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  1. Thanks for the answers, 9" mitre saw should cover it but how do I get it razor sharp?Can I not get a joint pretty close and then finish it off by hand to 100% perfection by means of some sort of slide thing where I can use a plane, file or sander? Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone, I have a long standing problem of NEVER being able to get a 45 degree joint perfect on the odd occasion I need to make one around the house and garden. . . I know I can buy a mitre saw or block but they can't accommodate long cuts so have done them over the years by hand with a set-square and hand saw and seem to end up with close but not perfect so I've searched online and have seen one of these https://www.instructables.com/id/Angled-Plane-Guide-for-Mitre-Joints/ This has got me to thinking, I have a cordless electric planer ( https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-18v-cordless-planer/p/011919262369000 )and wondered how to make a guide like the above? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. My bathroom chrome type sink plug is stuck in with water in the sink. . . It has one of those plunger rods that normally open close it, I've tried using a Stanley knife blade to prise it open but can't, , , any help would be great? Thanks in advance
  4. Wow, what an education this thread has become. . . I joined this group as I don't know everything and always keen to learn especially about modern shooting techniques with the advancement of guns and ammo over the last 35years of shooting. I obviously have it completely wrong when it comes to choice of gun and need some new friends who can shoot to the very high class standard described above. I can't wait to tell some of the crack shots I know we are actually just playing at the sport and we should club together and buy a few thousand acres in Scotland we have it slightly wrong, as the 1,000's of geese we shoot at weekly in Lancashire are the wrong variety, our guns need replacing and we need some serious practice over the summer before next season. I'm just pleased we enjoy our modest days shooting, having a laugh at eachothers expense while eating pork pies and drinks mid-morning out the back of the pick-up
  5. Ditto, as a personal guess it would take 10 guns with over a thousand carts spent and half dozen pickers with a dozen dogs with not a lot of time for drinks!
  6. Thanks for the humour and suggestions. . . . As suggested to spend it, I couldn't agree more, however, the over-riding problem is how much and how fast guys?
  7. Hi everyone, just been thinking 50years old is a milestone in life and always see references in the media for life plans etc for the over 50's, medical insurance for the over 50's etc etc. . . . my question is to take advantage financially of this event. . . what can you put in place by means of opening an account or joining something at 49 BEFORE your 50th birthday which would be excluded thereafter and also what can you open/join the day after your birthday which is not on offer until you reach 50? Thanks in advance and look forward to the thread
  8. A small regular amount, already have a starter amount of premium bonds Can you deal in the shares or is this just a cash ISA?
  9. Yes, pretty good but preferred the same in 32grm 5's however it makes a busy day expensive
  10. Hi everyone, looking for long term suggestions for a nest egg builder for a child? I would prefer for him to avoid taxes upon maturity if possible. Thanks in advance
  11. Half decent day out at the weekend (47 shot out of 150-ish shells between 4 of us), the best number of birds for a few weeks to be honest so hopefully will continue
  12. Experienced shot, with a trained lab looking for shooting opportunities in the Lancashire area, thanks in advance
  13. Omega X33 watch, titanium strap with box and papers. Bought 30th November 1998, serviced in 2006 and most recently in December 2018 which still carries a warranty until December 2019. Original purchase price was £1900. This is a solid watch with minimal marks on the strap but glass is perfect as has been looked after since new. Priced to sell at £950 ovno, no timewasters please as the watch is100%
  14. Thanks for your advice wymberley, I'll speak to the gunsmith who sold me these reasonably priced cartridges OR might even try a new gunsmith!
  15. Hi, I wonder if you can clear this up for me please. . . . the attached pic shows the details of my bismuth cartridges. . . why is the chamber length shorter than the case length? Thanks in advance for your help
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