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  1. It wouldn’t be 1904 to 1921? No date codes are present, they came out in 22, right?
  2. Nope, there are proof marks No markings on the rib.
  3. Once again thanks! Would anyone like to hazard a guess or speculation? Someone had to make and sell it! 30” barrels and weighs 6.8 pounds, pretty amazing considering American doubles around the same time were 7.25 to 8lbs! this marking was on the flats and this on the barrels next to the import marks
  4. Hey gang, Not sure the correct nomenclature but was curious if anyone has seen this setup on a British double, it slides up and down to activate the extractor, as well as this neat auto safety.
  5. Awesome, i'll have to search for it, do you have anymore info on the publication?
  6. yes that's the one, 28" barrels BLE. I have one and was hoping to find someone else who had one.
  7. Was curious to see if anyone owned a BSA double made for the RAF?
  8. Anyone familiar with this model? We don't have much info about them here in the states and searching the internet can be daunting. Do they use mobil chokes in the sub gauges?
  9. yes 37/38 was the original year it was proofed, and 82 reproofed. my safe is in the dogs room, a house without dog hair everywhere is void of happiness! The weims dont shed, but the EP's holy cow!The serial number is actually 4271 no prefixes, thought it may have been Osborne made but the numbers dont match the time it was proofed. Thanks everyone for your help!
  10. you can shim it with HVAC tape if it isnt too bad, it's a quick temporary solution, till you get a permanent fix.
  11. Thanks guys! I am familiar with American manufacturers where even trade guns are easy to identify the maker by certain characteristics. The British gun trade is absolutely fascinating. There is a number 427 on the short rib under the barrels. Wasn't sure what the 80 25 was, never seen a serial number split across the flats!
  12. Was curious to see if thee were some general knowledge on Scottish Boxlocks? I recently acquired one marked F.Davie Elgin. I know they were provincial gunsmiths and was curious to see if anyone might know who built it? Any guesses as to what the numbers stamped on the action flats mean? The gun is a spitting image of an Alex Martin game gun.
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