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  1. Hi Guys Can anybody recommend a fox call app. Distressed rabbit etc. I want to put it on my mobile. I've got a long range bluetooth speaker I am going to use.
  2. Where abouts are you. I may be interested.
  3. Hi Longblower I was thinking of doing something like this but was told you can't get much further than 5mtrs. What's the furthest you've had the speaker from your mobile?
  4. I used to fit electric boilers years ago but the market dropped do to efficient gas boilers. Now retired but have seen the latest boiler from Heatrae Sadia called Electromax Combi. Defo worth a look. They have defo come a long way now. If you google it I would think you will find some reviews.
  5. I think you are allowed to go with one other person and not travel to far from your home. It come within controlling corvids.
  6. Thanks for that guys. Lining paper is the way go go. Very cheep. I've got a pallet I will set up on a hill side on my permission. Very safe.
  7. Hi Chaps Can anyone tell me where I can get some paper pattern targets. Approx. 36". For 12 gauge shotgun. Thanks
  8. Thank you all for your comments and excellents videos. Will defo stick with a 22lr. Just got to choose between Sako Qaud or Anschutz 1416. Will go to a gun shop and compare them in the flesh.
  9. Was going with .22LR because thats the only rifle Ive had. The subsonic ammo is very quiet and the CZ is very acuarate but as in my first post very heavy. Mine is a thumb hole stock but dont mind a composite if it makes it lighter. I am in Lincolnshire.
  10. I see there is a .22lr Sako Quad Varmint with thumhole stock on gunwatch for £540. Do you think thats a good price?
  11. Looks like it will be an Anshutz then. just got to decide what model. Thamk you all for your input.
  12. What model Anshutz did you get?
  13. Currently useing a CZ455 .22lr for rabbiting. Sometimes shooting from a vehicle. Love the rifle but looking for something a lot lighter. Any suggetions would be appreciated
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