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  1. I got most of the materials from here :https://www.contactleft.co.uk/diy-tactical-buckles-fabrics.html They sell the 1000d cordura and webbing for the straps and all the clips and buckles, velcro etc you will need for making a gunslip, i got the fleece liner from ebay look under "sherpa fleece". The cordura and fleece are sold in 1 by 1.5 metre lengths so you might even get enough to do 2 gun slips, i have made some other stuff from the extra i had left over. If you are hand sewing it you will probably need a box of plasters😀 Another good resource to look up is sewing fo
  2. When i am out and i find any plastic wads or cases i pick them up and take them home and bin them, the wads go in the recycling bin and the cases go in the normal bin, i have a pocket of wads from my last trip out to stick in the bin just now.
  3. It was quite easy to make it took me about a week off and on i reckon someone who knew how to use a sewing machine could make one in no time at all, the hardest bit was planning the order in which each section had to be sewn on. The materials for it cost about £20 and i have extra left over to make a few other things.
  4. If you are wanting to load 20 bore steel you should have a look here: https://sites.google.com/site/hobbyhintstricksideas/Home/reloading-modern-20-gauge My son uses this data and is quite happy with it, the guy has done loads of research into 20 gauge steel and has published everything you would want to know about it. If you look here: https://shotgunreloading.co.uk/product/vp90-20-gauge-wads-bags-of-250/ He has 20 VP wads in stock i have bought from him in the past and he has been fine. Scotland reloading did have a banner recently on the web site saying closed due to
  5. I used to shoot a lot of greys in my garden, but now that the Pine martins have arrived in the area i have not seen a grey in my garden for about 10 years, but we do see reds
  6. I am currently on furlough and the travel restrictions mean i cant get out Wildfowling as often as i would like so i decided to make myself a Wildfowling Leg Mutton gun bag ( this should probably go in the crafts section, but its Wildfowling related so its going here) The bag is made from 1000d waterproof cordura and is lined with fleece to protect the gun it has a velcro and buckle closure i have also put a large A4 sized pocket on the back where i keep a laminated copy of my SGC and copies of the legal rules regarding Wildfowling in Scotland so when the cops turn up and dont know the l
  7. All my contacts have been through facebook, try that he has always been spot on he got some TSS to my son for his birthday in 2 days i cant think of any one who could beat that for service.
  8. I will take a look and see if it is that its a pretty desperate way of doing business, i believe if you make something or offer a service it either succeeds or fails on its own merits if its a good item people will buy or use it if it is **** it will fail. I have put the item back up again lets see how long it lasts for this time.
  9. I have just had an item i had for sale on ebay rejected because it breached their firearms policy, it was a 3d printed adaptor that allows you to reload 3.5" shotshells on a Lee Loadall.They seem to have no problem selling complete Lee Loadall's and every other type reloading type of die, press, scales and a whole load of reloading bits of equipment. But obviously a couple of bits of 3d printed plastic are highly dangerous. here is a pic of the offending items
  10. Make sure you trap is well made i have had them burst out of traps using different ways of getting out the trap, one mink i am sure carries a socket set and bolt cutters to destroy the trap.
  11. I have bought quite a few things from them, they are very helpful, they just email you back with a price for the goods and shipping. They are based up near Montrose.
  12. I tried some once about 40 years ago in South Uist, it was a very dark meat i thought it was a bit like Grouse but stronger, it was ok
  13. I dont fancy a mink in a snare they are scary enough when you catch then in a cage trap, i would get your grandson to get a live catch cage trap and put it in a tunnel, and put the bait ( cat food) in the tunnel first and then put the trap in that way the mink has to try and get to the bait but is blocked by the end of the trap, when it stands on the plate the trap closes and you have your mink, you can then take the trap out of the tunnel and shoot it with an airgun to kill it. Here is a link to the sort of trap i am talking about https://www.bushwear.co.uk/products/squirrel-mink-c
  14. The 16 bore trimmer works fine , let me know if you want one. thanks...james
  15. Its a bit too large in diameter for a 16 bore wad but if you wanted one it would be no problem to print one off for you, the price would be the same. edit : i have put one on to print just now i will check it in the morning with a 16 bore wad and let you know
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