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  1. MacSxS

    shotgun slip

    me please pm sent
  2. MacSxS

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    +1 there are British citizens who fought these people and are now living on the streets or have mental health problems. they are the people we should be spending our money and time on !!
  3. MacSxS


    i couldn't agree more, and education is the sports best ally.
  4. in the other ad its advertised as a grade 3?
  5. MacSxS

    magnet set up

    unfortunately db58's magnet is to good, therefore more than I can afford, is there anyone else selling a cheap magnet ?
  6. MacSxS

    magnet set up

    db58, PM sent
  7. MacSxS

    magnet set up

    good morning all, I am just beginning my journey into the frustrations of pigeon shooting, and was wondering if anyone has a magnet setup for sale to get me started. cheers
  8. MacSxS

    Side by Side Club

    thanks chaps, i will put some pics up tomorrow. i don't think the viscount is anything special, it is an ejector with a very very plane silver finish,
  9. MacSxS

    Side by Side Club

    I think I qualify now, just been up to Wabbitbosher's to buy a sbs. and I came away with 2!!! I'm sure he has the eyes of Kaa ( snake in jungle book) but what a top bloke, anyway they are not expensive guns, but I would like to find a little about them if anybody can help. it would be great if anyone could tell me the year of manufacture or point me in the direction where I can find out for myself. they are :- AYA Yeoman serial number 577167 ( in very good condition apart from the wood, looks like it has spent more time hammering fence post than firing cartridges) AYA Viscount De Luxe serial number 578224 ejector ( also in good condition ) there is only 1000ish between the 2 so guessing they was made roughly the same time like I said not the most expensive or interesting, but these are my first sbs's, looking forward to trying them out on the pigeons in the coming weeks.
  10. MacSxS


    good watches are a double edged sword. I have like watches since I was a boy and would spend up to about 100 pounds for one. most would last for about 2 years and end up with the glass all scratched, or it would stop working, 8 years ago my now wife, as an engagement present bought me an Omega Seamaster ( one of my dream watches). I can honestly say I have never looked in a jewellers window since. so back to the double edged sword, plus side. i have worn it everyday since ( they should be worn) I am an engineer, there has been many times where I have banged it. this is where some of the money goes, the sapphire crystal doesn't have a single mark on it. down side. these are expensive watches but it does not stop when you walk out of the shop. I have to send it away to Omega every 3 years for a service, which costs 350 pounds for the privilege! in conclusion, its a beautiful watch and I feel very lucky to have been bought one, and because of the sentimental value of it, I will carry one wearing it every day and also paying for the servicing, but if anyone is thinking of buying an expensive automatic watch, be aware they are also expensive to own.
  11. MacSxS

    Hoyt compound bow full set up.

    very funny 😂😂😂😂
  12. MacSxS

    budget binoculars

    thanks for the advice everyone.
  13. as a beginner and rank amateur in pigeon shooting, can anyone recommend a cheep pair of binoculars for under 50 pounds, or am i wasting my money buying cheap ones ? any advice appreciated .
  14. MacSxS

    best wellingtons up too £150

    whichever brand you go with i would recommend that they are neoprene lined ( for warmth ) and made from natural rubber ( to prevent sweating ) unless you are around cattle, as there unrine will rot the rubber.
  15. MacSxS

    best wellingtons up too £150

    GRUBS. they are about 75 pounds. i have worn them every day for the last 10 months beating, shooting and walking my 3 dogs, they are neoprene lined for the cold weather , have insulated sole with an almost tracker tread sole that grips really well without taking half the field home with you. they are still going strong. and apart from being dirty look like the will last at least another year of everyday use