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  1. Thanks for your response Charlie and the following might indicate my progress regarding my efforts in hunting rabbits at night. The night kit items I mentioned are great especially as I shoot only sub 12 ft/lbs .177. The Pard NV007 is the main requirement and the Boblov LRNV009 spotter/rangefinder works well having fitted a picatinny rail under it to hold my T50 IR torch. I looked for a rifle mounted rangefinder so that I could range quickly at night once close enough to the quarry. I wanted one like the Mk5 that customriflescopes do with an integral reddot laser but they have been sold out for a long time and I have been unable to find one elsewhere in the UK. I ended up buying a Boblov LE-032 which has a picatinny connection at the bottom only and I bought a bracket from customriflescopes to enable me to fit it at the side of my scope. I already had a small red dot laser that I was experimenting with to assess ranges at night in relation to my scope cross hairs so, as the LE-032 I bought had no integral red dot laser, I stuck a small picatinny rail on top of it and am now able to fit my red dot laser on it. I line the red dot up with the beam from the LE-032 and am now able to use it during daylight also. There is an advantage in my having to go to such lengths with the LE-032 because it has two rat tail switches (One for the red dot laser and one for the rangefinder). This means that for day operation I can click the red dot switch to identify where the rangefinder beam will hit the target then click the rangefinder switch in the exact position I require it.
  2. UPDATE ON THE PARD NV007 ADD ON AND THE BOBLOV LRNV 009 IR SPOTTER/RANGEFINDER The Boblov LRNV009 arrived day before yesterday so I read up on it and tried it out just outside my home that night. Yesterday evening I took it along with my rifle and the Pard NV007 to a permission not far away to try out the night kit. I must say I am very impressed with the Pard add on in terms of distance and clarity out in the field. Bearing in mind I use a sub 12 ft/lbs .177, I can see much further than I need with the internal IR and scan around with it without issue. The Boblov Spotter/Rangefinder was also very good and it ranged perfectly at marked distances and alongside another rangefinder which I know to be accurate. I tried holding my T50 IR torch next to it to compare it to the internal Boblov IR. I had already ordered a picatinny rail to bolt below the Boblov which is just as well. The T50 torch shone out much further than the internal IR so I will fit it once the picatinny rail arrives and try it again. I think it will do the job then, but if I'm not happy, I will get a Solaris SRX as mentioned by someone else.
  3. Hi ginner Did you sell your Weapon mountable laser rangefinder 5-800m, NV compatible, MK V5.1z?
  4. Hello telf The Boblov is due to arrive between 22 Feb and 13 Mar from China so let's hope it's early and all is well. I must say I had it in the back of my mind to maybe buy a Mk 5. 1z weapons mountable laser rangefinder if necessary from customsriflescopes and would have bought their Boblov LRNV009 equivalent spotter/rangefinder but both are now sold out. I have a T50 IR torch and have ordered a 120mm Weaver mount to attach it to the Boblov, so it will be interesting to see if it does make a difference in spotting range. I will update all this and my night hunting experience ASAP.
  5. Thanks for the advice lakeside 1000 Funny I turned 70 in December. I have been a BASC member for more than a year now and I agree about the responsibility side of our sport. My old pal who got me into this has been shooting all kinds of guns for some decades and has firmly made clear the safety aspects involved and I think we can never stop considering them enough. Good luck with the scatter gun. My mate also has a Beretta 12 bore and I know they are not the Blunderbuss I suggest, and what's more you guys are often shooting at fast moving targets. Had a bit more time to examine Pard NV007 features. Having inserted an SD card, I tested the unit at recording some video and am happy with all the functions I require, although I may not use it to record anything. The two pics I made are sufficient for me as basic instructions and I am yet to zero the red dot laser to find out if it useful as a range indicator.
  6. To add to my first use of the Pard NV007 and to save time in grasping the basic operation of the unit, the pic below might assist other first time users.
  7. Hi Derek Just received the Pard NV007 from ant.mass today and so far it is everything I hoped it would be. Thanks to ant.mass for a speedy delivery of a well packaged unit. I tried it a short while ago at 22.10 from my landing window which looks along a generally unlit road leading to fields with trees to one side and houses to the other. My scope is a first focal plane Optisan EVX 4-16x44 F1 with non-illuminated reticle. I was a bit concerned that the scope's top turret would obstruct the Pard's IR illuminator, and that I might need to fit a separate IR torch, but this was not the case. It shone out to the back tree line which is around 80 metres away and was very clear. The first focal plane aspect of my scope made little difference to the clarity of image and reticle when I altered the magnification on the scope. As I use a sub 12 ft/lbs .177 air rifle, the Pard already fits in with my needs regarding distance but feel it has the potential to reach the distances quoted by others on PW. I am due to receive a Boblov LRNV009 spotter/rangefinder shortly (Hope it is also what I expect) which means I can leave the Pard on my rifle scope and not have to faff around re-setting the focus before being able to fire the gun. I tried the Pard as a spotter and found the subsequent move to the rifle required quit a lot of focus adjustment which would need the bunnies to hang around. It might be a while before I get back with a further update on my night set-up but I will get back and let you know how I progress.
  8. Cheers 243deer I would be happy to stop at the first 10. I like that idea of the white plant id sticks, although I haven't thought about my seeds for years so my mrs won't go for that excuse. If I get into the kind of numbers that some of you guys achieve, it makes sense not to lug them around in a game bag. I'm starting to get optimistic about rabbit numbers at night.
  9. Thanks Walker570 I will do my best to reduce numbers of the usual suspects. I did sell the AA S200 and it was a good light little gun. I am very happy with the HW100 even though it's on the heavy side. I met a guy at the shooting club who uses an AA S200 on a golf course to keep rabbit numbers down and he said he loves the lightness of his gun and would never change it. I might regret selling it over the next few years when my arms start to weaken but until then "Vorsprung durch Technik!"
  10. Thanks for the welcome Steve. Funny about those magpies I mentioned at my last house. When I moved a year or so later, it wasn't long before the same thing happened again where I live now. Small birds disappeared, two magpies moved into my garden then I shot them both and small birds all returned. The good news is it got me into shooting as a hobby.
  11. Oowee Thanks for your reply and advice. I will do as you say and try the kit out day then night before hunting. My gun can fire off 70+ pellets without needing to be recharged with air and I have 5 mags of 14 pellets, so I will keep 4 ready in my pocket (I doubt that I will ever need that many but it made sense to get the extra ones) along with a knife and disposable gloves for paunching at the end of the session. Thinking of your bit about glow from IR, I will try setting it on as low a power as possible in a bid to keep as hidden as I can. I also have a head torch for use at the end of the session. It should fit nicely on my new Mat Manning hat which is vital if I want to ensure a full bag of bunnies - Well it will keep my head warm anyway.
  12. Hello I am new to the forum. Having bought an Air Arms S200 .22 some eight years ago to get rid of a pair of Magpies that were killing all the small birds in my garden (Both despatched within seconds of each other and small birds quickly returned). I got talking with an old mate who has been a shooter most of his life (Rimfires / Shotguns / FAC Theoben Rapid) who suggested I buy a sub 12 ft/lbs .177 Weihrauch HW100KT and take up shooting as a hobby. I switched from the S200 to a green synthetic HW100KT .177 and purchased an Optisan EVX 4-16 x 44 F1 FFP scope plus a rangefinder, bi-pod, trigger stick, etc. I visited my friend's shooting club a few times and have enjoyed the last couple of years occasionally hunting mainly pheasants with my old mate and rabbits on my own permission. As last Autumn drew on I realised that bunnies prefer to come out when it's dark so I agreed with the land owner that I should invest in some lamps and night vision kit to assist in keeping the rabbits down. As my mate is a day shooter, I spent time reading much on the forum trying to gain the benefit of the experienced night shooters and adapt it to my kit and permission. Whereas I have mostly been shooting from static ambush situations, I am thinking that if I start off before dusk in the same way, I should then start walking around the different aspects of the land to find my quarry. With this in mind it seemed that I need to hold a limited amount of kit to keep mobile. I have fitted a red torch to my trigger stick to enable me to find my way in total darkness and will carry this along with my rifle, for which I am shortly obtaining a Pard NV007 add on, and a game bag. The fourth bit of kit I will be carrying is a Boblov digital NV rangefinder/spotter probably with a T50 IR torch fitted. I would appreciate any advice from you guys as to how I should proceed on my first night which is likely to be in a couple of weeks time. Thanks Chris (Bunny Burner)
  13. ant.mass Any news on the arrival of the Pard NV007s? Please put me down for one and let me know how to contact you for the transaction. Chris
  14. ant.mass could you let me know when you have the Pard NV007 in stock again and how to get one.
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