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  1. I kinda liked the look of him lol. But if he is dead like I hear earlier apparently they might have a female leader taking the place
  2. I know evryone has already said it but that looks great. And if be well happy letting that leave my workshop. And thers just something about the old Belgium folder I still have myn and I still use it and my boys will use it too.
  3. Looks lovely. I can't help looking for shafts while out n about so far made my old lady and the old man sticks now as ther in ther 80s. I use one becuase I have a knakerd hip an knee. So while out on the fields iv had to put a sling on the gun and the stick is a dam handy tool and it's not a new idea but I grabbed a couple small neodinium magnets of ebay and put them at the bottom of my stick just above the rubber. I drilled all the way through and used resin to fix inplace so the stick lost no strength ect. No more groaning n moaning bending over to collect my emptie carts .. Bloody Great as its no fun getting old
  4. Theas last 3 weeks with all the rain iv been shooting rats. They all got flooded out and been allover the place my go to rat gun is my 9mm garden gun it's a folding falco only 5 year old 40 ft is max range but stops the ******* dead it only occred to me the other day that im going to lose this little gun when the ban comes in . Altho I have reloaded the 9mm in the past when I couldn't find carts but being a rim fire u can only reload about 4 times before u start geting miss fires
  5. Ozz

    Im after a 9mm garden gun

    Just reading my little essay on about the little garden gun and I'm still impressed with it. I have a selection of ammo now but still no no3 shot (hendrix) but I'm keeping a dam good egar eye out for them but iv been shooting no7 and 71/2 and at some of the distance iv been using it stone dead kills with no runners today I shot the biggest rat we have ever seen about 40 foot away side on couldn't have positioned himself in a better place right in front of a courigated tin sheet shed ****** just rolled over and as usual evry time I get one with this little gun I still seem surprised? I'm out often with my semi 12b or the 410 ear defenders on but the little garden gun with no ear defenders casually chatting or walking about doing a bit of work ect it's made my air rife almost redundant.. I honestly think any smallholder who don't have one should just go and grab one. My o ly worry about the this is when the dreaded lead ban comes I doubt il be able to get ammo and it's OK stocking up but when that runs out it's out
  6. This is a crazy one I just brought the all brass 410 carts from clay n game now my local shop was willing to sell me the large pistol /small rifle primers with my sgc in hand and verbally listening to what I was doing ie reloading the 410 brass carts. Now he never had any in stock after he went looking so I tryed another shop where I go only now an then for 410 and 9mm rf as they always have a good selection for my 410 . anyway he wouldn't sell the primers without an fac. I'm OK becuase I do have an fac but is only for 22 air rifle with mod? So in theory I was buying primers for my air rifle lol. One thing I will say is I was new to reloading brought the carts then realised normal wads are to loose. However clay and game (not that I'm promoting anyone I just felt comfterble with them after chewing there ears at the midland game fair) have evrything I needed and didn't mind advising me. I had evrything off them appart from powder n primers. Oh and I'm now reloading my 410 now so I can make my own bismuth n possibly steel for when the lead ban comes (not loading steel in the brass) I'm keeping all the good quality empties I can. My resen is I use my 410 norica 3 shot bolt all the time and don't want to get rid when the time comes she's an old girl but reliable
  7. Just thought I'd mention it there is a suace called yoshidas it's oriental and iv bee cooking evrything in it the last month or so (mainly becuase it's quite a big bottle an cost a 5er and don't last forever) but I did pigeon mushroom and fresh noodles I even ate it with chop sticks the other day was bloody lovely. Just thought I'd share that for when ur all out shopping keep an eye out for the yoshidas.
  8. Ozz

    London bridge

    And a kitchen knife too. What wee need in this country is acurate statistics. Could u imagine if evry gun and knife crime the media were to say a kitchen knife or hunting knife. A legaly held firearm or I legaly held firearm ect the general public and my mother in law would have a different opinion about my 3"folding pocket knife and my legaly held shotgun. Yes I know this was a terror incident commited by someone who shouldn't have been on the streets in my books but I was listening to some mental snowflake in the shop the other day while I was reading the headlines say to her purple hair pal that we should ban knives and it would stop all this happening ??
  9. Ozz

    London bridge

    And a pie and a pint
  10. Evrything thease days seem to have a 100 super bright led lights attatched
  11. Ozz

    London bridge

    And that passer by member of Jo Public not only tackled this nutter who had a knife but potential suicide vest?? This chap needs a pint a pie and a bravery award.
  12. I got me an ata venza couple month ago everything I point it at falls out the sky. 32g fiocci pigeon all day long it gets warm but my god its so mutch better than my remington 1100 and it fits so well. I'm hoping to get me one of the ata o/u I was looking at them the other day the bronze does look good
  13. Ozz

    pizza oven

    Once u have built it and start to use it do what we do .we ciok our piza ect sometimes 10 of them lol family round ect then when ur all dine gookin piza we use it as a bread oven instead of it coling down empty thow a loaf or 3 in 👍
  14. I was sat at the entrance to one of my perms not to long ago haveing 5 with the window down enjoying a rollup sipping on a brew from the flask (the last brew) then as me an my pal was chattin about how good the evning buny hunt had gone and the odd bit of politics ect a set of bright headlamps pulled up behind me quite fast and to be hinest gave us a but of a jump .it was the local plod cjumed out the car with torches in hand .instantly asked what we was up to and do we have anything in the car we shouldnt have ?? I replyed no evrything in here is legal and were allowed to have them ."allowed to have what they asked"?? I replied the 2 shotguns and the .22 rifle locked in the boot then handed him my licence . The next 15 to 20 min was quite plesant and they asked a few questions mainly about our night didnt ask to see the guns and told us he will make a mental note of my car so they wont bother us agaun if they see it there again (they had seen it 3 times before but empty and locked up) when i go shooting my licence is kept in reach at all times iv had a few encounters over the years all have neen plesant .i let them say there bit then hand them my licence .they seem to like this
  15. Ozz

    What is this please?

    Fitted properly if tape been used😂
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