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  1. Creedmoor

    Ridgline 54" rifle drag bag rucksack

    I use one of these , very good indeed and at half price too .
  2. Creedmoor

    PARD 007

    I bought a digicepter a while back , that seems pretty good , bought it S/H from a good mate who just couldn’t get on with NV at all .
  3. Creedmoor

    PARD 007

    With my NV unit I will take foxes out to a max of 250 yards ( most around the 150 yard mark ) However if I’m able to shoot out to 250 yards I want my NV to give my clear viewing out to 400 yards so can see what is behind my target . The biggest problem I found with lower end NV units is if you have a max viewing distance of say 150 yards , I have no idea what’s at 200 yards as it’s just a black wall
  4. Creedmoor

    Ballistic Turrets

    .243 with Norma 75g  beautiful 👍
  5. Creedmoor

    Ballistic Turrets

    Yes I hear what your saying , I’m lucky enough to own 2 Swarovskis and a PM11 , the reticule that I posted up was the first one google threw up . If the chap really does feel he wants to go down the swaro route the BTR would be the route I think could be worth a look . Beautiful glass, and a very fast and easy on the eye Ret . http://BRT Reticle if you don’t mind spending a few quid , the worlds your oyster.
  6. Creedmoor

    Ballistic Turrets

    With respect, if your only shooting 200-250 yards . surly you would be better using a Mildot ret . You would save yourself a heap of money , after all with a 100 yard zero your only talking a couple of MOA either way . You might even consider a ballistic plex retical like the one below. https://www.burrisoptics.com/reticles/ballistic-plex just a thought .
  7. By all accounts they have a very good reputation. Not delt with them , but know people who have .
  8. Dolphins rifles address is ... TRADING ADDRESS: D TRADING ADDRESS: Dolphin Precision Engineering Ltd T/A Dolphin Gun Company Bank House Scalp Road Fishtoft Boston Lincolnshire PE21 0SH T - 01205 368639 olphin Precision Engineering Ltd T/A Dolphin Gun Company Bank House Scalp Road Fishtoft Boston Lincolnshire PE21 0SH T - 01205 368639
  9. Creedmoor

    Krieghoff...are they worth it?

    The second biggest downside ( apart from the ridiculous price for what is nothing more that a pimped up Remington) having NO choice but to deal with Alan Rhône , for everything. I have had two over the years , would I have another ? Not on your nelly.
  10. Creedmoor

    who makes stocks like this?

    You mean a chassis stock . For off the shelf try Britannia rails https://csw-online.co.uk/britannia-rifle-chassis-16-c.asp For custom chassis try dolphin http://www.dolphinguncompany.co.uk/index.html