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  1. Hi, cast for right hand. lop is 14 3/4 I believe
  2. This is my gun, feel free to message if you have any questions.
  3. Cobbers


    Either, if second hand would need to be in excellent condition.
  4. Cobbers


    Looking for a Stoeger M3000 in black. has to be 2+1 thanks
  5. I believe it is 23349 either an 6 or an 8 at the end
  6. Picked up this rather nice Victor Sarasqueta non ejector today. Shoots sweets but can’t find much info on it? Any ideas on model number? Age etc? Thanks! 👍🏻
  7. Looking for a mossberg Maverick M88 in good condition. Needs to be on a SGC, as have seen a few FAC variants floating around.
  8. If only Mr postman would hurry up and deliver my certificate. I would have this. If it’s still available in a week or so, consider me interested.
  9. Thank you, I will message him.
  10. Hi all, I have my visit from the FEO tomorrow and hoping all goes well, will be buying my first shotgun soon. I have shot, and held both a bettinsoli X-trail and an older Miroku.. both fit well and shot well with, however Advice would be appreciated on which to go for... i am leaning towards the Bettinsoli more as it’s more in my price range ... have anyone had any negative experiences with them? Many thanks
  11. I would rather have security sorted before their visit, otherwise it would delay no? If they need to re-visit to inspect security, how long is that turnaround usually?
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