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  1. A set of four of the best sizes, all you really need Skeet 3/8 Light Modified 5/8 Light Improved Modified 7/8 Light Full Excellent condition very light use £120 set includes delivery
  2. Many thanks for the helpful replies, I'll call my force and report back what they advise....
  3. Well does any know? I have one entry space left, I like to buy a gun then trade it on after a couple of months ....
  4. Virtually as new Extra Full (.690) £17.00 and Turkey £17.00 (0.680).That's two chokes that are £17 Each please state preference, £32 for bothCarlson's Rem choke that fits the Hatsan Escort Type 3 (more recent models) Helps out a lot when pigeon shooting or wildfowling Postage via royal mail tracked £4.99 each choke
  5. Hi, your choke is on the way Royal Mail tracking number NJ570444999GB Enjoy
  6. Monies received with my thanks. I will post to you asap next Weds Patrick
  7. Please note I'm on holiday right now, back in UK on Wednesday to post the choke
  8. Yeah I still have it at £39 delivered Please pay by PayPal : Patrick.warnock@gmail.com Patrick
  9. Thanks for the members tip refering to a recently retired uncle
  10. Many thanks to the Brentor farmer for requesting help with feral pigeons..
  11. Had absolutely no luck at all on the high street....... Yes I know of these, had hoped to hear of a near alternative. Do you know that most people think that Plymouth is within 30 mins drive from Bristol when in fact its further away than Birmingham to London!
  12. Hi, are members aware of a good optician who caters to the shooting community. I have tried the high street and got nowhere. Located in Devon or Cornwall a big advantage Happy New year to all
  13. Paying £15 for shipping is not good business.......
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