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  1. I’ll take 13 weeks compared to other horror stories!
  2. Thanks Dan, that’s good to know. I’m happy to wait. I learnt my lesson when getting my SGC... it comes when it comes! 😂
  3. Hello all, i’ve submitted my FAC application to Cambs police and was just wondering if the wait times are as bad as advertised. I know they’re short staffed and I’m in no rush as it takes as long as it takes. Just curious as to how long others have waited in the area?
  4. I think it’s already happening...... 😬
  5. I’ve been on the clay ground for a while which has definitely helped. You’re absolutely right with the staying still part. I’m a half decent shot but getting in the right position and having patience is a skill!!
  6. Hello.... i’ve lurked on here for long enough and thought it was about time to get involved. i managed to get myself a permission to shoot on a field through luck more than anything else, right place and time if anything! It’s a linseed field but surrounded by maize and a recently harvested field at one end. Lots of sitty trees and plenty of pigeons coming and going. I haven’t had time to sit for hours but I’ve managed a couple of mornings and afternoons over the last few weeks and I’m finding my way as I go. I’ve read tips on here and I’m slowly getting to grips with it. I hit some and I miss some but the time spent in the field watching the birds come and go and weather pass (luckily in the distance) has been a fantastic experience. Sometimes I haven’t had an opportunity to pull the trigger but being in the great outdoors among nature and watching it pass by is one hell of a way to spend your time and great for the soul! Thanks to the regular posters on here. It’s a great resource and great for us beginners!
  7. I’ve had the call from my FAO so I’m hopefully on the home stretch! Thanks for the replies and advice!
  8. Thanks for the reply Tightchoke. I definitely won’t be pestering them but they are now over the 12 weeks stated online. The email I sent last week was my first one and I made sure it was after the 12 week period. As you say though if they are busy there’s not a lot I can do about it. Just gonna be patient and go with it!
  9. Thanks for the reply Okrang.... I have enquired about progress but I’ve just got the standard ‘we’re very busy’ reply. I’ll chase again in a couple of weeks as I think you’re right that it can’t hurt.
  10. It certainly doesn’t make good reading when you look into it! Good luck with yours too. I’m sure we’ll be happy shooters in the near future!!
  11. 23 weeks! Wow! You’re right tho there’s not a lot you can do apart from wait. It’s just frustrating when websites are quoting time frames that are not realistic.
  12. Hello, has anyone on here applied for their shotgun licence in Cambridgeshire? I’m just looking to see how long it’s taken as I’m now past the 12 weeks quoted at me by the firearms Department. I’ve contacted them to be told they are busy and it will be dealt with in due course. I’m happy to wait as I know it’s not an instant process but it would be good to see if anyone local has been through it recently. thanks!
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