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  1. thanks fro the advice, I will see if I can find someone in my area,
  2. i agree, washing line poles £5 B&Q. i turned down some aluminium spikes and put them in the end.
  3. i have bought a 2005 ford ranger thunder as a shoot truck but it only came with one key, I believe there is a chip within it and would like another one. Is my only option to go to a ford dealer? or is there somewhere cheaper to get one ?
  4. not sure it is all encased. it is something mechanical, because there is no batteries.
  5. not sure what the NSR is but i was next to someone shooting 42g 4s and it felt fine, just as good as my cans
  6. i think the Decibullz you have to mould yourself, "Custom Fit Guards" send you to an audiologist to have some impressions taken of your ears, then you post them to Custom Fit Guards were they mould them out of medical grade Silicone and insert the passive component, the whole process only took 3 weeks
  7. Not Sure, about Boots or Specsavers, but I bought some from Custom Fit Guards for £89, used them Saturday on the pigeons and they worked a treat, I can easily hold a conversation, and they can be worn all day.
  8. that's a good fish, well done to your mate
  9. MacSxS

    Rifle slip

    4 1/2 inch long. Small gun 😂😂
  10. Thanks for the advice panoma1
  11. Is there anyone close to me (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire) willing to strip it down for me and then put it back together after I have sorted the wood out. I am willing to pay 🙂
  12. thanks for the advice gunman.
  13. Quick question, would nitromors damage the blueing on my AYA Yeoman, If I was to try and strip the varnish without stripping the gun down completely? Any advise helpful
  14. Looks really good. And I hope you don't mind me saying but. It's best practice to work the part a little closer to the chuck.its safer and you will get a more accurate/better finish.
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