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  1. I too remember it very well. I was an apprentice toolmaker in Coventry and I remember meetings where the shop floor was implored to go out in sympathy "with our brothers" at so and so. The shop stewards had worked hard at isolating those who were known to object to the bullying tactics of the unions and making implied threats to them. Very intimidating but the fact was, the unions ruled, end of. Most decisions made by shop stewards/convenors took place on Friday lunchtimes, in the pub and they'd come back well the worse for wear. Thatcher made many decisions which I disagreed with but taming the idiotic drunken loonies in the unions was one of her better moves. Looks like those times may be coming back again.
  2. I take your point Henry but I wonder what the situation would be if instead of being the arrogant tw*t we know him to be, he was actually a decent individual who despite his priviliged background, had earned the respect of those around him. I'm pretty sure we'd all be defending him if so. He's brought this all upon himself.
  3. I can. So would several of my mates from the time (mid 70's). We weren't serious trouble makers and by todays standards, we were certainly not a threat to society but the boys in blue didn't like the look of us. I saw and felt the totally unjustified use of unnecessary force and it took me many years to gain any respect for the police. We may have gone too far the other way in that coppers today feel they cant use their initiative for fear of losing their jobs but we must never go back to the days of beating the living daylights out of "trouble makers".
  4. Unless I have missed something, have either BoJo or Stalin announced a major prison building programme as part of their election pledges? If not, they should - millions of votes to be had there. Allow us to lock up these people for longer (no, not BoJo or Stalin but then again....).
  5. I know two people who have worked at Buck House in various capacities and they have described him to me over the years as an arrogant ********, by far the most "up his own rectum" of the royal family. Treated staff like serfs. Prob still does. I have no sympathy for him at all and he deserves all he gets. His so called business associates all seem dubious - if they weren't paedos then international arms dealers. I detest snobbery in all its forms and especially the way in which Establishment figures seem to have been somehow protected, at least in the past. Randy Andy should have come clean a long time ago. Too late now.
  6. Have a great time Walshie - I really enjoyed my trips to Gdansk over the years, the old town is really nice.
  7. I've had something if a nightmare/manic week so far and haven't had the opportunity to add my two penn'th about the faux pas that JRM and Andrew Bridgen made at the weekend. So here we go with a rant. The stuff JRM said I'm less concerned about but what Bridgen said was unforgiveable and totally outrageous. He proved beyond all doubt (if ever there was any) that the political class in this country believes itself to be cleverer than us (he actually said that) and therefore has every right to dictate how we should lead our lives. What I find just as shocking as his statement, is the lack of consequential uproar. Idiotic snobs like him and his mates, very few of whom have ever done an honest day's work in their lives - should be disqualified from holding public office. Stuck up Oxbridge *******.
  8. Actually, I hope they keep Corbyn. That will increase the probability of people seeing through the Labour Party for what they have become - the Communist Party. This morning's attacks by Corbyn on what he calls the "elite" are so unbelievably naïve. I'm no elitist - god knows I am so far down the pecking order I'm more of a Baldrick than a Melchit - and I have low opinions of some of the landowners around here but Labour needs to acknowledge the realities of life. Capitalism = Human Nature, whether you like it or not. Fact. Get on with it. No, keep Corbyn at the helm.
  9. "The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from around the world." Credit: Julian Popov
  10. If there's money at stake, then of course not. History proves this time and again.
  11. Struggling to think how life could possibly be any better than your arrangements for Saturday. Enjoy!! They may have gone down the wrong path in recent years by trying to mimic other teams style of play but before that, they were always a joy to watch, never predictable and highly skilled.
  12. An excellent set of observations. But of course, we have a God-given right to the oil. And so we will continue to cause havoc for anyone who might threaten the oil supply. Johnny Foreigner really ought to know better.
  13. When people say Hodnet, I expect they really mean West Midlands Shooting Grounds? https://www.wmsg.co.uk/ I live less than a mile away from WMSG but prefer Mickley for one good reason. They issue shooters with a dongle to plug in and therefore you have no-one standing over you, counting clays. That said, I have had lessons at WMSG and the coaches are very good, as are their facilities which are exceptional. Staff at both locations are friendly in my experience.
  14. If I'm reading some of these responses properly, the engine on my wife's car needs looking at...….!! Performance is great - it accelerates very well but seemingly mpg is being sacrificed.
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