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  1. Remember it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission
  2. I haven't got one nor had one but have just been down the long twisty road of which 4x4 to buy and your requirements are nearly the same as mine. The Duster was high on my list, along with Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa fe ( bigger buses than the popular Sportage and Tuscan ). I eventually went for a MKII CRV petrol/auto as like them better than the MKIII and it nails everything apart from a little thirsty @ 27mpg but it is shear luxury if you were to compare to Dacia,Kia,Hyundai and has been over farmland and down tracks without any problems so far. I would also add to buy a nice one pri
  3. Now that sounds my kind of fractions. . . . 1/4's are great whether in time/cash, maybe your chimney sweep guy could come for a weekend to the coast and do the job while his Mrs does the sights
  4. Years ago I was paid very well to scuba dive and remove dead fish from farms in Oban, not pleasant but I was young and the cash was good, there was good water flow through the nets because of location but they were packed tightly I must say. I've asked my local fishmonger a while ago where his comes from and he says Chile but obviously away from scrutiny out there but it looks insipid to me but he sells more of it than any other species.
  5. Thank you sir, I have an age old mindset of paying the least to get the job done, which is contradictory to having a budget, which makes my Mrs cringe sometimes when a faced with a sales rep/agent
  6. That will do me folks and once again for the PW fountain of knowledge. . . . . . . I'll get the man in to do the job and book it down to 'birthday present to self' then after a days shooting in winter sit there are look at it while drifting off in the chair!
  7. I'm in Lancs ( not a million miles away ) and not one decent pork shop anywhere, Morrisons do a saveloy but they are ropey and certainly no tops dipped but I was amazed with the cheese and jam sarnie
  8. Great, there is a pork pie thread going on here too. . . . so where is the best pie shop in the Toon or outskirts for that matter ( it used to be on Chiili rd, Heaton but I've moved so things might have changed?
  9. Tried them today for the 1st time and your right!
  10. Thanks lads, I've got a chimney with an existing gas fire and a chimney, dunno if there is already a flexi pipe fitted already. I definitely don't need to to warm water or rads as got combi system for that. So I guess it's doable
  11. Hi all Looking for a multi-fuel burner for home and the installation costs are eye-watering. There are plenty selling the burners direct on the web so obviously there is a market for a DIY installation; has anyone pros and cons of DIY as if anyone has had a go it will be someone on here? Thanks in advance
  12. Pros: Increased security from viruses, you can never maintain 100% for long as the internet moves fast but a VPN will make it *** good as you can get without spending a fortune It will hide you and your uploads and downloads from geographical parameters 100% Your ISP will know your streaming a movie for example but wouldn't know what the content was Cons: The free ones will definitely keep dropping your connection Speed will be roughly 60% down on free versions and 30% down on paid for The ISP are extremely active on blocking live sports especially the
  13. While I see where your coming from I think you got 2 things wrong here. 1st The OP was looking for pigeoning sarnies and while yours sound nice for afternoon tea I don't think they are for pigeoning. 2nd thing I think you got wrong is your combo; Caviar is served best IMHO on a baked spud with sour cream, chives with a decent brand of frozen vodka shot on the side. Just saying my friend
  14. Good luck with that one but if it helps any. . . . I have a fine bred/cost the earth/modern retriever ( I've had previous ones which have been fine but not as highly bred as this one )which was unhealthily skinny at an early age because of it's digestion and went through the vets money making recommendations of diet changes which included hypoallergenic food ( £60 a bag-ish ) and non of the foods settled him. . . . . He has been on https://www.crystalfeeds.co.uk/Working_Dog_Beef___Chicken_21__15kg__RRP_1598/p3057392_13269968.aspx as are my labs and he is thriving, stools are good, p
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