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  1. Standard 1/2” unf and suitable for 22lr/17HMR.
  2. £10 Face to face. on my ticket so you’ll need a free slot. Leicester area.
  3. As above fellas, dovetail 1” tube if any one has some kicking about.
  4. Anyone have an aftermarket stock for the above? Fancy something different but needs to be ambi as I’m cack handed. Cheers.
  5. Looks good mate but I want to avoid drilling the stock.
  6. Gents, anyone have one of these kicking around at the bottom of a drawer. Cheers.
  7. Just noticed this thread. Looks like Leicestershire are all over the shop, I’ve been contacted by one of my landowners who’s desperate for me to carry on shooting so called Leicestershire Firearms to check, was met with a definite no, so I backed it up with a detailed email and received this reply on Monday.
  8. Thanks but looking for a .223.
  9. Looking for the above fellas. Happy to travel for face to face.
  10. As above, Gen 2 Tall tripod version. Pics if required £75 posted. Cheers.
  11. As above fellas on the lookout for some before I splurge on a new set.
  12. As the title, barely used T50 Evo IR bundle, torch, mount, extension tube, rat tail switch, battery plus charger. Also comes with extra white and and red pills for lamping. £50 posted.
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