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  1. Hello the cartridge is recharged with the vitha N340 I read this in an Italian forum however the powder measurement does not seem good, are there any of you guys who dismantled this cartridge and checked the type of powder? If it's vitha, what weight of powder is there? Thank you in advance
  2. Hull: Fédéral FB Primer Fed 209A Powder: STEEL 1,946 grams Wad: TPS 1035 fILLER WAD : 14w20 in base Shot 2 1/4 985gr Shot size 4 Buffer 0,77gram
  3. I reload with the American Windjammer and the unbridled Italian B&P Z2M which gives higher speeds and good pressure, and as a greasy stuffing that I cut to the punch piece in a cork plate and a stopper.
  4. Hello Cookoff013 a forester advised me to contact you in order to know the classification of the primers to recharge the 12 gauge. This classification would mix American and European primers all together. From the strongest to the weakest, in order to see a little more clearly about the power of each primer. I am interested in American recipes and of course they refer in their books to American primers. Looking forward to reading from you receive my greetings and thanks
    albert brogne


    1. Thank you Figgy for your answer, here is the list of European and American primers to know in all of them the ranking from the most powerful to the weakest, primers to reload in gauge 12. the list: the most strongest in Europe CX2000, fiocchi 616, martignoni 688 the most powerful Americans Federal 209A European standards: CX1000, Fiocchi 615, martignoni 686 American averages: ?? The lowly Europeans: CX50, Fiocchi 614, Martignoni 684 The lowly Americans:??????? Here are the American primers would you be kind enough to guide me where to put them in these three rankings: strong, medium, low. Winchester ICC Rémington Federal Magtech Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
    2. Hello everyone, would you be so kind as to give me a ranking of smooth reloading primers, American and European primers combined, with my thanks, cordially.
    3. The mice and the mice are crazy about powder, plastic having deposited some cartridges in a shed frequented by these small animals, I found the cases pierced in the same way
    4. In France g = gram and gr = grain my thanks and regards to all albert The range between 32g of pellets and 38g with the longshot is the best can be can we go up load a little more?
    5. you take the same load as with a skirt wrap and you put a plastic plug and then a greasy wrap and that's it! she is not beautiful life !!!
    6. in calibre 12 in 38g, 36g, 34g, 34g, 32g this powder is just as effective whatever the weight of lead
    7. Thank you for your answer, I am very satisfied with this powder it is surprisingly effective and goes to look for game very far away.
    8. Thank you very much I know these sites they are very good to have good bases in order to be able to recharge. Best regards albert
    9. Thank you Cookoff013 Personally I reload mainly 34g, 28, and sometimes 24g with AS, A1 and Lonsghot powder with 38g, as I said above I see that in your reloading forum people are not interested in reloading. Given the reputation of English shooters for high-flying shooting I thought I would find in this forum the opportunity to discuss their reloading, having advice at first sight is not the case. Regrettably.... (I don't know if this word is appropriate) If you had some advice, recipes it is with pleasure that I will be glad to take it with great joy Cordially albert
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