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  1. Hi all, looking for advice on what you all think is the best drying coat to use after a cold long wet day and the dog has to be left in the car during the end of day shooting debrief? Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry to hear your story but also try your best to find a reason for not sacking you. . . .ie: Try and do something that's better than the rest of your colleagues or do jobs no-one wants to do. It's only lick-*** short term gamble and may give you a swing in your favour when it's crunch time. Good luck
  3. Tried the Olive oil, it has certainly improved a lot virtually instantly; cheers lads
  4. Ended up with 'Tough Covers' from local farm dealers, seem to be a proper job
  5. By far the easiest way is to uninstall it along with all addons, then update and restart your pc AND router then after that re-install from a reputable source ( to troubleshoot it may take you far, far longer )
  6. Thanks, what your saying makes sense and appreciated the heads up
  7. Hi all, like most of you I hate paying over the top for things ( especially when time is on my side ) so from time to time I want something probably made in India or China which carries a high premium by UK sellers. I've seen Alibaba.com which seems to offer what I'm after but I can't get my head around it. . . Do others find it easy to use successfully or is there other ways to shop online easier around the world? Cheers
  8. May I ask what does that cure/prevent?
  9. mgsontour


    Bruce Willis got one to sprout in the movie RED
  10. Now there you go....... overkill..... I reckoned to the wife you would of said an ounce and a 1/8 of No 6's not a wildfowlers load
  11. What do you use for a dog that won't walk to heel O-wise-one?
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