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  1. That's fantastic and it certainly beats the "tin can alley" that I had when I was a kid
  2. Where abouts are you located? Any idea on postage costs ?
  3. Depends what you need in terms of size and capability. Fiat Panda 4x4, reasonably cheap and capable if a bit small?
  4. Chap on another forum I frequent built this. Quite capable by all accounts.
  5. These are amazing, can't wait to see more and watch how they progress.
  6. That looks very much worth the effort. A fantastic result.
  7. That's diamond information, many thanks. K
  8. Fantastic idea. My only concern is where to find uncontaminate barrels or how to clean them effectively before use as I only know of barrels used for oils or chemical. Has anybody got any suggestions?
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