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  1. Yes it's still going and to get a membership it's pretty much 1 out (in a box) 1 in. 75 bird fibre only
  2. As mentioned before the land has a great backstop, it slopes away well into a valley, I will also be shooting from a raised deck, all shots will be placed down into the backstop, there is no need to fire across the land (which is longer than it is wide) it is surrounded by other farmland with no public rights of way, the nearest road is over a mile away and not in the direction of the valley, I'm going to go for it and will see what my flo thinks, cheers for all the input, Gra.
  3. not my policy, but they only accept CF for fox in staffs, may well be overkill (excuse the pun).
  4. Hi Burpster, he has a lot of sheep on the land and has an issue with foxes, Stafford has a minimum requirement of CF on foxes, so I will give it a go on this one and discuss with the feo, cheers I like the idea of the club too, cheers
  5. I think i'm going to put in an application for FAC air, .17hmr and .223 on my friends land (10 acres with great backstops) and not my own land (i'll save that for when my ticket goes open as I know where I can place my shot). this seems to be my best option after reading through all of the suggestions.
  6. sorry Snow White, exaggerating the bird count for effect, it was more the point of paying the same price for any over the brace, been a long while since i shot game
  7. Most game shoots I remember generally charge the day at £35 minimum per bird, so a 600 bird shoot would cost £2100 split between the shooters plus tips, once you have shot you get a brace of birds to take, any further birds will be charged at a further £35 minimum each, most guns do not actually take any other birds so there is generally a number of unclaimed birds.
  8. Thanks Ultrastu and oowee, I think your probably right about the .22lr and it makes sense to more the air to a .22 as oowee mentioned. I think I'll apply for fac air in .22, .17hmr and .243 with mods on all, I'll use my friends well laid out land with backdrops.
  9. Thanks Tford Just a thought, how many slots are there available for the first application, would there be anything preventing me from applying for: FAC air .20 cal, .22lr and .17hmr - with a mod on each, this would then cover everything for the foreseeable
  10. Great, cheers, I may be better applying on my friends land first as he has 10 acres with great backstops, Staffordshire have a minimum requirement for centre fire on foxes , they don't consider the hmr has the oomph, so it would need to be probably .223 or I guess 22.250. thanks for all the help, it's appreciated, Gra
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