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  1. That shouldn't be a problem in most cases I would imagine. In my case it was left to me to arrange the report from the doctor. The FEO provided me with a letter to provide to the doctor and I just requested that they emailed me a copy and they were happy to do so. You just need to talk nicely to the medical secretary at the surgery as after all they are the person that does all the work and the doctor just checks and signs it.
  2. Jongwe

    Introduction is in order

  3. Jongwe

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    This is the reason why I just went for a normal key safe as this leaves you with the issue the OP has.
  4. Jongwe

    Supposedly lost parcel

    Sounds like the best solution to me.
  5. Jongwe

    Supposedly lost parcel

    lol - sometimes it's nice to have those nosey neighbours.
  6. Jongwe

    Supposedly lost parcel

    Definitely as sometimes they try to deliver next door when the weather isn't good (which they didn't in this case even though they made a delivery next door). My nosey neighbour watched the whole thing - lol
  7. Jongwe

    Supposedly lost parcel

    Had a courier leave a parcel on my door step in the rain the other day.
  8. Jongwe

    Supposedly lost parcel

    Agreed. Someone signed for them, so really it is over to Parcel Force to confirm delivery to the address in writing imo.
  9. Jongwe

    fine for too much ammo

    Yeah - in the absence of a warrant for which they need reason, they can be invited in by yourself. However not sure if your refusal to allow them entry could give them "reason".
  10. Jongwe

    FAC Grant

    .22lr and .17hmr are probably my lot as I only have authority to shoot rabbits and crows on my permission.
  11. Jongwe

    FAC Grant

    lol - FEO told me it is quite a standard first application (.22lr & .17hmr). I'm in Sussex.
  12. Jongwe

    FAC Grant

    Will do. I went for .22lr, .17hmr & SG.
  13. Jongwe

    101 woes

    I always email them and they seem pretty happy with that.
  14. Jongwe

    FAC Grant

    lol - everything you are saying is pretty much a play by play of my application i.e. declared a condition, was told it should be ok by the FEO as long as the docs report matches my declaration (which it does) and now waiting around wondering. Currently been about two and a half weeks since they should have received the doctors report. I have asked the FEO to confirm receipt of the report and should hopefully get confirmation tomorrow. So, rest assured you are not alone in your musings. Good luck.
  15. Jongwe

    Hello from Wales

    lol. Used to spend some time in Fort Vic, but was more in Chiredzi. Good luck with the sheep.