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  1. I'm with Hutton also, I have spoke to them and my renewal application was already en-route but not here but like https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/profile/67120-westley/ above I know GP's can be obstructive but non of my mates who are at my surgery have had to renew yet so being the 1st to renew I'm like the crash test dummy! I have patient online access like many others so I can book appointments, rescripts etc and I can see my medical history on there, I assume it won't be as simple as taking a screen shot and pressing print, or has anyone attained their medical records this way or is it a more in depth summary Hutton want? Cheers and good luck to all as it's a minefield we are walking through as the bottom line is the public don't want our sport to continue PS. Diver one; mine is due in June so you should be definitely higher up in the process but could call them and ask I'll keep you posted of what happens but looks like Diverone may be in the frame 1st
  2. Went to New Orleans a few times, but think it was the drinks that were more scary
  3. Hi all I know most of us have had input/questions on the new medical forms but I have a question that I can find the answer for: Can any doctor sign a SGC or do he/she need access to my records? Example I have a relative who is a doctor but at the other end of the country, can he sign my form? Apologies if it's already been answered but I can't find it Cheers
  4. A lot of wobbling black labs around me, seems fat is the new slim I bumped into a well heeled woman getting out of a new jag 4x4 not so long ago with a huge fat black lab, we passed morning pleasantries and she added 'he is on a diet' I swiftly replied so is mine! The glare I was given would have won an award if I could have photographed it and the silence was magical
  5. Sometimes it has to be beans AND coleslaw( never or mate ) but also enjoy Yorkshire caviar too. . . . . it's a really difficult choice
  6. Just block all unwanted calls as you can't and never will control them
  7. My pal has a really innovative 'gun room' behind a false ceiling; he does live in Canada and I certainly never seen another
  8. This stuff works well Cuprinol 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment 5L Clear (toolstation.com)
  9. I used to shoot a few woodcock and snipe when I was a youth and someone told mum to simply shove them inside a pheasant to stop them drying out while roasting them slowly with carrot and onion and when they start to smell good in the oven take them out to rest then put the mash on; it works well to this day, not fancy but wow what a feast
  10. If they were hungry enough they would gladly be at your door but most people want to keep their rump cheeks warm all day from the moment they manage to drag themselves out the pit mid morning I have a new-ish neighbour move in last season and as soon as I said would you like any birds the knee jerk reaction was yes, I tapped on the door with a nice brace only to be greeted with. . . . what do I do with those ( I anticipated the answer ) so had knife and ****** tray ready in my workshop, said I'll show you once and then you know how to do it. . . . . .never heard another squeak
  11. Depends where and how you paid for it is the crucial part of the jigsaw. Ebay/Amazon and Paypal/credit card should be no problem to get refund, owt else you will struggle
  12. Has anyone tried sailing deck crew gloves as they are designed to be used wet? Just a thought Gill Deckhand Gloves - Long Finger | Force 4 Chandlery They also do half finger options
  13. I have the same problem and like Scully it varies without warning but seems more consistent when hands are wet ( blood, rain, dog leads etc ) I have done a lot of research with an answer above, Hotrox in my pockets which are toastie and when my freezing hands are in there I recon it's cos they have room to breathe as well as heat solves the problem. Hotrox were my 2nd last test on finding the solution the last one I had on my shortlist was hinted above ie: a quality golf glove but never got to trying it after I found a solution. Good luck Scully and everyone who is on the quest
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