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  1. missed this one, but if anybody else is selling the same thing, let me know
  2. Our local shoots are really struggling to get rid of them. I have been taking up to 200 birds ( pheasant, partridge and duck) to work. there is a lot people working for minimum wage and something free for the oven is much appreciated. some are a little apprehensive to pluck and butcher the birds and in this case I will do it for them so they can at least try some the most organic, free range and health forms of protein available. I feel like there is a whole generation in our country who were brought up with the supermarket and pre-prepared food. if anyone in the wocestershire area ( Pershore) does require some birds, just let me know.
  3. This is the one I bought. it makes the whole setup quite heavy, but I have been shooting from a rest.
  4. MacSxS


    Im happy to carry your gear Dave, all you have to do is ask.
  5. the retical on my scope can be red, green and black. the torch works a treat with a red light, I bagged a few bunnines with it last week 👍
  6. I had a phone call from old'un last week offering me some shooting over some rape. well I wasn't going to say no !!! I am quite fortunate ( not as fortunate as you retired chaps) that I only work 4 days a week. He ask if I could go to his permission on Friday morning and see what I could do. I haven't done much pigeon shooting over the last couple of years, my main focus being helping out on our little syndicate shoot and beating on 3 others. well, the birds turned up for the party but me and my little non ejector side by side did not! I was not the best shot, but I had a whale of a time. I could come up with a thousand excuses, but the bottom line is some of the birds bested me ( to much time shooting easy pheasants ) I cannot thank old'un enough for trusting me with is permission, and the way I look at is, the farmer got what he wanted ( birds off his crop). I had great fun, and because i missed so many old'un with have some bird to shoot when he can get there. everyone's a winner. If anybody has any bird scaring requirements, just drop me a call,
  7. Sorry for the delayed response. I went with a mountable torch with 3 different colour LEDs
  8. Thanks Ant if you could send me a few details. I would prefer look through scope type but cost with probably be the deciding factor I only have a budget of up to £150
  9. Good afternoon all, I have bean asked by a land owner to help with a bunny problem, so I'm looking for a cheap night vision add on for my sub 12lb air rifle. I am not interested with recording, taking photos or pinging footage to the interweb. any recommendations ?
  10. yeh that price is fine if you throw in 2 brass snap caps. how do you want paying ?
  11. It has no markings on it to say its a rimfire mod. Its only on the packaging Yep all metal construction
  12. Good afternoon all, I have been offered a Barton gunworks Parker hale rimfire silencer in 22. For a good price. Is there an difference between the .22 rimfire silencer. And a .22 air rifle silencer?
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