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  1. Cheers for that information, very helpful, thanks
  2. Hi all . Has anyone used the 20gr in .17 cal ,I'd like to know if there is any advantage over the 17gr or in short are they worth buying, people I know all use the 17gr . Thanks for any info
  3. Hi , I'm interested in the ferret finder, would you split, if so what price do you want for ferret finder and Collar, many thanks.
  4. I'll be out waiting for Charlie, Happy New year and the best of health to everyone
  5. To all PW members , hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy active new year , good luck to all ,
  6. A couple of years ago I was hedge planting across 4 stubble fields there was about 3inch of white stuff about ,but at the time my 4x4 was in for a service so had to take the transit van to do the job, yes it does have good aggressive tyres on front only and run of mill on back , anyway the land owner came walking over the fields to me and asked if I was able to help get her vehicle out of the first field as she had got it stuck, I said what you've got a 70k range rover stuck on a stubble field, when I finally stopped laughing she got in the van and we went back to it , I got in the rover into gear and drove it off the field for her , so in other words, there are drivers and screw driver's , when all said just drive to the conditions of the road , simple,
  7. Not seen proper snow for about 20 years , what country do you lot live in
  8. Evening mate , I live near Malton and have several perms , that I've worked hard for , but a mate of mine said that he would be interested he only has 1 perm at the moment but he's not a pw member,
  9. Hi Boss , I've had them on terrano of mine had them approx 18 months , a bit noisy but still going strong , just turn radio up more , I've done around 12k so far
  10. It's not the dog that's the problem, it's the clowns that own em
  11. Good evening, This time of year I do loads of hedge planting for estates I'm on £5 per meter, most days I'll do 250- 300 metres
  12. Personally I would be more worried about being attacked by badgers while out lamping rabbits than the chance of attacked by Felix
  13. Welcome from Malton, North Yorkshire
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