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  1. did mate, and sent the txt that he says to do, il try again tomorrow, maybe he was busy or not at home, cheers
  2. keep getting email saying cannot send message to seller, shame
  3. cheers mate, have done that very thing, thank you
  4. right, id like one of these for the cabinet, would you send this to an rfd over my way?
  5. Grateful for the post, this is not something ive come across in my build up to getting my SGC and isn't something I would have thought to check, seasoned guns would do it out of habit, but as a newbie I would be eager to get my gun loaded for the next shot and wouldn't start off by doing this as its not been covered in anything ive watched or read, but will now be a matter of course for me to do as I take those first steps, a lesson for all of us I think, thanks for sharing, really hope the poor sod that learned the hard way is going to be alright
  6. i will do just that mate, he will be the first person to know that ive got my licence, cheers pal
  7. Thanks guys Hi, we may be talking real soon mate, have to get the important bit done first but don't see why we wont be speaking more in the near future
  8. Thank you all for your kind welcome, I hope to get to know you all whilst part of this forum
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