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  1. Looking for a cheap 9mm garden gun in Norfolk, anyone got one for sale?
  2. Thanks for that, you certainly seem happy with yours. I have Daystates and BSA's but bought a Kral for a winter project and after completely stripping it and putting it back together nicely, it's up there with the others with accuracy so starting to think more about a PR900W for the old fella. Do you have any idea what power yours has? All PCP's can be brought up to 11.5ft/lbs if they are a bit low but if it's no less than 10ft/lbs out of the box, that's plenty for pigeons at 25 yards and I don't have to get it on the fettling bench!
  3. I think it might be the way to go if nothing used comes up. Never had a PR900W on the bench so take that as a reliability thumbs up!
  4. Really appreciate everyone’s input and this is what PW is all about but I’m after a single shot PCP. I’m more into Firearms and shotguns these days. However, I have 6 PCP’s all multi shot ranging from bolt action, side lever to MMC. I have stirrup pumps, two air cylinders and a small water cooled HP compressor. I service PCP’s for mates as well as tune my own. I’m not ‘up my own @@@@‘ (far from it actually) but this is probably the only way to explain that I kind of know what and why I’m after a single shot PCP?
  5. Looking for a budget single shot PCP. Trying to get my Father to stop using his springer on pigeons in his garden (health problems) but needs to be simple to use hence not wanting a multi shot! Preferably in .22 and happy to consider one that needs fixing.
  6. Thanks Giles, found it. Not going to bid you down as you're selling a package and I'm only after Rifle & Mod (got plenty of scopes and now have redundant cylinders since switching to HP Compressor) Appreciate your offer though.
  7. Sorry, didn't see this post. With not much luck on this post, was considering putting my Air Ranger on ticket and upping the power! Could you PM me a pic and what price you have in mind?
  8. No sweat Dasher!! I couldn't justify getting to Southampton.......unless you were going to offer me a brand new FAC Daystate, fully kitted with ATN 4K Pro sight with wildcat mod, oh and a diamond inlaid sling for £150? 😂😂
  9. Thanks for the offers guys but the mileage is a problem, really need to be a local one.
  10. Yes, bit too far away for me but appreciate the offer though.
  11. Now had confirmation of approval of slot on ticket, so while waiting for certificate to arrive, having a look around for a FAC Air Rifle. As per title, needs to be a PCP and in .22 preferably with a moderator. Would rather a bottle type air cylinder so BSA R10, Daystate Air Ranger style. Love my PCP's so if you have a leaky FAC one, happy to consider that too!
  12. All sorted now (cheers Steve)
  13. Hi Steve, Apologies, didn't get an email alert to your response. Whereabouts are you? Mike
  14. Looking around for a camo semi auto. Preferably 12g but wont rule out a 20g! Needs to be steel proof and unfortunately also has to be section 2 😴 Norfolk/Suffolk area.
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