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  1. Cheers I will have a look at them
  2. Cool. Let's hope someone reading this has the same thoughts
  3. Cheers bud I will add it to my list
  4. Thanks bud. That's the sort of thing I was hoping for.
  5. Hi all. I am of shopping in the worcestershire area for an air rifle tomorrow. I mainly shoot shotguns, so I need a little advice. I only have a budget of £450. And I intend to use it for pest control around Stables and farm yards. Would my friends on PW recomend I buy a good quality S/H Springer or do I have enough to buy a half decent S/H PCP ?
  6. I have always found a bore snake works a treat, just spray the part of the snake with the bristles with barrel cleaner and the tail end with gun oil. I never need to run it through more than 3 times each barrels and it brings the barrel back to like new.
  7. hi Vulture, I have a M25 x 1mm pitch Tap, PM your address and I will post it to you, then you can do what you need to do and then post it back
  8. please can I have it. what are your payment terms
  9. The money is not just fuel tokens, but a sign of respect and appreciation for a job well done. On our small syndicate shoot, the guns all pay £25 each on the day which is shared equally between the beaters, including the children.
  10. A little too far form me, but im sure you will find someone.
  11. it was announced on "talk Sport" radio this morning, that Sky have struck a deal with Channel 4 to show it.
  12. pickups are classed as a light commercial Vehicle, and therefore the road tax is capped at roughly £260,
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