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  1. I know the reloading elite look down on them but you could pick up a Leeloadall for under £70 and that will do all you need, they turn out a pretty good cartridge.
  2. Not really when look through the spent case bins there are loads of 67mm ones at times i really have to search to get a decent amount of 70mm ones, alternatively go to a game shoot where they have a bag of collected cases at the end of the days shoot you will definitely get your 65mm ones there
  3. Can you not just go down to your nearest clay ground hey have tons of fired cases, just help yourself, i find that once fired cases are a lot easier to crimp.
  4. For the foil section of the wads you are making could you use this ? https://www.screwfix.com/p/diall-aluminium-foil-tape-silver-45m-x-75mm/4415V?tc=IB4&ds_kid=92700048793315993&ds_rl=1249416&gclid=CjwKCAjwjLD4BRAiEiwAg5NBFtnpyLVHD_ri1d-HvnKm3ypsGY_0W_2v74pKJ_IvSxHBL7PEUgo-YhoCfl0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds It is adhesive backed so it might save you having to glue the ones you are doing at the moment
  5. Why dont NE just go with the Status Quo keep the consents active on land passed previously and only withdraw then if there is a strong reason to do so. Or NE could just come upfront and admit they are biased against fieldsports and plan to ban every one they can.
  6. aberisle

    Kids Waders

    Ocean do childrens waders in both thigh and chest waders they go up to size 7 in the child versions they range from £30 to £50 a pair
  7. You will get all the info you will need here: https://sites.google.com/site/hobbyhintstricksideas/Home/reloading-modern-20-gauge#TOC-1-oz-3-steel-at-1485fps-Ready-for-Action
  8. Yes it was. His book is still available on the Refuge forum, i think his widow is selling it or maybe one of the moderators is helping with the sales, its well worth getting
  9. For the 10 bore i now use the loads in the book "High performace 10 gauge loads" by Joe Speroni, sadly he is also now deceased, he had wide range of load data for 10 bores with pressures and velocity's listed.... much safer than wildcatting loads
  10. The Zeekuup guy has a fast 10 bore load in a cut down case using HS6? dont use it ,i tried it i loaded 2 cartridges up i fired one and cut up the other one. It was brutal i had a job opening my Zabala after it was fired. It was a light load going fast so i thought it might be ok i emailed him about it and he said " oh that happened to me" so dont try that one, he also has a load that has a pinch of red dot as a starter above the steel powder just to get it going......i would'nt try that one either. I like his channel its one of the better ones from the USA but his reloading in kinda out there 😲
  11. I found a dead Sparrowhawk a few weeks ago it had been killed by Magpies also a couple of years ago there was a hell of a racket in one of the trees in my garden from a group of Magpies the next morning there was a dead Buzzard and the foot of the tree it must have been killed by the Magpies the previous evening. I wonder what Raptor persecution mob would say about that.....deny it ever happened or blame shooters?
  12. I have used spray cans from this place if you look through their site you will find cans of matt paint, if you use cardboard to make masks/templates decoys can painted pretty quickly. https://www.sprayster.com/product-category/paint-products/colour-paint/
  13. My Dad called them "muggers in suits" they used to be decent folk 40 years ago now they are just shysters.
  14. Look at the top of this page its there
  15. An Ugly stik 10 ft GX2 spinning rod it will chuck upto 80 grams and they are tough as old boots they also have the black foam handles that will stand upto salt water
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