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  1. Hi, I'm in Lancs and would be more than willing to help. Also have a SGC but no S1. Fully BASC insured. I go regular with my buddy and help lamp, open gates, pick up etc. I'm also reliable and no issue getting behind the gun either if required. Thanks for putting out such a great offer and hope I've not missed the boat!
  2. An awful story I've just come across. Just goes to show though how safety has to be paramount at all times. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/soldier-been-jailed-after-accidentally-15987723 2 lives and families devastated. It's Heart breaking
  3. Just bought a slab of BB. Hopefully just the job
  4. That's my next plan. Given how twitchy they are, my plan is to get in a dyke that runs adjacent to an open feild. I figured the extra cover being low down may pay dividends. Some good natural wood behind too
  5. Crikey! Some decent info to digest! Was my first outing today just on the Crows. Hide was just a double skinned 4 pole affair, newt fancy. Left the ghille suit and just stood the deeks out in what I thought was a decent pattern. It's been an education for sure, both in the practicle sense and taking on-board all the tips. Apprecaite all that have taken the time to give advice. For my next outing I'll take heed on what's been said. I may mix up the 6s with some 7.5s etc. Interesting comment regarding bird size, it's very possible I may have misjudged the distance (I obv gauge of the size if a pigeon) Either way, thanks for all your tips. I really appreciate it and it just goes to show what an informative forum PW is. I'm up to Isle of Skye now for a week so I'll check in on my next shoot after holidays. Happy hunting folks!
  6. Yeah I was unable to make it early doors due to work commitments. I'll have a look into the callers, cheers
  7. Plus one there! No better alarm
  8. Cheers for the info. It was windy as hell so perhaps that is something to factor in. I assumed 32g 6s would do the job, so that said it must be my shot placement. Mainly Carrion Crows, big *******. I wrongly assumed it would be same as dusting our pigeon freinds! How wrong was I! Cheers
  9. It could be the choke. I don't think it was distance. What would you go with? I was on half choke
  10. Yeah I had no roof. I just stayed super still as per the advice. With regards to the 2 shots to kill, is that something you have come across or is it my bad aim?? Lol
  11. They were 30yds out. 40yds max so I don't think it's that. Could be my shooting, it was windy and I was twitchy, admittedly. I've never had that on the pigeons though, may be the odd couple but no where near what I had today. I would say 5 or 6 of the 8 needed 2 shots.
  12. Well that was an education! Theu surley are crafty so and sos. Trying to out whit them was a lot of fun. They seem to spot you from a way out if with the slightest movement. It was mega windy so one small divert and they were off! I managed 5 good solid hours. They seemed to be sitting in a couple of trees around 400yds away from the lamb sheds. There was a dry stone wall inbetween the trees and shed so I set up there as I didn't want to shoot near the lambing sheds. Had a dozen full bodied around 30yds out from the hide and one bouncer. 5 minutes in they came into the pattern and did so for then next 2 hours, then went deadly quiet. One thing I immediately noticed is around 60 to 70% needed 2 shots to down them, is that common? I was using the 32g 6s. I actually had to check my empties at one point to check I wasn't using steel! I wasn't, they must just have armour! Joking aside it un nerved me a bit as prefer a clean dispatch. I took your advice and didnt move until I was pulling the trigger. Holding back the need to jump up and start unloading was tough! Guess that's down to discipline. I notched up 8. Not a big bag by any stretch but the farmer was happy with the service and I enjoyed a new challenge. Going to let it settle for a few week and go again. I plan on using my RM8 in the sheds once the lamb get in the fields. So a good days shooting. I apprecaite your advice. Would be keen to know if the 2 shots to down is common or if my shooting was off lol. With regards to SRS, I quite like his content. It's honest and a good watch!
  13. Cheers fellas. I'll get the hide set up. I have a ghillie suit so will stick that on. I'm going half choke with 32g 6s and will see how I get on. Watched a few feild sports videos too which gave some decent tips. Apprecaite the reply gents, I'll let you know how I get on.
  14. Have you looked at the Ring range of smart doorbells/cameras? We have the doorbell and a couple of cameras all working via an app. They are a great bit of kit and its great if someone is at your door and your not home! You can see who is at your door and also speak to them via the app.
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