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  1. Slightly more specific on a couple of bits like alarm standards but not a major overhaul- just a point update https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/firearms-security-handbook
  2. C9389F61-BD78-4968-8A85-64BBA7FD7AB3.mp4
  3. Hi I am new to shooting and my local shoots are at Happy Valley and FlightLine Sporting. I have shot then for a couple of Sundays by turning up and begging to join in with a random group. Is anyone around here doing either shoot at a regular basis? If so would you be interested in teaming up? Kostas
  4. Hi oldypigeonpopper, I can recognise most places on your list. Can you check and let me know the ones are missing? Thanks
  5. Added on the map Thanks Edd, shop is added. Keep this a secret from Mrs Edd, I don’t want to be responsible for you being in the doghouse! 😆
  6. FYI I have added a new layer to the map to include information on the Wildfowling Clubs as per BASC’s website
  7. I have added them using the post code you gave me, with a note stating the website and contact details. added on the map all added to the map
  8. Hi Northstar, I looked at their website and I can see that they have two sites in Hathersage and in Edale but there is no mention of any address details for either or how to get there. Do you have any details on the address? Unfortunately I cann't add them on the map without any location info.
  9. These: http://www.claypigeonshoot.co.uk/ Three grounds in Essex the main being Cannons Lane, Fyfield, Fennes Clay ground https://www.fennesclays.co.uk/ includes a second branch of http://www.essexgun.com/ ware on the map already. I have added the rest.
  10. added to the map added all the above to the map
  11. Thanks Jbob, really useful to add small shoots and local shops. keep 'em coming!! 😁
  12. Thanks Cheesefiend, good list. Some places were already on the map, others weren't. I updated accordingly.
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