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  1. Bismuth At a quid a shot bit out of my finances
  2. Oh ok I thought from reading what I read some maybe on here as well that guns of a certain age would be no good to shoot steel
  3. I guess it’s the way forward But I feel for you guys with older more elegant guns that will not take Steel and will only be useable on clay grounds till lead is no longer aloud At all
  4. I’m the lucky boy... I must have impressed that very first outing I must have done something right cause it ain’t my shooting ..... I am very great full ( couldn’t sleep last night buzzing that much) and there will be a beer and a lunch next time I’m at the van not that I’ll have time with my new perm which I will be visiting this weekend ... Thankyou again my friend you are a true gent😁😁😁😁😁🍾🍾🍾🍾🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
  5. This all seems complex if Your out decoying Pigeons Gl 36 and a magpie flies over you will shoot It Gl 34 I was not intending to be out shooting magpies but surely It’s ok .. if I was out shooting rabbits which is crop protection if on farm land then I can still shoot a pigeon fighting over crop protection no different to flight lining or roost shooting if on the other hand said rabbits are on a golf coarse and I don’t have any farm land permission I cannot shoot a pigeon but can still shoot corvids as Gl 34
  6. Your going the wrong way about it then
  7. As above me and jdog had a tour of north Lincolnshire and the wolds we ended up back at the first field we looked at to have some unexpected good shooting and a great bit of banter we also had to company of barney as you will see in the video.... hits and misses as usual ... please subscribe to my YouTube .. hope you enjoy
  8. You had an enjoyable day glad for ye
  9. Nice report on your days adventures and a nice hopefully not exaggerated bag 😜
  10. It was like taking a woman shopping the first shop they look in is the last shop they buy from and this was no different Jdog shown me this field first thing and thankfully it was fruitful later in the day as the 15000 acres we lookEd upon had no sign of a flight line .. two hides also turned in to one as they were just picking one set of decoys so good company/banter had all round enjoyable day with good sport ... ps video to come
  11. Nice report on a fine day out for a while and good shooting
  12. Put them on the pattern plate at a local shooting ground and go back for them in a few week old paint gone and lead coated against rust🤪🤪🤪
  13. If you can afford a new disco why you worried about fuel ?...for pigeon shooting I drive an 05 Plate L200 not the best on fuel but got good off-road capabilities .... I have drove 110 plus miles 3 times in a fortnight to shoot pigeons and have good company doing it With a friend ... believe me I ain’t got a bottom less Pitt of money but I really enjoy pigeon shooting... I am a member of NPPC and most fields I have shot with them are a 60 mile round trip so if you have a perm and have to put the mileage in To find pigeons be great full as us who don’t yet have Would snatch at the chance ...RANT over enjoy your shooting
  14. I have sp bronze Had it about 18 month put about 4/5000 Through it If not more and it’s not missed a beat
  15. Would you use clay carts or you your usual pigeon carts
  16. Rushing I think due to wind I think bad bad day but of to park lodge on Friday going to try a round or two of skeet And then try some towers for the longer range bird see if I can iron out what was going wrong cheers I try and keep em coming got a GoPro coming so hopefully can mix the angles up a bit
  17. I do like being honest but I have only being shooting at pigeons since June last year and I am my own biggest critic no point in painting over cracks ..all advice and criticism Taken And trying to learn from it all to improve so if I shoot 10 for 15 it’s been an excellent day but if I shoot 10 for 50 it’s still been an excellent day but I know I have shot shocking and need to improve
  18. It was an old trucker that told me pig pee but to be honest never really needed to look it up
  19. Can’t believe vandals would do that to someone’s garden the last time I seen something like that it was on John cravens news round and scumbags had vandalised the blue peter garden Hope the get the culprits and if you need an hand giz a shout🤪🤪🤪
  20. Thankyou sir... I am always grateful that I’ve have been out shooting it’s one of the best sports ever whether I shoot good or bad I’m still having a go ... clay or game have nothing on pigeons
  21. Only if I have taken it off if not it should be the same
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