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  1. Peterr

    bismuth shot

    its very simple idont have a air rifle not abad reply
  2. Peterr

    bismuth shot

    mr shaken stevens knows what hes talking about its new bismuth as well
  3. Peterr

    bismuth shot

    going to be shooting squirells
  4. tried bismuth shot piller test triple aaa shatters very eaasly a waist off money
  5. leica binoculars 12 by 50 ultravid hd binoculars 900 pounds
  6. leica binoculars 12 by 50 ultravid hd binoculars excellant condition 900 pounds
  7. shotgun cabinet steele proofed 60 by 17 by 9 inches excellant condition police approved 125 pounds county durham
  8. i am in county durham

  9. shotgun cabinet steele 60 inches high 17 inches wide 9 inches deep big gun box excellant condition police approved 125 pounds
  10. Hi Muncher jist helped an old lad out to be honest gun is super and first to enquire gets a proper bargain!!!Send a mobile contact for some wattsapp photos if required Cheers Pete
  11. if you are thinking off shooting the solway buy yourself a powerfull set of binoculars its known for its high shooting also a machine gun
  12. yes i totaly agree with the other comments off other fowlers they have said big bores to much money at prescent few years ago makeing good money marriots guns need a big reduction in price where will these guns be price wise once the lead is finished with sp10 remmington excellant look at 12 bore purdeys hollands etc hard work to sell all down to lead ban looming price off bismouth not cheap
  13. yes not cheap to load with the price off bismouth and the lead ban looing where will these big bore wildfowling guns end up price wise
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