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  1. Thanks for all the info and advice chaps .i went an took the gun to the shop and evrything seems ok. 2 chaps had a good look and were happy to tell me to cary on .so i brought a couple difrent boxes of carts and had a few carts of variying names gifted to me and i went and had a hour or so on the clays . .i even tried the 3" ely again (i grabed another box) just to out rule a bad box anyway had a great time blasting clays with the litle norica only to find that evrything i put in was ok apart from the ely 3" (again ) so im just going to stay clear of them altho ely 2" are sound the hull 3" are nice and silky to load same as the fiocchi and i didnt like the look of the trust magnum 3" but they worked ok .im still going to get a second opinion on the chamber by taking in to another shop i use .also i never managed to find the fes website that continental shooter mentioned but thanks again lads . And if ever u want a conversation withe evryone ate ur local clay shoot turn up with an old 3 shot bolt action 410 and no one can walk past without stopping to chat😂
  2. Ozz

    Closing a gun.

    We all know the solution to this is a semi auto 😂 Joaking aside iv been told off over the years for both ways i think key thing is here to know exactly where the end of ur barrels are when closing and exactly where they are while moving skywards
  3. Tipical assembly antis again and again there taktics are to ignore and not debate becuase the know nothing about half the things they dont like . They bang on one day about revinues and more jobs in tourism for wales then pull the plug on phesant shooting .the bang on about banning lead shot becuase of pollution but then allow 100s of 1000s of tones of toxic radioactive waist to be dumped in the sea just of the wesh coast ? The mind boggles.
  4. Ozz

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    Corbyns a joke i ich evry time i see his face
  5. Ozz

    Looking for a nice cheap knife for breasting

    Not jumping on the mora frost band wagon ....but i use and cary an opinal for evryday use but when im bresting skinning or doing any field butchery i use the mora .mainly becuase its not a folder and this makes it easy to keep clean and germ free
  6. Where to start ?? I use a sub 12 bsa lightning for rats an squirrel and close bunnys around the farm (or the 410 ).anyway i decided to go fac air rifle .22 got the ticket but cant seem to find a gun .i dont want a pre charge . i know u can have pre charge turned right up but i cant be arssed with tanks and paying a fortune for a gun im not going to use all that often so thought a springer with a little extra poke be fine. I origionaly thought i could put my hw77 22 on the fac but aparently u cant do this so buying a secondhand gun is looking more like whats going to happen .so im looking for either advice on if i can or how to get my sub 12fp hw77 on ticket or has anyone got a cheep fac springer sat unused for sale
  7. Im out on tues with the 410 and have a right old assortment of carts so im going to see how things go and il be passing the shop on way home where im going to have a smith check out that chamber . And cheers for the tip on them hull high pheasant iv been thinking about getting into the reloading . just for the 410 And iv always liked hull but fingers crossed my chamber is ok
  8. The other strange miss shaping thing it did to only the eley3" was where the extractor catches the rim of the cart its slightly moved the edge back and the primer side is looks almost slightly countersunk ? .i may have just had a bad box
  9. I do have some empties and just took a couple of pics .they look worse and more disformed in the flesh but u can still see where there miss shaped .and end of the day they wer disformed enough not to cycle .only haplend on the eley not the fiocchi3" or the ely 2"
  10. Ozz

    Fireworks ban

    Just another thing the cotton wool brigade wants .to be honest iv expected this for some time .we had fun with bangers when we were kids my mum even brought us a couple boxes evry year (althogh we sent her mop bucket 10 ft in the air a few times) but we wasnt hurt or a problem to our neighburs at the same time . Im begining to think give it 10 years and we will only be allowed to sit in the houce on face book becuase evrything elce will be banned
  11. Out shooting the weekend with my norica 410 . This time using eley3" shot 25 carts and all day the gun played up something rotten refusing to eject the empties . In the end i went home and got ready to strip and have a good look .but then noticed the empties (that i always pick up) some were bulged on the end. And some quite disformed more than others .my mate said this is common for eley3" i normaly use fiottchi . Shurely this isnt normal has anyone else had this trouble
  12. Ozz

    Norica 3 shot bolt action .410

    I know this is a fairly old post but i just sumbled accross it while trying to find out how old my norica 3 shot bolty actualy is.anyway we had one of theas when i was a lad and for pure nostagia resens found my self buying one last week and thought i mention just how supprised i am with it the pattern is quite tight so i took it out on the clays lots of fun and to be honest think this little norica wont just be the paddoc ratter after all. Does anyone have a way of dating this old gun theres loads on the google that helped me date some other spanish guns but cant find anything on the norica .cherss oz