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  1. MarcMaxus

    Kelbrook Shooting Ground

    Luckily I managed to. I asked at the lodge for a tow out and they wouldn't help and said I needed a low loader to come out, that annoyed me as they could have easily helped. I was then on phone to green flag and then two lads in a van stopped and helped me pull it out. I was lucky as was literally half an inch away from the dry stone wall but managed to get it out with zero damage thanks to the 2 lads (if anyone knows them, I owe them a pint!) I'll be very reluctant to go to kelbrook again because of the lack if help when I needed towing out. Even the quads they have up there could have got me out or the tractor or numberous 4x4s. I was going to go back and buy a Blazer they had in stock too! Ill stick to Rishton shoot. Ill have a look at Coniston!
  2. MarcMaxus

    Shooting optician in Devon Cornwall

    Funnily enough I was looking into this too and was struggling. Wanted a more wrap around/sporty style just for shooting/hunting. Just something that would do the job but not cost a fortune. I found them at Asda opticians!
  3. MarcMaxus

    Kelbrook Shooting Ground

    I got my car stuck in the ditch up there on new years eve!
  4. MarcMaxus

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    That a what I was lead (No pun intended) to believe too.
  5. MarcMaxus

    Surly this is fake news???

    I could see the need to move the nests and things if development work was taking place. Seems the most logical thing to do for the development and the birds. I may be showing a bit of ignorance here, but I've never heard of any other song birds being a pest or major nusiance? I understand the Starlings example, not the other birds mentioned. The article does seem very politically focused.
  6. I have just come accross this article... https://tompride.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/tories-issue-licences-to-property-developers-to-kill-protected-robins-starlings-blackbirds-sparrows-bullfinches/ Has anyone else seen this? I hunt everything from pigeon all the way up to deer. Why on earth would anyone want to shoot song birds? Surly this is a load.of old ********? Some folk on the Facebook groups sware it's true??? If there is an ounce of truth in it, it's bloody outrageous. Anyone got any info?
  7. MarcMaxus

    ATA Sporter

    Cheers fellas. I have a Beretta Extrema already so may go for the matching Beretta over and under. I've got a Browning Maxus too so thinking of trading that in to bump up my budget and putting the cash toward a Silver Pigeon. As i mentioned rough shooting is my main interest. It's mainly for use on the clays as some grpunds locally are not keen on folk using semi autos and I've had a few funny looks. Also easier to display it as being safe while going from stand to stand and don't have to walk a marathon to pick up spent shells!
  8. MarcMaxus

    ATA Sporter

    Cheers fellas. I think I will go for a pre owned Beretta based on that. There are a few about in the same price range.
  9. MarcMaxus

    Barbour Neoprene Gloves - XL

    Hi Lloyd, I would take these, are they still available?
  10. MarcMaxus

    Which Autos don't mind lighter loads?

    I have a Maxus and A391 Extrema, no issues with either on lighter loads, except when I've put say 80 to 90 through, the A391 especially can have a few hang ups, but that's just down to grime build up from the previous shots I suspect. Keep them well maintained and you shouldn't have any issues really.
  11. MarcMaxus

    Bad handling of guns on television

    I saw a programme yesterday where kids where shooting old Lee Enfields, they where simulating what would have been taught in schools pre war. They where obviously shooting off blanks, but targets had been put out to add a bit of realism. What got my back up was 2 things. The first, behind the dummy targets was at least 150m of flat field, not a backstop in sight. The second is when the kids posed for a pic, all had fingers on triggers. Perhaps I'm over sensitive, but it really ground my gears
  12. MarcMaxus

    ATA Sporter

    Hi Folks, Happy New year to you all. I'm looking to add an under and over to my cabinet. I only have 2 semi autos currently as rough shooting is my thing, but want something a little more fitting for the clay ground. I don't have a huge chunk to spend but for my budget the ATA SP seems a lot of gun for the money. Just wondering if anyone has one or used one and if so what your thoughts are? Would you get a new ATA Sporter, or perhaps something pre owned that cost say a grand when new, for the same money as the ATA? Cheers
  13. MarcMaxus


    I went through the plaster board and direct into the brick, then bolted it to the wall (8 fixing points) It's in the corner where the external and internal walls join. I put mine above the skirting board and cut a solid oak block underneath, same footprint of the cabinet and the screwed bottom of cabinet to that. I then filled and small gaps where the cabinet meets the wall to tidy it up. Ensure there are no gaps any potential robber could get a crowbar into. Mine passed with flying colours. Usually your front and back walls are solid behind the board. If in any doubt, call your FEO and they will advise you further.
  14. MarcMaxus

    Drones over Gatwick

    About 6 years. Yes, he's tweaked it as he says in the video, a specialist job. Your average drone would drop out the sky, that's why he's had to hack this one so it doesn't. Certain flight is not possible, as he said lol. Ultimatley, you just proved me right lol. DJI drones account for around 80 to 85% of those in civilian hands...As I said, it would drop out of the sky.
  15. MarcMaxus

    Drones over Gatwick

    Yeah, if it happened mid flight, it would drop