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  1. Thanks very much for your time, I already have the leather slip but don't go to the clays much as I can't hit them. . . . evidently I consistently shoot over the top as can't get through my think skull they are dropping and slowing down and always in need of carts! I'd be happy enough with a grade 1 as not bothered about looks just as long as the dangerous end is bob-on, funny enough like your son my 525 is 28" barrels and I can swing it for fun and most of the time I use 1/4 and improved chokes with 32gs of 6's ( pigeon, crow, ducks, partridge ) unless I'm on bigger/higher birds. I occasionally go goosing and get summoned from time to time to a local fishery to hammer cormorants hence the need for a punchy gun as they are a challenge to say the very very least.
  2. I'm classed as a perfectionist in certain fields but obviously not those one where birds fly, don't get me wrong I'm happy enough with my guns and can stand my ground on a formal days, walked up with the lads, beating or standing on a peg picking up I enjoy it all and have been shooting since a child and a home made bow and arrows then an air rifle moving onto a 410 like most of us but I'm a creative thinker by nature and never switch off until it's gin o'clock which seems to be fastly approaching
  3. As you clearly know more about guns than me, may I ask why the 38 in comparison to other MK's and why the 'sporter' ? Sorry for all the questions and it would normally easier to have this conversation over a pint ( you got 1 in the pump from me if we ever cross paths ) That's very interesting about the standard vs HP steel
  4. I would agree in a way as I know a few gentlemen who have had their expensive old English SxS altered to take 32gms of standard steel but that's as much as they can take. I knew this could prove a hot topic and I'm just unsure as I don't know enough but do know there are alot of people on here who know the difference between an astronaut and a cosmonaut who would educate us all. If a Miroku 38 sporter is capable as Centrepin suggests then I'll buy one tomorrow as I think they are a great gun
  5. Cheers, may I ask if it has 3 and half inch camber? Would you put in 50grms + ?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions lads, but to come back to you all. . . . . I'm no gun expert but I see some very solid suggestions and a couple I've had a go with and like but to you all. . . . are they future proof in relation to chamber size as the way I see it; as we move forward towards non toxic loads to get the same killing power at distance the cart manufacturers 'must' increase the size of the loads because ( again as I see it ) they new style shot options aren't going to be as dense/heavy as lead. Therefore I posted this thread to you all as I've got a hunch that most of the guns suggested above won't be able to take new developments in carts. . . am I wrong or overthinking the issue because I don't like buying new kit that's not future proof to a degree? Thanks to you all so far
  7. As the title suggests, I'm in the market for a new gun ( nothing wrong with what I have but have an itch that needs scratching ) anyhow, I love Brownings and shoot well with a 525, a Ultra XS and SxS for those nice days out when it's more about the gin and the crack than the shooting but am a little short on a longer range gun. Obviously whether we like it or not toxic loads are out and non toxic is the short term answer until shooting is banned ( probably won't effect most of us on here ) so have gave a tentative look at a Semi-auto Browning Maxmus not that I want a semi-auto for one minute but it does offer a good all round gun that will take those big heavy loads. So what do you all recon would be the weapon of choice with a upper budget of £4 - 5k ?
  8. Bribe the gundealer to put a sale tag on the gun you want and walk in proud that you landed a deal
  9. God bless, I have a solid 5 year old black lab, was out for 30mins and 5am this morning, returned had a small breakfast and resumed normal lab behaviour once food had gone ( legs up and fast asleep ) got up listed, eyes started to roll and have a fit. promptly soaked a towel a towel on his tummy feet in a bowl of water and as soon as his tail waged gave him some peanut butter ( palm oil free ( I use it for him at a lunchtime on big days to help him in the afternoons in middle of winter in those icy duck ponds ) he has been fine all day but a nervous one! The synopsis I have concluded is although I have fit young dogs, set alarm clock early to allow a brief walk before before sun-up kept hydrated the best I could, the house id cool yet it still happened and I was fully aware. . . . . my good god how many must have dropped this week with people of ain't got a clue
  10. You have nailed your research my man, they are the same but one comes in a cardboard box the other in plastic.. . . . . great guns I've had both and no difference so down to 2 things, how much you want to spend and how much you want to show your wealth; its that simple in my eyes and remember the cartridges and the cheapest part of a day out and the gun is a close second. . . . . a much more important financial question is where to shoot, lay your head and drink
  11. A man who doesn't cry on a rare peaceful moment in privacy is not a real man in my eyes
  12. Salad cream works a treat
  13. Triggar ( near Garstang ). . . . 50 shells and as many clays as you want ( there is a trust aspect that you don't take your own carts )
  14. Apologies for being slightly off-track but I haven't had to buy any carts this year yet but a round of clays inc carts has gone up from £20 to £27...... 35% increase
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