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  1. Ozz

    Rough shooting gun

    On the pigeons sat in my hide i use my ata venza and love it .walking around the farms and doing the chance ferrals i use my 12b eibar sxs cost 80 quid and lovley light gun 30" and i dont mind puting it on the ground either while im messing with things .both the above guns i call my work guns and they get wet more than often .i think id cry if it rained on my new 525😁
  2. Ozz

    Drones over Gatwick

    They shoot frozen chickens at planes to test against bird strike .how mutch damage would a small drone do .shurly bats birds and insects are an equil thret
  3. Ozz

    plastic polution rant

    I lived just up the road from a pop factorie as a lad all the local kids first taste of earning money was collecting the bottles and taking into the local shops for the return price 10 bottles was 50 pence and that = hell of a lot sweets back then a 10 pence mix up filled a small bag
  4. Ozz

    plastic polution rant

    Bring back the 5p on returning ur pop bottles thats what i say👍 But it does seem to be the case that its ok to ne guilty of all this global warming as long as u pay some more tax ? One headline made me chuckle as i walked accros the pet station forcourt eying up the news paper stand was "colder winter on its way dew to global warming" i remember thinking shurly they ment warmer winter
  5. Ozz

    What would do this?

    Definatly aliens .or the russians . Or both🤔
  6. Ozz

    Hide Roof?

    I have a set of gazebo poles that iv painted green and drilled holes in places for my green bungeys. I have cut a couple foot of the legs so its not huge and what i do is leave half or the front triangle of the roof un coverd this way i can still shoot the ones flying over .
  7. Ozz

    plastic polution rant

    15p sandwich tax soon .and this will stop dolphins chokin on petrol station sarny cartons aparently ?
  8. Ozz

    Strange world

    Fried crickets are ok and im game for trying other things but old eggs with things inside 🤮
  9. Ozz

    Trip wire alarm

    I wish i had never seen this .i cant help but keep looking at it wondering what it is. Im a hobby blacksmith but mechanical enginer by trade but now buy and sell old relics and vintage items as my main job so this is the sort of thing i love and cant get enough of .but im thinking its a trigger for a trap .meby there was once 10 or so different cages ect for different size birds .iv seen victorian bird traps that had the most elaborate and unconventional trigers . Either way what an awsom item
  10. Ozz

    Semi Auto Club

    1st semi i had was second hand baikal that was batterd when i got it and refuaed to cycle 99% of anything i loaded anyway i gave it to my local gunshop in exchange for a single barrel cooey (that i still own ) anyway not slagging baikals of i do actualy like them .but i was 110% shure id never have another auto. untill i went into sportsman gun center and seen an ATA arms venza mat black barel nice grained wood grey reciver and it fitted like a glove like it was tailer made for me .any way 590 quid later i now have a new semi that i seem to get on with. And evryone els seems to like it too .
  11. Ozz

    Side by Side Club

    Some craking guns above i always thought that sbs were all quite delicate but i picked up an early williams hell of a chunky gun
  12. Hi to all. i moved house and have been living in cardiff for the last 8 years and for 8 years i've been driving back to the midlands(110 mile) to my permissions where i've been shooting rabbit, pigeon, magpies, rats, squirrel, crow ect for almost 25years now . anyway im all insured and have refrences and have built up a good frienship with the landowners where i shoot (who have even got me on other land from time to time) to help out ect . anyway Im happy with my shoots up the road (and the pheasant,duck and bunnies i eat from there ) and will always go shooting there when visiting the family .but with my own young family now i dont have as much time for the traveling like i used to so i m looking for somewhere local to cardiff to shoot something other than clays . i have shotgun and fac air rifle and the usual sub 12 air rifle and just want to offer my services for ferral pigeon or bunnys, magpies, farm pests ect . I know there must be 100 chaps or more on the hunt for permission and opportunities but thought i'd give asking a go As my old lady says 'don't ask, don't get'
  13. Ozz

    Crow Problem - Shooters Needed

    Im living over in cardiff but i normaly travle up to the midlands(where im from) to my permissions but would love the opertunity for a day out shooting if this comes up again .am all insured ect
  14. Thanks for all the info and advice chaps .i went an took the gun to the shop and evrything seems ok. 2 chaps had a good look and were happy to tell me to cary on .so i brought a couple difrent boxes of carts and had a few carts of variying names gifted to me and i went and had a hour or so on the clays . .i even tried the 3" ely again (i grabed another box) just to out rule a bad box anyway had a great time blasting clays with the litle norica only to find that evrything i put in was ok apart from the ely 3" (again ) so im just going to stay clear of them altho ely 2" are sound the hull 3" are nice and silky to load same as the fiocchi and i didnt like the look of the trust magnum 3" but they worked ok .im still going to get a second opinion on the chamber by taking in to another shop i use .also i never managed to find the fes website that continental shooter mentioned but thanks again lads . And if ever u want a conversation withe evryone ate ur local clay shoot turn up with an old 3 shot bolt action 410 and no one can walk past without stopping to chat😂