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  1. hi there any pigeon or crows or rabbits needing shot in the coldstream area scottish borders? i would be happy to assist
  2. great shooting😃 what cartridges are you using ?
  3. I would like to have a smaller size pointer retriever and as mentioned they work reasonably well on rabbits too So a good all rounder really (providing I can keep it under control)☺
  4. Hi everyone Any views/opinions on the britany spaniels?
  5. Hi there Does everyone know of any beaters required in Coldstream area
  6. I actually intend to go shooting there☺
  7. I am in coldstream Thanks guys I have the form filled in I will send it today and will see.
  8. Thank you I was asking about permission for the certificate ☺ Once I have the certificate makes it easier to go and ask permission to shoot vermin etc .
  9. Don I need to have someone permission to shoot in their land?
  10. Hi everyone, I am keen to get my shotgun licence but i am unsure what is actually required. I live in the Scottish borders and would like to go pigeon shooting even geese 😆. Any advice?
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