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  1. Omega X33 watch, titanium strap with box and papers. Bought 30th November 1998, serviced in 2006 and most recently in December 2018 which still carries a warranty until December 2019. Original purchase price was £1900. This is a solid watch with minimal marks on the strap but glass is perfect as has been looked after since new. Priced to sell at £950 ovno, no timewasters please as the watch is100%
  2. mgsontour

    Chamber / Case length ?

    Thanks for your advice wymberley, I'll speak to the gunsmith who sold me these reasonably priced cartridges OR might even try a new gunsmith!
  3. Hi, I wonder if you can clear this up for me please. . . . the attached pic shows the details of my bismuth cartridges. . . why is the chamber length shorter than the case length? Thanks in advance for your help
  4. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    I thought your general rule a few days ago was a good leading light, however, it looks like everyone is getting educated with this topic but may I ask how come wymberley says your way ahead of your time?
  5. mgsontour

    Roost shooting updates

    Blackpool outskirts not much happening yet, certainly no big flocks
  6. 1 so far last week while duck shooting but a long way to go B4 NYE
  7. mgsontour

    Storing Cartridges in the loft

    A air tight plastic box from homebargins etc and add one of these https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/kilrock-mini-disposable-moisture-trap-120g/p/0464633 Also as figgy stats warm them up under radiator etc so nice and dry before you use them as they seem to fire better ie: leave no ****t inside your barrells
  8. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    Hopefully; it's the ducks I want to see in line with my barrels not the light but again thanks for your support
  9. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    Like your style and great hearing from everyone else with their views, it's obviously a hot topic and as clear as mud but have 2 local gun dealers so will go and pester them and certainly won't tell the wife!! Cheers lads
  10. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    All interesting and is clearing up the issue for me ( thanks all ) but not 100% yet. . . I shoot a Mundial, which is about 40 years old and is the spitting image of an AYA yeoman The carts I use for the ducks is Eley Bismuth No 4/5's which do the job close range but are really expensive and no good for the longer shots I've seen others use steel with a Beretta Silver pigeon, Browning 525 and 425 but didn't notice if they were high velocity ones or standard In summary am I correct in saying 99% of guns with a 3" chamber will take standard steel but only some of those will take HV? Thanks to you all for your help
  11. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    Nice one, Google is amazing if you know what your looking for
  12. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    Thanks all, but how do I search guntrader for steel rated?
  13. mgsontour

    Steel rated shotgun

    Hi all, could someone please help. . . . . I'm looking for a second hand U/O 12bore shotgun which is a nice all rounder for game/pigeons etc but I do get the chance to shoot a few ducks so need it proofed for steel cartridges as sick of having to buy bismuth @ £30 for 25, price tag about £1k? Thanks in advance