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    Like yourself I don't understand the mechanics/underpinning of them, however, I know they are popular and had a big dive like the airlines/insurers/all of my portfolio etc etc however, the youngsters ( mostly involved with Cryptos ) see things differently to us lot that enjoy sitting at the bottom of a field with a gun, SO, I still think it's a good addition to my portfolio as a daft punt ( but maybe not that daft ) but I've looked at buying some and it doesn't seem straight forward to me, a little like which cart/choke to use. . . . if you don't know you don't know but I'm keen to learn if someone can give me the heads up? Cheers
  2. mgsontour


    Hi all, has anyone got any experience with cryptocurrencies? I assume Bitcoin is the market leader but is this the best to have a punt on with current market collapse? Maybe someone could shed some light on this forum or PM me Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, I have the end to the thread!!! As someone who naturally likes to educate myself, I bought some non adhesive cammo tape online ( £1.95 per roll or £1.99 for three ( work that one out if you can )) I was very impressed about the feel and was 100% non sticky so sat and put it on the barrels and felt pretty chuffed with the look. . . . I was due out yesterday so packed the car and off I went, picked up my mate and told him about the new tape en-route. . . . We set-up our stall and got my gun out from it's sleeve and by putting it in and taking it out once the tape had rolled and folded and was covered in the fleece lining from my slip. . . . my mate fell about laughing and I had to do the same in all honesty. . .nothing ventured/nothing gained but thought I'd share the story non the less ( hope you enjoyed the read ) !!
  4. OK, taken your points on board and will have a good look at myself next time I'm out. . . .Cheers to you all
  5. All my gear is old I have to admit, it's an old army surplus net and I usually use the hedge as my back cover. . . . I have no problem buying a new net/hide but the choices are huge and I'm overwhelmed.. . . Maybe someone can advise on a lightweight/quality option as I walk with my gear? Cheers
  6. I'm assuming ( the root of all evils I know ) it's my barrels but for sure they are spotting me in some way or another especially when sunny
  7. Thanks everyone and take everything on board; cheers. I would have considered I move in a smooth calm manner without jerking but I'm well covered and rub mud on the back of my hands if I'm not wearing gloves so I've put it down to the barrels shining above the movement issues and suppose for the price of a roll of tape it must be worth a try, would still be interested in any other suggestions in case we have a nice summer!!!
  8. Afternoon all, just wondering how people have added some sort of cammo to their barrels to stop the glare on sunny days? Cheers
  9. I haven't started any retrieving yet, he has been on one this week; prior to this week he has recalled no problem when no distractions and when 'things going on' he recalls under protest but this week has been a nightmare!
  10. Thanks chaps for your suggestions/advice but it's been a while since I trained a pup, it's funny at times but wow can wind me up at others. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I'm having a particular problem with our 6 month old stealing things/trophies and strutting away with them, he won't drop them nor recall and obviously thinks it's a great game. . . .can someone give me some help? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  12. Evening all, what is everyone's preferred method of preventing fleas and ticks? Thanks in advance
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