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  1. If your handy you can make your own bismuth shot, you can buy a kilo of bismuth for just over £17 and alloy it with tin solder , i bought a BB mould for casting BB shot its a bit time consuming making the stuff but it works well, with a goose last week that was hit with shot that passed right through the body of the bird and also broke a wing so there is no problem with the shot fracturing like the early stuff. It is also quite easy to drip bismuth shot but the largest size i could get to work was about size 3
  2. While out fishing on Loch Lomond earlier this month i saw a brood of Mallard chicks that were still in down they would probably be a second or even third brood so hopefully it should be a good duck season, plenty of Canadas about as well.
  3. If Labour are worried about enviromental damage why dont they look into fishfarming that has been and is a continuing disaster for the wild salmon and seatrout in the west coast for the past 30+ years
  4. I just filled it in as well, it is written as if the bill has already been passed. And the bit about sexuality and gender reassignment ,religion etc is a joke what planet are these people on? answer: the Scottish Parliament a very expensive talking shop with limitless expenses.
  5. The pole are integral to the net and they telescope up when you want to increase the height, the hide collapses down to around 3ft in length and rolls up to about 4" diameter and comes in a pull cord bag that has a sling attached .
  6. Get yourself one of these hides, i used one last season and it worked great, its light weight and you can adjust the height of it very easily. https://www.djdecoys.com/product/portable-reedy-camo-blind-hide/
  7. If this ban came as a result of a European directive from years ago, how do the Dutch manage to be able to shoot Crows and Pigeons, they are in the EU https://www.youtube.com/watchv=tFYDR7NwQcs This guy does a great job of knocking down Crows and Pigeons, if its ok in Europe it should be ok here.....we havent left yet
  8. Well done i hope they look at the film clips you linked to and show them on TV. We know how much Packham likes to protect Raptors, but one evening in my garden there was a hell of a racket from a group of Magpies at a Cherry tree, the next morning i found a Buzzard dead at the base of the tree killed by a mob of Magpies. What would Packham do if his precious Raptor population went into decline because of his actions.
  9. We bought an Argyll 12 bore single barrel from the catalogue our first shotgun that was about 73/74
  10. Has there ever been a post that you dont have a bitch about! This i a UK post about stuff we have over here , it was educational, interesting and well filmed just get over yourself and watch it without having a dig at it.
  11. Thanks for that i have really enjoyed the wildfowling clips you have done on youtube, it makes a change from the American stuff we usually get to see. Well done keep them coming.
  12. I agree with you entirely thats why the editor of Sporting Shooter magazine should NOT have published an article criticizing ANY other form of shooting.
  13. You should try and get a day out in a punt and you would see the difference between the two methods of shooting/hunting
  14. My answer to the writer of the article, would be you could get any Joe off the street and give an hour long clay lesson and then stick him out on a driven shoot and he would probably do ok. Give him the hour lesson and give him a punt and tell him to go out and shoot , the difference between the two would be very interesting ,if he survives it!!!!.
  15. I know i saw it, its wrong to call Canadas vermin. they might be annoying in some situations but know vermin no matter what the law says.
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