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  1. Hi everyone - looking for a "drop in" 1/2 choke for an old Beretta A302 12 bore regards Tin
  2. That is a very fine looking gun - enjoy!
  3. For those that requested the Beretta gun porn - please see attached. Please note I'm no David Bailey, so hopefully, these pics are ok ! regards TIN
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, its good to get other peoples views on these things. Tbh I really love the gun and dont particularly mind that it has that stock on it. To answer a few of the comments -1. I didnt research what Xtra wood was when/before i bought it so thats my fault, 2. the fore end is walnut 3. Im not planning on selling it anytime soon !! 4. it was my first shotgun purchase so I suppose next time I should buy a S/H Baikal and sod the expense - at least I will get a wood stock LOL. Thanks again Tin
  5. Hi All just thought id put this out there for any comments or observations. Having recently (july 2018) bought my first shotgun - was wondering if / when I came to sell it I would get less than other similar guns? The model is a S/H Beretta Silver pigeon s , fixed choke 28" barrels BUT with the "xtra wood" stock. This is as I understand it Beretta's attempt at "fake wood" transfer??. Do you think it would command less than others with normal walnut stocks. Would it also be considered a lesser gun by those that can afford the real thing? not that im bothered but you know how people can look down on you. Regards TIN
  6. Hello to all, just a quick post to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Tin - I got my SGC about 4 months ago, became a BASC member, bought the best shotgun I could afford at the time. My wife thinks I'm going through a mid-life crisis. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge and make myself a better shooter. Regards TIN
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