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  1. I just don't get it, the price differences on this thread alone are massive, so must be the local water companies. Just up the road we have a fair bit of water........ the lake district
  2. Just used united utilities water meter calculator and this was the answer: You currently pay£455.66per year With a water meter you would pay£655.97 per year
  3. Think I better re-look into it
  4. Interesting and nice to know others are creative thinkers in their spare time. PS. Does either or both of you use a hosepipe for watering the garden as that was the deal breaker for me the last time I did the numbers
  5. Happy is happy mate, as long as it does what you want then you have the right gun
  6. That sounds like problem solved for £60 to me
  7. Since there is a lottery going on between forces it puts us all under duress never mind potentially on the losing side, is there no solution that puts the onus back to the police, ie: We reply to their statement of "It is only to be used on renewal applications if you are declaring a relevant medical condition." with something like this : "While I the undersigned am considered to have no relevant medical conditions to declare that would impede the renewal of my SGC please contact my doctor in your usual manner to satisfy yourselves." I'm not an expert my any means but if something similar to above should put the onus back onto them rather than someone having a bad day pulling something up from 20 years ago as mentioned above? Surely I'm not the only one to think like this and know there are many creative thinkers on here which between us all be able to stress free from the dreaded renewal process
  8. Breaking news : Morrisons own brand seem to be miles ahead of the rest at the moment. . .. hardly any crumbs
  9. It's a wonderful dish and might just get some from my butcher as it's that time of the year; just like Oxtail season
  10. mgsontour


    My fridge is still working keeping my beer cold
  11. Yes, absolutely agree and love the ptfe fix. . . . never heard that one before
  12. What do you guys have in your 1st aid kits ( both pocket/belt +stored in car ( human + canine )) Looking forward to seeing the results
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