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  1. i have been using a Leatherman Fuse for the last 12 years and it has never let me down. I have gone through 2 leather pouches though!!
  2. i get that, but why can't the farming/shooting community crowd fund a lobby group of our own, to push for a change that law? We are supposed to leaving the EU after all.
  3. good morning flashdog, is this still available ? only just seen your post
  4. This is one of the big problems, BASC should be shouting from the roof tops that Peckham, is afraid of an adult conversation, use social media, take an advert out in the paper ANYTHING. to get the message across !!!
  5. 243deer, i wholeheartedly agree with you, we need these organisations to take the fight to the anti's. if they are spouting rubbish to social medias and the press, we need our representatives to be correcting them on the same platform and promptly, and we need to educate the whole demographic of the Uk from schools to nursing homes. once they are given the full picture, they will make there own educated decisions, we cant let them be brain washed. we need the whole country to understand what and why we shoot, because at the moment the majority of the general public think it is only the upper classes who shoot, and they dont give a **** about them !!!
  6. I bet the squirrels are not looking forward to this weekend !!!!
  7. a little too far for me, but a good deal for someone, good luck with your sale
  8. where are you Daz ?
  9. if Jill and her like are very social media/press savvy. why is BASC not so ? they are one of the organisations who profess to represent us, If Jill is running round talking a load of S@@t@. why is there no-one correcting her in the public domain. the general public with start to believe Her drivel, if BASC doesn't speak up.
  10. I see what you mean. very touching.
  11. the same happened to me, it can't be the coffee i didn't have one, it must be his eyes that look like Kaa's out of jungle book 😃😃
  12. I have the same gun which I striped down and lin seed oiled, I love it and its great for rough shooting being so light. wabbitbosher, your the man 🙂
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