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  1. Ozz

    Im after a 9mm garden gun

    Rats in the tunnels . we have raised planters made from concreat block was an idea to keep the pests down and to save my back .it worked for 2 years but out of nowhere loads have come . But its inbetween the walkways we shoot not near the poly itself also have wood around the bottom as a back stop for the 22 air rifle .the air rifle was doing the job at first sitting quiet in a corner with rifle like a rat sniper but now we have droped the number of rats in the sheds n tunels were taking a more direct action style of hunting the little ******* and lifting things up and disturbing them and then geting them while they run .been quite hard with air rifle becuase of shorter distance and fast rats 410 way to powerfull even with 2" carts .. but now after being the proud owner of a falco folding 9mm garden gun that was brought today 2 rats have already come to an end . If anyone reads this and doubts the garden gun i say one thing .and that is get a modern one .we had a webley years ago that had a pattern about the size of a football at ten ft .this modern falco i got today 15 to 20 ft pattern the size of a big orange exactly what we needed .thanks edd will be seing u again no doubt . Also im all sorted now so not looking for a 9mm any more but thanks for all the replies n messages ect
  2. Ozz

    Im after a 9mm garden gun

    Iv had the use of a .22 shot gun before (my mates dad called it the little dust gun) but it did its job ammo bit more expencive than the 9mm but still a tool we were gratefull of having around at the time.
  3. 9mm garden gun wanted .iv used a few of thease over the years in the polly tunels idealy i want either an old belgum made flip breach one or a modern chiappa folding one . Not to keen on the bolt actions i have some finger issues (restrictive movement) so loading is awkward dont want to spend a fortune and dont mind a day out to collect thanks oz
  4. Ozz

    REPLICA WATCH (cheap)

    Im into my watches have a couple low end origional rolex and some others but recently seen a mate who had a submariner he brought for 80 quid of gumtree .its a chinese copy all automatic and apart from a few tiny diferences its a dam good copy .hes had it about 9 months and its worn daily keeps good time so check gumtree u be suprised .failing that if ur ever in the midlands go to welsborn market on the weekend hand bags watches boots the lot .alsi cheep real tree jackets
  5. Ozz


    And dont forget he will have child slaves grow and harvest it .and then find some way of blaming it all on us nasty hunters
  6. Ozz


    Heres an idea let the pigeons eat it to drive the price up so pakhams lot cant afford to eat
  7. Old scope from the 50s upwards wanted for large game gun wall hanger dont have to be in perfect condition anything conciderd . Thought id ask on here as i bet soneone has something in a draw somewhere (iv serched my old mans houce hoping to find something but no luck) .will pay postage or collect if not to far ect and dont mind a project
  8. I wasnt having a knock at u mick i had read on an earlier post i think someone saying not to bombard with emails but i just wanted to say we should .think my post ended up in wrong place or something .u do however bring a valid point about this even affecting the use of yet more fossil fuels ! The knock on effect growing by the day and its the likes if us that notice not the chaps at ne or defra and the likes who are on the big money it all seems that evryone at or near the top are so incompitent these days
  9. We have been shafted 100% I dont want to pxxs on anyones camp fire but after reading the new gl and seeing bits here n there on whats happening next and what influences are presant its not filled me with confidence. Its one thing having the wrong people at the top but my god dont we have the lunertics in charge of the asylum . there plan all along was to drag this on as long as they can . There plan has been to wrap the gl up in red tape right from the off and make it impossable to practice right up to the point that it just becomes impossable to understand and then hope we all just take a seat and watch as the bird eat the crops and attac the genuine protected birds. And to be honest i dont have mutch faith in micheal gove either after his animals have feelings and emotions thing thats been going on . We have pakham and them lot rallying around with there crowd funding ect and the we have juniper and now more confusion with mr gove it just seems like its spiraling . Lets face it if we march we will have the likes of antifa and the anty hunting mob cuasing trouble and then the media making out like it was us lot giving the bbc news an excuse to get pakham on tv. Our main problem here is we have no public platform to speak on and when we do were starting uphill becuase offthe lies spread by the likes of pakham Anuway as powerless as we are il cary on sighning the petitions and hope that if we all stand we will be counted there is 1000s of us out there and hopfuly this does get resolved soon
  10. Iv seen the numbers of people signing petitions and we are at the moment in great numbers too .so i think we do all need to email and let them know were all expecting something better .i fear if we dont (like said above they will persume we just taken whats happend in our stride)
  11. Dont shoot anything anywhere near soya let the birds eat it an the vegans go hungry .90% of them are on the dole crustys and wont be able to afford tjere prossesd **** when the prices go up
  12. Ozz

    Little beauty

    What a tiny little feller we havent any so far this year hopfully we will have loads in the next couple weeks i think the gulls may have had them all .and we have about 8 new visitors in our garden (maypies) so not shure if ther eatin the frogs aswell as pulling all the moss of our roof
  13. Iv now signd an shared evrything (including the sack him fromm the bbc one) and even tho i started the day feeling let down ect im going to bed slightly hopful after reading as mutch as i can on whats happening ect although cant seem to load the page for the temp licence but will try again tomorrow .
  14. So what petition do i sign?? where do i go to help?? is anyone doing anything to counteract this mental desicion? .i want my kids to know what its like to wake up and here song birds shurly someone is doing something .we need to act now .us countryside folk always get trampled on by leftist loons with no idea what the real outcome will be lets not roll over on this one
  15. I supose where this idea would fit in is when or if a stolen gun turns up in a post office job or found somewhere the police can identify it even if the numbers have gone .this way they can turn round and say ahh thats bobs shotgun from sutch n sutch a place and by knowing where the gun came from means they can cross that perticular fierarm of the missing list . Unfortunatly for the shooting comunity i think this sort of thing wont help us and is very unlikley the police would return ur spanish boxlock with no numbers or with custom 13" barrels .it would more likely just be used against us if one goes missing im shure the media would love to say legal owned gun turns up at murder location blah blah .its a shame they dont fit theas as standard to all the russian hand guns that are coming through our open border in the back of cars .however i doubt u would here that on tv . But as said above in one of the posts criminals learn quick and would soon get rid of the tag .the only real way of doing something to find ur gun if it went missing is to have some sort of tracker in the stock to help police locate it .but even then the criminals will just buy the softwhere off ebay and then drive round tracking guns and know exactly where to look . Remember lose lips sink ships. Dont advertise u have guns and hopfuly they wont get robed and u wont need the chip
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