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  1. Hi sorry to go a bit of the subject but would anyone happen to be able to explain to me how you make one of then coat hanger cradels? Cheers PD
  2. Was out last night after rabbits, and as me and my dads friend was walking next to this cliff, we peeped over to see this fox running, Mr foxed stopped for a split second and he was shot, I cant remember what gun it was called but it was a 17 HMR or something(dont really know a lot about firearms) The fox was took at 110 yards through the heart stone dead! (pics was took my camra phone so not very clear) It was the fox I had ever seen up close and touched.
  3. I would sujest the air arms S410K bloody exelent gun, Its the first PCP I have brought even though I have tried other air rifles I have found this gun very accurate and light weight. You can pick one of these up pretty cheap second hand! I got mine for 395, 1 year old with scope and silencer! mint condition? Hope this helps PD
  4. Yer I must admit these guns are lovly, and very accurate! I wouldn't swap or exchange mine for the world, I would strongly surjest anyone looking into getting a PCP to grab your self one of these Many Thanks PD
  5. So like you was saying you have to have them specaily made to go over 12ft! Or can you just go of to your gun shop and ask them to do it? But obviously you have to have a FAC! Cheers PD
  6. Would of had it mate if I knew sooner as I paid 395 for mine and it didn't have all the extras! Would if be possible to have a look at a pic anyway? Cheers PD
  7. This could well be the theme for our next competition. "What happened next?" My guess is that the dog put his paw on the trigger and shot a cow in the next field.
  8. Yes if any of them reply! It would be handy to see what you have wrote in the letter? PD
  9. The air arms pellets on the right is the best pellets I have ever came across for my air arms S410! They are very accurate! I havn't tried these just as yet in my HW95 as I stick with the pellets I first started using with that gun which are the milbro one's on the left!
  10. :wacko: Doubt if it would hurt it cause they jump really far anyway. Good clip! PD
  11. Yer thats how I feel, I don't think there is any point in shooting baby bunnies, There basically harmless! Best to wait for them to grow up and you can get a bigger meal? :wacko:
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