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    FE are obsessed with cutting through obstacles between ambitious businesses and gig-hungry engineers. FE is a powerful platform for businesses and telecom engineers. It streamline slow and costly talent and job search, interviewing, vetting, hiring and paying. FE frees the ambitious to succeed. FE is proving to be an indispensable global marketplace.


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I am puli working at Field Engineer, the Global Freelance Marketplace for Telecom engineers and businesses. and the Fastest Growing company with a Global Workplace in 175 Countries. Having with most  informative blog posts on various topics on telecom industry. There are numerous blog posts available on topics like Fibre Optics, Telecom 5G, Cable Providers, Field Engineers, Freelance Market place , Gig Economy, Marketplace Network Deployment, Project Management,What is wireless lan ,Observations and Solutions on Fiber Optic Cable Companies etc.

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