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  1. Ultrastu you are right about that bsa ultra xl, I was today to buy that and it was .... and I left the store with an BSA Scorpion SE 177.
  2. I saw there are a lot of them for sale but I will buy it cheap from my friend, I am beginner with all of this, what do you say about BSA ultra XL SE.22,
  3. It is not a firearm it is a victory cp2 .177 . And an rotex RM8 .22 and both are under fp12 Thank you very much for this quick replies !
  4. Bruno22RF thank you very much for this quick response! grrclark I live in UK in Midlands more exactly, any idea if I have to fill out a form after if there is any!?
  5. Hello, Can anyone tell me what do I have to do if I want to buy an air rifle from a friend? Thank you!
  6. You can search on Google." Poligon de tragere Bucuresti " , you will find some indoor places where to shoot ! Unfortunately all of them are little bit expensive!
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