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  1. Definitely a lot on the fields in my part of Fenland. Loads in the garden too, taunting me day in day out!
  2. Very similar here. The ferals come off of nearby grain silos. Maybe I’ve been lucky not seeing any stock doves as they do seem abundant in other areas. That’s a very good idea about the plumage and something I’ll probably stick to as it’s definitely not a mistake I’d want to make.
  3. Great info, thanks 👍🏼
  4. Absolutely. I’ve let quite a few ferals go as I wasn’t 100% sure. We have a lot of collared doves around too so it pays to be careful. I haven’t seen any stock doves but out of interest, what makes them stand out in shape and flight?
  5. 100% agree. Once they start coming in they make every pigeon in the area take notice.
  6. And there was me thinking I was some sort of feral pigeon whisperer that had unbelievable Decoying skills!!! 😂
  7. Does anyone else find that ferals come into decoys a lot more than woods? Sometimes I’m still setting up and they are coming in. There is a good flock of them but there’s plenty of woodies around too. Just curious as to others experience?
  8. That’s incredibly kind of you bruno22rf. I just may take you up on that offer at some point.
  9. Good point! I think my first job should be chasing up the land being cleared!
  10. I’ve never even given that avenue any thought. It’s something I will definitely investigate.
  11. That’s a fantastic offer and very much appreciated! Thanks figgy. I’ll certainly look into that.
  12. I do have land for the sec 1 shotgun. Unfortunately the permission for the .22 is under Lincolnshire police and seemed to cause a headache all round. Thanks for the replies Rewulf. It’s much appreciated!
  13. I was told by the fao that I need more experience (someone to vouch for me) as I can’t prove my experience with a rifle due to the little experience I have being obtained in Canada. I’ve held a SGC for sometime which is why the section one shotgun was issued. it was agreed that once I’ve got a bit more experience it would be easier to apply for a variation than refuse my application and re apply. im not aware of any clubs apart from Cambridge GC which have only been to a few times. I do have a permission that was needing to be cleared by a different police authority but COVID came
  14. Hello all, I’m in March, Cambridgeshire and in need of some rifle experience. I’ve got my FAC but only for a semi auto 12 bore. I need a bit more experience before I can apply for a variation and get a .22LR added to my ticket. unfortunately I don’t have anything to offer in return Shooting wise but I thought this was the best place to start and ask for help. many thanks, Paul.
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