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  1. He didn't tell me to post. I was telling him about me posting when he took me out!
  2. Was an absolute pleasure to join Ferret man yesterday on one of his permissions was a really enjoyable day. i was saying to him when originally posting for permission on this forum I had no hope of gaining permission did it as a last resort as I have been doing all the usual knocking on farmers doors posting leaflets etc. But its because people like him I had gained an outing yesterday! He also gave me many valuable tips and pointers in ferreting which is going to help me in the future. Thanks Ferret man!
  3. Hi guys basically i have found some guy on A1 decoy by the name of Bob Glynn from wales. He has deer stalking land and also rough shooting land available. It costs £350 a year for rough shooting and £750 for deer stalking. It is on a book a day before and juat turn up. I was wondering anyone heard of this fella aswell as can it be trusted? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone just joined up to this forum in seeking permission for some ferreting for rabbits. I have been ferreting for few years now and use nets only. I am based in the Midlands but willing to travel if needs be. I am fully BASC insured and will respect land. Would be great if I can gain any permission or even be directed in the right way. Thanks Alyy
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