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  1. Excuse my ignorance but can someone work out for me how much £700 for a half day is per hour gross? Please consider access equipment/materials are not included then we could then subtract all expenses to work out how much profit is in the job if we were trying to find that out.
  2. He prices repair jobs at £700 for a half days work, of I agree some running around but expensive?
  3. In all great comments from you all and recon he is not toooooooooooo badly done by after reading your comments, I still recon the roofer is expensive, , , , I didn't think that anyone got that sort of money these days, I assumed we were just coming out of a recession and heading into another one!
  4. Very interesting comments and hear what you all saying and agree with most of it, we are in Blackpool and there are lot's of roofs and the suppliers for the industry are always packed as others are for different trades, the plumbers/joiners/sparks etc all seem happy and in full employment and recon son should shut up and learn as most of you suggest and get his own van and get out there and do it for himself; suppose I'm just old fashioned and think the numbers are all too high but if that's the price today for a tradesman then so be it and wish every youngster all the best as it's beyond me in the cash involved
  5. I would totally agree but these are some claims they are making. . . .it should be on the front page of every paper/mag!!!
  6. Hi, my son ( he is 22 year old ) works with a self-employed roofer and is getting taken for a ride. . . he turns up every morning at 7.45, picks him up and returns him about 5pm ( midday on a Saturday ) and he walks away with only £300 a week. . . .is normal wages for that kind of hard graft? The reason I ask is the roofer charges about £200 per hour so there is plenty room for paying a decent wage or is he taking the ****
  7. Hi all, I've just read a magazine insert in todays paper advertising the sale of ' helix original ' and on first looking on tinterweb everyone seems to be selling it including our high street shop; Boots, now I'm not usually inspired by any sales pitch but it seems too good not to be on the main stream media. . . .has anyone heard of any promising results? Thanks in advance
  8. What brand/type do you use?
  9. Has anyone got any experience of taking both liquid and capsules. . . . what do they now prefer? Thanks in advance
  10. Nice one, I've left the website up for wife to look at. . . .hope she like them!
  11. Thanks everyone, the company will only deal on the domestic market ( sperry shoes ), don't know any yankies and tk max evidently do get some styles in from time to time but obviously they are no good for the wife!
  12. Nice one; appreciated
  13. Hi all, the wife wants some shoes that are only available in the US for birthday. . . last year I used a 'drop shipping firm' who did the job but when I got the final bill(s) they ended up really expensive as I was charged for unwrapping, re-wrapping, posting, then got a bill from UPS for posting, taxes and import duties. . . . does anyone know how to shop without all the additions ( don't mind some but hate being taken for a ride ) Thanks in advance
  14. What is Boots DDT spray? Cheers
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