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  1. Hi Button, yes its a grant so only right that renewals take priority. I am encouraged by the fact I have been told it is with a chief inspector makes me think it is very nearly crunch time. I would like to think if there was any obvious reason to reject the grant it would have been done and written off by now but who knows
  2. Thanks Burpster, I don't want anyone to think I am being too impatient I know that the usual lead time is 12 weeks, it's only that other people under the same force have received theirs by now and I hadn't heard anything. I have dropped them an email out of curiosity but I will sit back and wait. 16 weeks and counting lol
  3. I submitted my application for SGC and FAC to police Scotland 16 weeks ago. I have done my medical report and had my interview all checked out. The FEO advised me that he finished the inquiry on the 30th of November so...I called the Edinburgh firearms team today where my application is being processed only to be told that it was with Dalkieth. I then called Dalkieth who advised me it was with a Chief Inspector at the Edinburgh office and the information I had been given was incorrect.Rather than call the Edinburgh team back I have now sent an email just asking for an update. Does anyone have any experience in emailing them team and if they are punctual in replying?
  4. Is the lighting displayed in your picture built in lights to your cabinet or have you fitted them yourself? I would like to do something similar if they are after market
  5. Makes sense. I plan to build up trust them do a variation for a .243
  6. Exactly the same here. What part of the country are you in?
  7. Make sure and drop me a PM and let me know how your application progresses. What did you apply for?
  8. Thanks for the reassurance. All the waiting! You tend to sit and think what if this or what if that and everything has gone so smoothly so far I a almost waiting for something to go wrong
  9. No the FEO emailed me today to say that he has submitted the application to the licencing department
  10. I declared a medical issue but the FEO had no issues with it. I also did a full medical report and all seemed fine. Just a little worried that the licencing team may not agree
  11. That is exactly what's playing on my mind, I think I am just worried about getting my hopes up. I am worried that just because the FEO has said he has no concerns doesn't mean that the licencing manager wont find something
  12. Has anyone on here had an experience of positive feedback from their FEO, basically being told you have nothing to worry about and then received an issue r=or a refusal from the licencing department? I am based in Scotland Second question if you haven't had an issue what have people experiences been of time between application going to the licencing department from the FEO and your certificates arriving?
  13. I am certain to get both but wanted to cut my teeth on the 17hmr first as I think it is more robust. I have a bit of experience shooting .22lr all ready and maybe it's just me wanting to try something new! I completely agree looking on gun trader I can't see him getting 500 for it to be honest
  14. haha I'm not from Hawick but I live there now. I was in there at the weekends but it never really occurred to me to ask. Every piece of land I have ever asked or inquired about has all ready been given to someone else. Just have to keep trying
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