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  1. 10 hours ago, JTaylor91 said:

    Get a magnet stuck to the side of the electric meter Jacko, slow the ****** down.

    I get a Christmas card off of my electric supplier they love me this time of year😂😂😂neighbour loves it but what she does not realise is its plugged into her garden socket 

  2. 38 minutes ago, Cranfield said:

    Some nice shooting and a good video, thanks for  posting.
    Its surprising how fast those gliding pheasants are travelling, you don't miss many in front.

    They take some adjusting to  only my 3rd  time ever on them and first this season I did miss a lot but  that’s all part of it 

  3. Tried charcoal biscuits and all sorts of things but my wind is still here hope it stays about till next week when I finish work ... I  hope like most pigeon shooters that your birds feeding on rape is a sign that they are moving from berries and corns to the green stuff

  4. 3 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

    Some great shots at the start of the video, adrenaline then kicked in and you could see on the static camera your composure went - with it the kills. 

    Overall good shooting, there will be comments about the low bird but looked already pricked to me. 

    Edit, maybe not on second viewing. But some good shots too. 

    It was the gun next to me hit it I just finished it off

  5. Thinking of splashing out on some pro hunters or mountain gtx so would like to know if they are worth the £299 price tag do they last ( if looked after obviously) they would only be used for shooting not walking  the dog daily .. cheers in advance 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Clodhopper said:

    They are teasing you. The first sign of any breeze and they will disappear!

    As soon as they see my truck in the area on Saturday they will be off ...


    1 hour ago, JDog said:

    In the last week this part of Lincolnshire has seen some pretty impressive falls of pigeons. One farm has conservatively 3,000 and three others within a few miles have 1,000 each.

    Naturally I have watched them every day. There is no feeding pattern and no lines emanating from their resting woods.

    It is hugely frustrating that their arrival has coincided with a period of either very light or indeed no wind. Without a strong 20mph wind I will never get to grips with them.

    Returning home from watching a huge flock this afternoon I was rounding a bend in the road when a Barn Owl jumped up from the verge with a mouse in its beak. It actually touched the windscreen but thankfully flew off uninjured with mouse.

    Mondays 14th conditions look good with a 16 mph SW with strong 38 mph gusts  if it doesn’t change

  7. 15 hours ago, Agriv8 said:

    Indeed in an ill fitted cockpit and seat by all accounts! Guess He has access to full beans mode !

    Let’s see the  times tomorrow 

    regards Agriv8 

    They’re only allowed one engine mode for the  weekend 

  8. 1 hour ago, humperdingle said:

    The best training for live birds I ever had, was going to a compact sporting layout with a dozen or so different targets.

    Wear ear defenders that completely cut out external noise, so you can’t hear which traps are launching and get a mate to launch the clays entirely randomly, so you have to really concentrate.

    Makes for much more ‘snap’ intuitive shooting IMO


  9. 3 hours ago, The Heron said:

    Incredibly no one injured twenty or thirty years ago it would have been a different story. 

    Or even 3 years ago if it wasn’t for the halo he would have been decapitated 

  10. I went to  look at a couple of new fields of rape today on of which is quite close to a wood  as I drove down the track to the  birds where lifting from the hedge line and trees  and headed back towards the wood .. I  sat in the car with a cuppa and watch the pigeon fly about aimlessly in flocks of about 50  I thought as it’s a fiat trek to get here and the weather was nice I  might as well put an hide up and watch for lines and behaviour with a gun in my hand  I had about half dozen shots at some quite testing birds ( testing for me anyway) I managed one pigeon and a crow diced to pack up when some dark clouds approached with what look like heavy showers under them 


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