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  1. The money is not just fuel tokens, but a sign of respect and appreciation for a job well done. On our small syndicate shoot, the guns all pay £25 each on the day which is shared equally between the beaters, including the children.
  2. A little too far form me, but im sure you will find someone.
  3. it was announced on "talk Sport" radio this morning, that Sky have struck a deal with Channel 4 to show it.
  4. if you still need a hand, PM me
  5. pickups are classed as a light commercial Vehicle, and therefore the road tax is capped at roughly £260,
  6. I spoke to my FEO last month and asked the question. He told me that as long as I have security ( wifi camaras and an alarm ) it would be fine.
  7. cheers guys for all the advice i will give Clay and Game a ring to find out when they are next driving down the M5. Another reason I don't want to use RED DOT is that I intend to Load Fibre wads, and with RED DOT being an American Power ( where the very rarely use Fibre Wads) there are very few recipes for fibre.
  8. MacSxS

    Gas BBQs

    I noticed in Asda at the weekend they were selling them for £125 and it was a 3 burner, 2 level with a gas ring on the side ( very handy for frying onions, or keeping a sauce worm).
  9. cheers guys. Clay and game is a 5 hour round trip. snow white, when you say deliver to the midlands is that deliver to RFD's ? and then i go and pick it up from there ?
  10. Good morning. I have just started Reloading and was looking for a little advice, I am based in Bromsgrove Worcestershire. Could someone tell me the nearest outlet to me, which stocks CSB5 powder,as I dont want to pay the expensive courier costs. I have " Bromsgrove Shooting supplies " on my door step, but they only stock RED Dot and that is twice the price of CSB5. any help would be much appreciated
  11. This seams to be a common theme, I went for 1SxS and came away with 2 SxS's. 🙂
  12. i have been using a Leatherman Fuse for the last 12 years and it has never let me down. I have gone through 2 leather pouches though!!
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