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  1. Please stop tempting me to spend money I don't have.
  2. I always assumed they would be taxed as a commercial vehicle. If I recall correctly £255 a year for commercial vehicles ?
  3. Its in the advert mate "two khukris available one is afghan service khukri £75 the other is a Angola three fuller £90 Small khukri is a one off special made £25" No idea which one is which though😆
  4. its my understsanding that all pickups are classed as N1 commercial vehical: 30mph in built up areas, 50mph on single 60mph on duel carriageways. Motorway speeds are the same as cars, unless towing a trailer, which lowers it to 60mph.
  5. Have to admit, I love it. I bet the chances of it making it over here are quite low and if it does it will be double the price. I always wanted them to bring the Everest over here as well, it's Ford's version of a Toyota surf based in the Ranger chassis.
  6. I have a handful of old hard cover books that are just taking up space in the house, they may be of interest to someone else. All in good condition although they all have a corner missing from the fist internal leaf/page which I have tried to show in the photos Pigeon Shooting by John Gray, s(pine has taken a bit of bash at the base.) Your Shoot: Gamekeeping and Management by Ian McCall The Sporting Rough shoot by Michael Brander Modern pigeon shooting by John Humphreys (that’s got to be older than Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley) No idea on price, but
  7. Barbour Shirt Size XXL - approximately 24/25" pit to pit (see photos) Excellent condition. I Believe it is the Tattershall (light blue) check. Bought as a gift for me but doesnt fit and Its been in the wardrobe ever since. £25.00 posted. If you need more pictures/information, let me know. K
  8. ANy idea on the age of the van ? or the size of the van? I know you said its a newish, daf type but if its an older/smaller van it could be something like a Renault Kangoo 4x4 as they still look relatively new style.
  9. They are taking orders for the Spartan. A. Spartan RHD Petrol UK. GBP16,500 Plus VAT (GBP19800 including VAT). B. Spartan Electric. LHD or RHD. EUR40K. Ex works Plzen.
  10. just thinking out of the box and along the improve rather than just replace thoughts. if its going to cost that much how about an ARB front air locker, (not sure if it supplies all the parts) its about 900ish and would be an improvement, or an Detroit Truetrac front locker, about half the price?
  11. From a quick scan round the website <https://mwmotors.cz/spartan/> it reads that this is going to be an electric version? with a motor attached directly to the gearbox (as opposed to motors in each wheel/axle) will be interesting to see some specs on it when it finally launches - although I'm not convinced an electric version will cut it in the current field of options. Not convinced that body would pass the current regs for pedestrian and crash crumple zones etc. wonder how they intend on bringing it to market. Id still have one if the range was usable 😀
  12. Made me chuckle Haven't done much research into the forester diesels, it was just my initial thoughts based on the 'sure footedness' of the Subaru 4wd system and relatively good ground clearance. Given the responses It may well be worth looking at the Volvo following,
  13. Bit harsh, were you thinking for the wife, the kids or god forbid, the dogs 😁😁 I am in a similar boat myself and my thoughts keep coming back to a Subaru Forester, although I am not sure if it would fit 3 seats across the back, they are plenty large enough, have fairly good ground clearance for an estate/SUV and a more than capable 4wd system and not too bad on the MPG (for the diesel)
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