true cylinder borings- I haven’t come across this before and am concerned. I was intending to use the gun on clays, pigeons and the odd driven day. Is it possible to get the gun choked or will it be ok for the aforementioned activities? thanks J
  4. Hi, I’ll take them. Where about are you based? I’m in NW2
  5. Its a huge amount of money for not much guaranteed shooting. Driven days you know what you are getting ! I shot three dove days in Argentina for less with accommodation included!
  6. I'm out on Friday for my second ever day on the pigeon and am looking forward to it but will bring a good book after reading this!
  7. if its still available I am in Stevenage on friday and could pick it up?
  8. Good advice! A friend lost part of his thumb and right eye a few years ago when he dropped a 20 into his 12. I only use 12's for that reason.
  9. Hi, is this new? what chest size is it 42?
  10. So is it no longer available as I'm interested. Thanks
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