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  1. aberisle

    SSB 150 Load Data

    It is a lot of powder but i have loaded it and shot it and it was ok, its 2 grains more than the 10 bore load but that is pushing 42 grams of shot.
  2. aberisle

    SSB 150 Load Data

    Here is the Data from Claygame on SSB150 steel shot crimp finish. 12x3.5" primer cx2000 powder 36 grains SSB150 wad multi metal 3" 1/8 felt o/s shot 35 grams. speed 406 meters per second ,pressure 744bar . average from 5 shot string. 12 x 3" primer G1000 Maxam, powder 43 grains SSB150, wad B&P 32, shot 32 grams. speed 446 meters per second, pressure 535 bar. average 5 shot string 12 x 2 3/4" primer cx2000 powder SSB150 32.4 grains. wad VP65, shot 30 grams, speed 426 meters per second, pressure 536 bar. average 5 shot string There is no mention of what shell case they used but i would think that the ones with cx2000 primers were Cheddite and the one with G1000 primers is the 3" Maxam case that Claygame sell. The 2 loads with cx2000 primers were tested at the London proof house and the G1000 was done by Claygame inhouse testing
  3. aberisle

    SSB 150 Load Data

    Claygame have load data sheets for this powder, if you contact them they should send them to you
  4. aberisle

    Fowling pieces.

    I am off work tomorrow so that is my morning sorted. i really like the videos that the Gunshop do on Wildfowling its nice seeing UK stuff rather than Waterfowling from the USA. KEEP THEM COMING
  5. aberisle

    Greener Side Safety

    The side safety is one of the hallmarks of the Greener guns if you look here https://www.wwgreener.com/ you will see pics of some of the guns that have this feature. I have only ever owned one of the GP Greeners, i would love to have the money to own one of their side by side guns preferably in 10 bore.
  6. aberisle

    Greener Side Safety

    Are you talking about a Greener side by side shotgun that has the safety mounted on the side or the Greener GP that also has the safety on the side, they are both completely different guns.
  7. aberisle

    any demand

    I had got my hopes up as well when i saw the mention of copper, but then i found out it was just copper coated lead.
  8. aberisle

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    Another benefit with the Loadall is you can change from 12 to 16 or 20 bore quite cheaply, i have also managed to convert my 12 bore one over to 10 bore and it does a good job on the 10's
  9. aberisle

    Old Powders

    The Poudre T powder in the checkered tin has loads in the Shooting times reloading book (1979)? it was mainly used in low velocity/heavy loads in lead with 12'10 and 8 bores. I remember trying to get some in the 80's but in those days with no internet it was really hard trying to source items
  10. aberisle

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    The Lee will handle high brass shells, you will see a modification in this video
  11. aberisle

    Looking for wildfowling spots in the Dundee.

    You should look at joining the Tay valley wildfowlers club they should be able to help you out, also search the forums for wildfowling on the tay it should come up with some pointers
  12. aberisle


    I wore the Hybrid waders for the first time yesterday, it made the walk carrying a ruck sack with decoys ,hide etc much easier than with the usual rubber waders, i was'nt wet with sweat at the end of the day and the fleece hand warmer pocket was absolutely brilliant as it was chilly in the breeze.
  13. aberisle


    I have just got myself a pair of Daiwa Hybrid waders, they have neoprene legs and a breathable body i will be wearing them for the first time tomorrow, i will let you know how i get on with them.
  14. aberisle

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    What sort of load data would you use with these, would you be able to pick a load that uses plastic wad and sub one of these wads? it would be nice if you could