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  1. "Any last requests?" "I suppose a **** is out of the question?"
  2. I really wish I did but I'm sorry as the only ideas I have would involve doing time. These people are detestable and should be either locked up for good or be euthanised. I feel so sorry for you mate and really wish you eventually get an outcome that leaves you able to live a peaceful life.
  3. One of my most favourite songs. The Kinks original was clever but Kate's version is very atmospheric.
  4. I'm an emotional bloke and music often really "gets" me. Sorry to sound so cissy. But Kate Rusby's voice gets me more than most. Beautiful...…….🥵
  5. No doubt about it - those Honda engines seem to know the secret to eternal youth. I sold my sit-on when we down sixed a few years back but it survived a chronic lack of attention for 13 years before that and the only thing I ever had to do was to change the plugs. Brilliant engines.
  6. I went through LHR T5 early this morning and thought I had placed my vape thingy in my hold luggage. When I got to my hotel in Nicosia, I'm frantic wondering where the hell is it and after an age of searching, discovered it in my coat pocket, which had gone through security undetected. Not saying its a big deal but it does reinforce the earlier made point that its a mind numbing job manning the scanners...…...
  7. This. I am in Atlanta GA at the moment and the people I have spoken with who want to see a candidate who stands a chance of taking on Trump, have given up. They see a parallel with our recent election in that Boris won by such a long distance predominantly (as they see it) because the alternative was unelectable. All the Democrat candidates are viewed as either mad or senile. The election is for Trump to lose.
  8. Beats me how they intend policing this crazy set of rules.
  9. Yet another ill-thought policy, aimed at the woke. I tend to use smokeless fuels but if wood is available, I'll use it. We have no gas in the village and I will never convert to storage heaters. Apparently Germany has just approved the build of a coal-fired power station. What is the point of us doing these things in isolation?
  10. WestonSalop

    Cheeky Robin

    No, that's the milkman. His name is Robin.
  11. I'm surprised that I haven't seen anything on PW yet regarding Priti Patel's announcement of yesterday. I'm concerned on several fronts. It's true of course that we need to get our house in order post-Brexit on this topic but I can't help but think Ms Patel and her team live in cloud cuckoo land. She stated several times yesterday that there are more than 8 million people who don't work today, in the UK. It seems that in this number, she has included the registered disabled, people who do not need to work, as well as the hated dole wallahs . Does she really believe that she is going to replace the need for foreign workers in the care and agriculture industries from that pool of (apparently!?!) available labour. I for one, wouldn't want any relative of mine to be looked after by the rump of people who for one reason or another, refuse to become gainfully employed and as sure as anything, they won't go pick the crops in the fields. My related concern to this is the apparent haste with which these rules have been pumped out. If this is a sign of what's to come of our post-Brexit planning, then we are headed for a major set of headaches. Boris and co. need to recognise that we see through their made up statistics. I want Brexit to be a success but yesterday's announcement has me worried.
  12. WestonSalop

    Cheeky Robin

    When the fish aren't biting, it livens up my day when the robins come along and nick maggots, right next to my right foot.
  13. If you are correct in your recollections then we have without any doubt whatsoever, a serious abuse of power going on that needs to be challenged. The specific points you raise need to be taken up by our representative orgs and a hullabaloo raised accordingly.
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