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    All things country, mainly shooting and fishing. Oh and taking the p**s

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  1. greenonweekends

    Winter on the Eden

    It’s Carlilse angling Assoc. owned but I believe they have day swaps
  2. greenonweekends

    Winter on the Eden

    I am indeed, particularly the Carlisle stretch
  3. greenonweekends


    Never forget...It is true that 100% of people who drink water Die...Scary
  4. greenonweekends

    Winter on the Eden

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone here fishes the Eden? I've just finished my first season on the river and am now looking to heading out for Grayling. Just wondered if there were any tips from people, or if they fancied a trip out one weekend?
  5. greenonweekends

    Beating wanted

    Hi all, whilst new to the site, I'm not new to the world of shooting and all things country. I'm looking for a couple of shoots that require beaters, ideally this season. North west, Carlisle/North Lakes area. Insured, experienced ideally with a beaters day at the end of the season. Cheers
  6. greenonweekends

    Greetings from the north

    Hello all, keen shooter of targets and game, shotguns and rifles. As far north as possible without being in Jockville. Top of the lakes.