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  1. Hi all, me again and thank you very much for all your comments and suggestions. I ended up with these as an all rounder at £66 a slab https://www.eleyhawkltd.com/products/game-cartridges/pigeon-high-velocity I was tempted with the Zenith ( but TIGHTCHOKE words above "Be very careful believing what manufacturers put on their boxes" ) rattled around by head when the price was announced at £94 Again thank you and hope you have all had a good season!!
  2. I get it; I really do. May I ask everyone this quick question, money no object and assuming your gun would take it, what would be your preferred cartridge for Geese Ducks Pheasant Partridge Pigeon I guess Farmboy91 is going for an Oz of 6's right?
  3. I absolutely agree 100% with you but the options today on buying cartridges is crazy and I was trying to make sense of it all in plain English. A wise man once told me 'if you can't write it on the back of a beer mat it's far too complicated' recently I struggle to find a beer mat when I go for a pint but still recon your wise words would fit
  4. Apologies to you all for being ignorant, but as I said above if you don't know something you have to ask and did read the manufacturers description/specs before posting this thread but it didn't answer my question I posted
  5. I couldn't think of any but guessed there must be a technical reason as opposed to a financial/availability/recoil I assumed more pellets did in fact give a bigger effective pattern area by simple maths?
  6. Assume for a moment these aren't a problem, any other reason? LOL. . . .Another one of life's grey question/answer topic again, fab. . . .what else is at play in the mix?
  7. Hi all, just trying to get my head around a certain point. Let's say I want to shoot lead 6's as an example Q. Why would someone choose 30grms when a 32grm load would give more pellets? Sorry if it sounds a stupid question but if you don't know something then you need to ask the question Cheers
  8. Cheers everyone for your help
  9. Chest 44 to 48 Waist 42 to 46 Cheers
  10. Hi all, can anyone give me the heads up on where to purchase a tweed suit at a good price or on the off-chance if anyone has a nice one for sale/. . . . I'm 6' and XL/XXL ? Cheers
  11. Didn't use dynamite in the end, but they don't need anymore feeding
  12. What calf length waterproof lace up boots are your favourite without breaking the bank? Cheers
  13. Thanks lads, we been out again today and had one pond where only half flew, a quarter we managed to walk out but the rest were well stuck. . . . . we have done the feeding down the fodder beat some way, gave them flying lessons with a rim fire ( which works pretty well ) tried fireworks, dogs, lines across with streamers etc but just wondered what works best for you guys? Even wonder in jest if we could train a fox to heel !!!
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