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  1. Hello All, A bit of an update in this... We are told Sporting Gun or Shooting Times 1987 DEFINITELY no earlier because a friend remembers finishing a work project at this time and going to collect it from Carters in Warwick!!
  2. Once again - thank-you ALL for the support! Once we have this sorted, am happy to be a little more 'open'.
  3. To all of you who have replied so far - THANK-YOU! We are very grateful - the gun (and some others) were mistakenly destroyed by the police - we have some amazing experts acting for us, as the guns are likely to be worth a total into 6 figures!. However, whilst we had kept serial numbers etc (as we all do!), because of the age of many of the guns, including this particular one, when we reverted to the makers, they are pretty much all saying the details are so old they are deep in their archive system. Everyone (makers and experts) are asking us for photos etc so they can tell us more about them. It just so happens that this particular gun was featured, we are told, on Sporting Gun!
  4. I would be most grateful for your kind assistance, please. I have owned a rather special Perazzi MX8 for quite some years - a "one off" MX8, custom/hand made to spec, very special edition, with 2 sets of barrels (30 + 32 inch), 2 sets of adjustable triggers and fancy engraving (gun dogs and game birds)etc. - I bought it from the former World Champion, many years ago. The Perazzi had a special trigger that when you pushed up the safety catch, the trigger mechanism came out so you could put a single or a double trigger (2 separate triggers) in it..It had a walnut butt and one of the Special Edition features was the engraving Perazzi did - game birds (all different types) and a couple of gun dogs on the metal work he said.. It had screw in chokes at the ends of the barrels. Perazzi said it was the only one of its sort made, and they valued it around 10 years ago at a Game Fair and they said then it was worth well in excess of £45,000, and likely a lot more!! I am told it was featured on the front cover of an edition of 'Sporting Gun' likely 1987 or 1988...…. unfortunately, we have no closer date that Edition came out, I am so sorry! However, if you can source the copy, I would very much appreciate it, as the gun has now been accidentally destroyed (NOT by me!) and although I gave the experts dealing with the issue it's serial number, they are looking for photographic evidence and all other available information about it. I have even written to RUAG in Cornwall and to Perazzi in Italy, but I could only give them the above detail and the serial number. Due to its age, even with the serial number, they are struggling to track it down, as all records of that age were hand written and now archived.... ANY assistance tracking down the magazine most gratefully received, THANK-YOU!
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