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  1. Must say that I really fancy this. Many thanks for the recipe.
  2. We've got a 30 yr old Aga, inherited when we moved in 3 yrs ago. Oil-fired. We knock it off in late spring and back on again in Autumn - kitchen gets far too hot otherwise (we have an electric cooker as well). I honestly believed that the hype surrounding these beasts to be some sort of airy-fairy snobby twaddle but I have been converted. I have seen the light! Much more than just a cooker - absolutely brilliant even if as agaman suggests, they rink oil at an alarming rate. Wouldn't do without it.
  3. I have one and it suits me fine. The double trigger does take some getting used to but as they say, practice makes perfect. Well it would, with anyone other than me....
  4. The set-up at the NEC was way too small and was the principal reason I didn't go last year. Find a roomier venue and I'll gladly go again, provided its not in London.
  5. Horsefly bites pretty much every time I have gone out for the last week or so. Itching like crazy but anti-histamine takes the edge off.....
  6. Will someone please delete this post? My family and I have been coming to the Llyn peninsular for years for holidays and weekends and have tried very hard to keep it a secret. Not fair!
  7. As ever, PW can be always provide the expertise. Interesting to know toontastic.
  8. No. They get the money because of the luvvies in the entertainment industry who are brainwashed into thinking that "Celebrity" is everything, are fooled into thinking that these people are worth it. Get someone in there to manage who doesn't believe that carp and have them appoint people with talent who don't expect to become demi-gods.
  9. The one who gest right up my nose is Steve Wright. Arrogant know-all, who actually knows jack-****, especially when it comes to music. Makes me want to vomit. Lineker is a nice bloke but not worth reported sum. Norton? Don't get me started but no doubt if I complain about him, the snowflakes will come down on me hard for victimising a member of a minority group. Chris Evans - donkey. The woman who replaced him on R2 breakfast caused me to leave BBC totally - I don't want to listen to little brats phoning in to tell us how wonderful they are, when the rest of us are wallowing in ****. Weekends on R2 - the station should be renamed on Sat & Sun as "Gay Radio". Didn't realise R2 was a station for minorities, quite the opposite in fact. I'd better stop and actually do some work else I could be here all day on this one...…….
  10. Turmeric is indeed good for joint issues. Two hints though 1. Make sure the variety you buy is meant as a health supplement which includes pepper (don't know why but the regular stuff we throw into curries isn't as potent). 2. It'll come in capsule form - break open the capsules and put the turmeric over food. I put it on my Weetabix & fruit breakfast. Watch out when buying CBD - there are dozens of them out there and not all of them are up to the job. Still haven't found one that actually does anything. If you have, let me know please.
  11. WestonSalop

    Meth Storm

    What??? And the UK is some kind of Nirvana? We have a broken society here, for all the same reasons as the US. Wander around any large UK town or city and see it for yourself. Refer to many of the other threads on PW in recent weeks, which have detailed just how broke our UK society is. Its not just the U.S. ………. I happen to agree with NI - why the heck cant we recognise that some communities & cultures suffer from specific problems - racism needn't come into it.
  12. My take on these alternative currencies is not entirely positive to the extent that I'd have to say to the Italians "a fine del mondo è vicina" the endof the world is nigh)!
  13. I rarely agree with Henry's point of view but I'm a bit concerned about the way he is sometimes treated on PW. I don't like his views but if I was in his shoes, I'd be feeling well and truly pixxxd off by now, to the extent of leaving PW. We need to understand the point of view of others, even if we don't agree with them.
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