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  1. or go look what shooters were using to win top end honours.
  2. already said,two top end rifles right there.steyr seem to be at the top of there game on ft,hft is a different ball game most good quality pcps can be used for hft.look to spend at about 2k for the steyr,plus scope loads to choose from but i reakon 300 upwards for ft.obviously these prices are new.good forum for target shooters called shooting the breeze,go have a look.atb col
  3. does it have moisture capture or filters on?sound good for the money.
  4. i have permission to go after all airgun vermin,over 6000 acres and a few ratting farms.all my shooting is with sub 12 airrifles
  5. sort of a one man armoury then😲
  6. just air rifles?sub 12 or fac or both
  7. very well explained and an accurate reply.my second post btw,hello everyone
  8. keen airgunner,so thats where i will be spending my time on the forum,forum looks great btw
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