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  1. Ehaynes96

    Shooting meetups

    Yeah im up for that, sounds good, whats your number? And yeah it is dartford gun club I prefer bisley tbh but dartford is on my doorstep.
  2. Ehaynes96

    Shooting meetups

    Usually at bisley and occasionally at a small place in dartford, you?
  3. Ehaynes96

    Shooting meetups

    Im not offering just looking for someone to come with me i shoot alot of clays, i havent been game shooting but would like to get into it. Are you interested?
  4. Ehaynes96

    Shooting meetups

    Whats strange about it? Just looking for someone to go shooting with I usually shoot clays on my own, dont really have any mates with guns.
  5. Ehaynes96

    Shooting meetups

    Does anyone want to shoot around south east london or bisley either clays or partridge/pheasants?