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  1. I supose where this idea would fit in is when or if a stolen gun turns up in a post office job or found somewhere the police can identify it even if the numbers have gone .this way they can turn round and say ahh thats bobs shotgun from sutch n sutch a place and by knowing where the gun came from means they can cross that perticular fierarm of the missing list . Unfortunatly for the shooting comunity i think this sort of thing wont help us and is very unlikley the police would return ur spanish boxlock with no numbers or with custom 13" barrels .it would more likely just be used against us if one goes missing im shure the media would love to say legal owned gun turns up at murder location blah blah .its a shame they dont fit theas as standard to all the russian hand guns that are coming through our open border in the back of cars .however i doubt u would here that on tv . But as said above in one of the posts criminals learn quick and would soon get rid of the tag .the only real way of doing something to find ur gun if it went missing is to have some sort of tracker in the stock to help police locate it .but even then the criminals will just buy the softwhere off ebay and then drive round tracking guns and know exactly where to look . Remember lose lips sink ships. Dont advertise u have guns and hopfuly they wont get robed and u wont need the chip
  2. Just jumping on the band wagon here . I have a knaker of a citroen berlingo 02 plate 1.6 petrol with 4 of the most agressive mud an snow tyers i could find .if any of seen the track on my permission u would call me a lier but the bloody thing gets up there evry week and in the snow i had to do some forwards n back manouvers and take a run up at one point (and give the little car death) but it just seems to keep going .i have a genuine hate for 2 wd cars even more french ones but becuase of the motorway miles i do now i had to swap out the landy for something that fits the kids in and the shoping and then the fortnightly trip to see the olds 240 mile round trip im begining to like the berlingo .
  3. Thanks to all that got back to me about this iv ended up with a gunpower stelth with mod for 100 quid off one of our parls on here .so im all sorted in the fac air rifle now .its doin its job ok has only been out on the farm a handfull of times but its going be back out again next witer becuase it relly came in to use when all the machinery gets parked up in the 2 barns an field adjacent been using on the rats and bunny from half decent distances too .but when themachines go back to work il be back on the rats with the 410 lol All that said how do i get rid of the post or do i leave it up ?
  4. Ozz

    410 wanted

    Single or side by side folding poacher cheep batterd pump semi auto rolling block under lever flip breach anything will do . Im looking for something that i can have to hand while working in the barn or repairing a fence so nothing posh or expencive Anything conciderd dont mind a project. I already have a superb like new cond norica 3 shot bolty that i grew up with but there fiddley to load. Idealy would like a side by side or similar to a cooey / baikal single or anything else will do .i dont want to spend mutch so the old wreck out the back of ur cubard will do just fine .i live in south wales but visit the folks in the black country evry couple weeks so can collect local to here or on route ie monmouth glouster ross worcester ect eould be ideal but dont mind a day out to collect .thanks oz
  5. Dont ask dont get .i wouldnt mind i little .22 for a bit of decent plinking in the summer
  6. On the pigeons sat in my hide i use my ata venza and love it .walking around the farms and doing the chance ferrals i use my 12b eibar sxs cost 80 quid and lovley light gun 30" and i dont mind puting it on the ground either while im messing with things .both the above guns i call my work guns and they get wet more than often .i think id cry if it rained on my new 525😁
  7. They shoot frozen chickens at planes to test against bird strike .how mutch damage would a small drone do .shurly bats birds and insects are an equil thret
  8. I lived just up the road from a pop factorie as a lad all the local kids first taste of earning money was collecting the bottles and taking into the local shops for the return price 10 bottles was 50 pence and that = hell of a lot sweets back then a 10 pence mix up filled a small bag
  9. Bring back the 5p on returning ur pop bottles thats what i say👍 But it does seem to be the case that its ok to ne guilty of all this global warming as long as u pay some more tax ? One headline made me chuckle as i walked accros the pet station forcourt eying up the news paper stand was "colder winter on its way dew to global warming" i remember thinking shurly they ment warmer winter
  10. Definatly aliens .or the russians . Or both🤔
  11. Ozz

    Hide Roof?

    I have a set of gazebo poles that iv painted green and drilled holes in places for my green bungeys. I have cut a couple foot of the legs so its not huge and what i do is leave half or the front triangle of the roof un coverd this way i can still shoot the ones flying over .
  12. 15p sandwich tax soon .and this will stop dolphins chokin on petrol station sarny cartons aparently ?
  13. Ozz

    Strange world

    Fried crickets are ok and im game for trying other things but old eggs with things inside 🤮
  14. I wish i had never seen this .i cant help but keep looking at it wondering what it is. Im a hobby blacksmith but mechanical enginer by trade but now buy and sell old relics and vintage items as my main job so this is the sort of thing i love and cant get enough of .but im thinking its a trigger for a trap .meby there was once 10 or so different cages ect for different size birds .iv seen victorian bird traps that had the most elaborate and unconventional trigers . Either way what an awsom item
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