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  1. I get confused between plums, bullace and sloes, however, we seem to go through a lot of the infused gin over a pork pie for elevenees and everyone agrees tis good
  2. Well done, never the easiest quarry
  3. Suppose a better idea is to buy him a years membership as the 'thank you' we both in BASC I'm not on Facebook but wife is so will get her to do it; thanks mate
  4. I'm not the best at photos mate but basically just a touch of fat, my 1st shoot date is 16th and either side of Xmas full on so last week and this been pushing his stamina in the warm weather and sharpening his obedience skills along with a couple of difficult blind retrieves when it rains. . . . . I may never win a field trial ( not that I've tried ) but we always welcomed with open hands on shoot days
  5. No in a word, but just found the website and shall read over a brew later. Thank you ( PS. Have you ever seen a movie called Kingsman? )
  6. Hi all I want to treat a friend of mine to a "good day" on the pigeons ( say 30-50 bird days ) within the next 2 weeks. I'm after 2 guns within 50miles of Lancs if further away then would need 2days and would stay the night If anyone could make it happen it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  7. Apologies lads, my fault https://www.grisport.co.uk/walking-boots-c78/decoy-p1319
  8. Oooops, sorry typo. . . . They are the perfect 'spare' pair the are the DECOYS and I managed to convince wiffy to buy 2 pairs so surely you can manage a pair sir
  9. Hi all, I bought some of these boots a while ago £140 and they are great and so so comfortable are now on offer £105 ( plus I found a discount code to apply ( NEW15 ) which brings them down to £90 )) for an Italian leather waterproof boot; bargain just bought 2 more pairs a moment ago. Nowt to loose as free returns if you don't like them and they throw in a free pair of gaiters which are OK
  10. Update lads. . . . This is how we are starting at 30kg
  11. Your not going to believe this but I emailed a local pond supplier the text below because I wondered about the overflow/excess rw; yet you have explained it simply ( 2 bits of pipe ). . . . . # I wonder if you can help me please, I want a pond in my garden that uses the rainwater from my house roof. While I understand filling it is from my downpipe via a pipe, what bit of kit do I need ( and do you stock it ) so when the pond is full the roof water reverts to going back down the drain? Thank you for your help and look forward to hearing from you The answer I got back was thus. . .
  12. I only want one for the side garden at home which is boggy in winter and nothing grows well in summer as it doesn't drain well so we never use it and it never has any appeal in summer so thought a wildlife pond as we already get frogs, toads and have an small insect area that the birds love, so any fool proof ideas like a silt trap and welcome Yes
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