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  1. I just posted a video in this thread that may help. You can just use the free version. Video explains. Hope it helps
  2. I put this together to see if it helps as I know a lot of people are struggling with the individual licence until the GL is sorted. Hope it helps...
  3. I have a duty to protect crops tomorrow. I'm not going to burden the farmer with this debacle. He has crops, they need protecting. I'll be there tomorrow at 5am and I'll do a service. I have a case of airsoft flashbang grenades that will do the job for now. I trust this will blow over in time, I'm not letting my farmers down, especially this time of year. I'll dress as a bloody scarecrow and run around the bloody feild naked if I have to. I'm privileged to have permission, regardless, I have a duty of care to provide protection of crop, in line with the law. Until this all blows over
  4. I think we all need to see how this plays out. As I understand it, a new GL will be issued on the 29th. As for BASC, I understand the frustration, but a mass exodus will do Jack. They are as shocked as we are. I've spoken with then a few times and they have been nothing but helpful. Its times like this we should stand United, not divided. It will be a storm in a teacup in the end
  5. To be fair guys I've spoken to BASC numerous times today and they have been very helpful and are just as shocked as we are. They met 2 weeks ago with NE and no mention of this, they have been blindsided. It was common knowledge, but there was no hint of imminent revoking of the GL.
  6. Yes apparently so. You have to register prior and that takes 5 days, if you can get the website to work
  7. I've just spoken to NE. They say no cost to individual licenses but they would take 30 days to process until a new GL is sorted. They told me they intend to publish a new GL on the 29th but would not discuss any changes. With regards to shooting anything, it's a none starter. Cant believe it. Its nuts
  8. Its farcical that no one actually knows what time this comes into effect. No one actually knows much it seems. I've called everyone I can think of other than my FEO and I'd rather not bother him to be honest but it's my next course of action. Meanwhile my farmers crop is being devastated, especially with the lack of rain. Bloody crazy
  9. I'm supposed to be shooting over wheat tomorrow. Spoke to BASC who are due to call back but haven't yet. Natural England licence department is unavailable. Do I or dont I?
  10. Well, it gets worse. What a bloody joke. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/organisational-licence-for-routine-work-affecting-protected-species PS. Anyone in the market for 3 dozen deeks and a semi auto lol I'm hoping this ends up a storm in a tea cup. This is for commercial use, but you can guarantee the individual licenses will be a similar cost until a new GL is sorted out.
  11. Hi folks, Been over Yorkshire today for a reccie with the intention of jumping in a field if we saw decent numbers. We saw ****** all. Rape was a good 3ft of ground on average and we saw a flock off the 2nd field we went in, but other than that we saw diddle squat. Anyone else over that way seeing decent numbers? We hoped to get on some drilling but all we had perm for was rape. On a separate note, if anyone has a contact organising paid for DIY days in the North West, I'd appreciate any details you can pass on. Cheers
  12. So I've had the council on again. They say that because they are feeding them in the boundary of their property there is nothing they can do. They have passed ot to environmental team, but they recently had the number cut from 12 to 3, so its unlikely they will do anything they say. So back to the drawing board! I'm going to have to consider shooting them somehow. I'd have to bait the off my gutters onto the floor of my back yard to safely shoot them. Set a small hide up in the corner and nail them with a PCP.
  13. Lol the corvids. Its winding me up.more I think because under safe and permitted circumstances they would be red mist by now!!! Takes a lot to wind me up but this is succeeding. Every time I see them picking at my tubs my blood pressure sky rockets!!! Council proving to be hard work to be honest
  14. I've just caught the little ****s pulling the horse hair that lines our window boxes and hanging baskets out. Debris all over the pavement and car. I'm raging.You have no idea how much I want to blow the little ***** away. Waiting on council coming back to me
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