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  1. Hi all, obviously I'm not alone with getting swollen feet/legs/ankles after a long day shooting but does anyone have a preventative measure to limit it. . . .either gel, socks, tape etc ( I know NSAID's work after but looking for a prevention if possible)? Cheers
  2. Any 'free' wifi are slow and all VPN's will slow down your connection another 30% but Tunnel bear and other free ones are worse than so your going to end up with a very very poor connection. . . . I would investigate the suggestions above and ask your mobile provider for a solution if they don't suit you
  3. mgsontour


    In Lancs everything has been out for a while but just plumping up now. . . . . Damson gin for elevens on the bonnet of the Landi with a pork pie while discussing which guest guns can actually shoot from the first couple of drives. . . . it's been a long summer, yet some younger folk ain't got a clue about the finer things in life
  4. My treatment consists of 2 to 3g of over the counter NSAID's with 2g of vit C and drink a lot of water decreasing after 2 days, also use ice/heat alternating to increase blood flow around the joint. . . . . this has pretty good results so think I'll continue for now and avoid those fantastic array of high powered drugs as long as possible
  5. Thanks very much to you all; appreciated
  6. Thank you all and sounds great fun, think I'll stay using the drink as a numbing agent but wish you all the very best as it's a nasty condition!!
  7. Thank you, it seems high powered stuff and appreciate your comments and understand everyone reacts differently but real life experiences like yourself clear up the smoke-screens and always listen and usually take heed
  8. Hi all, has anyone got any experiences or comments on Sulfasalazine an Anti-inflammatory drug for arthritis? Thanks in advance
  9. mgsontour


    I think he's doing a good job as it needs sorting not extending
  10. mgsontour

    Toe rags

    Put grease with gravy granules added (they think it's dog ****). . . . they won't try your door again and try your neighbours instead or if they want 'your' car/landrover/quad etc then they will persist
  11. Thanks and yes a multiplier and no budget but like to spend as little as required either cheap to throw away and replace or a good value brand that will last, this is the dilemma? Norway is on the cards and will get there but will probably hire the rod n reel from the captain Thanks
  12. Hi all, I would appreciate your advice on size/strength of a rod & reel for boat fishing man enough to catch up to a decent size cod/tope please? ( even better if someone has something for sale ) Cheers
  13. Agree but may I add. . . Use the buses as work well and they come every few mins ( download Citymapper app (essential) you also have to buy an Oyster card too ) for a pub to get 'served' at pre match http://www.thedukeofcambridge.co.uk/ is the place the others next to high street are impossible and its a few mins walk so the lazy people won't walk and forget restaurants just eat on the hoof or if peckish then another Guinness should suffice; enjoy!!
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