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  1. The biggest problem you face is that unless you know how to work it out, BT are the only ones that know how much you use and won't tell you. As above plusnet is a no frills BT which also throttle your BB at busy times, BT stand firm that they don't. Virgin is the best but their top service is only in cities/large towns. The rest are all about the same. I would respectfully suggest you Google 'how to monitor your bandwith usage' then in a weeks time will know what you use-ish and will then have the upper hand and with a carefully planned conversation get BT to drop the increase. Black Friday may also pop up some deals
  2. Suppose most of us love a corned beef sarnie. . . but what's the best brand out there?
  3. It's all about the quality of the lens at the end of the day, the other options between models depends on what you want it to do
  4. That's what the keeper said but when I've looked into it there are many strengths and brands, so may I ask what do you buy and where from? Cheers and glad it works for you
  5. I was speaking to an keeper the other day and he uses CBD oil on his old dogs. . . .Is this correct? can someone let me know which one and what's the dosage for a lab? Cheers
  6. Thanks lads, I'll try your ideas and see what works best
  7. In lounge. a little shiney to be honest with lumps in
  8. Not woodchip but recon it's a close cousin!
  9. Hi all, got some old wallpaper which seems to have been done with an old fashioned industrial strength paste. . . . any ideas to remove it with hacking the wall underneath and how to prepare for new stuff? Cheers
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a 2 inch-ish pocket knife that will keep it's blade. . . .can anyone send me a link of a decent one to buy please? Cheers
  11. Hi all, obviously I'm not alone with getting swollen feet/legs/ankles after a long day shooting but does anyone have a preventative measure to limit it. . . .either gel, socks, tape etc ( I know NSAID's work after but looking for a prevention if possible)? Cheers
  12. Any 'free' wifi are slow and all VPN's will slow down your connection another 30% but Tunnel bear and other free ones are worse than so your going to end up with a very very poor connection. . . . I would investigate the suggestions above and ask your mobile provider for a solution if they don't suit you
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