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  1. They said that about Elvis but we all know differently don't we.....
  2. If my experience is anything to go by, its true that the little blighters know exactly what they are doing. Last year, I had the outside of the house re-painted. Old place, all white. The gable end wall abuts the conservatory and so had to pay £700 for scaffolding over the conservatory. Painter did his stuff, scaffolders took their stuff away and within 24 hours the gable end wall was covered in bird poo. Dunno about pigeon - I reckon it was an ostrich with a touch of the runs. And Packham wonders why we want to shoot certain birds???
  3. "Being liked", would be so spectacularly unique for a politician, winning would be guaranteed. Remember folks, Vote Gordon!!
  4. You've hit the nail on the head there. There is no-one further from being a racist than me but the fact is that the issue is predominantly within the Afro- Carribean community. That's not being racist, its a fact and has to be addressed as such. If this terrible trend was being caused by white youths in any community, I'd expect it to be called out as such. But I wonder which mainstream politician is going to be brave enough to pop their head above the parapet and say so. Answer is simple - no-one.
  5. IF none of this appeals and you are REALLY stuck for something to do, you might want to have a crack at being Prime Minister. You couldn't possibly do a worse job than anyone currently in the frame, of any political colour.
  6. I'd agree that Labour is the only party with a chance of forming a government at the next GE. They are so busy bribing the electorate with seemingly attractive propositions (but in reality, with ultimately disastrous consequences) that there's a real chance they will win. Unless some sort of Messiah pops up to save the Tories, we face anarchy for at least a couple of years. Only winners will be hard-line lefties and snowflakes. God help us if the likes or Robinson get a foot-hold. Doesn't bode well, whatever happens.....
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48141268#comp-comments-button Just seen this - look at the chat that's taking place - calling out of "lots of trophy hunting going on right across UK". The ignorant attitudes of the anti's really does pee me off.
  8. I'm no working dog expert but in my view, if anyone really loves their dog, they should be allowed the freedom to wander, within reason of course. Surely anything else means they are treated just like any other tool? I guess one dependency though, is to what extent can the dog behave itself when off the leash. If there's a squirrel in sight, I don't stand a chance of controlling mine. Otherwise he's well behaved. (He's only walked on fields and on farm tracks with negligible traffic).
  9. If so, then its a great example of how the law is an ***. Maybe you should have asked the nice gentlemen for their consent to use their data for the purpose of preventing/detecting crime.
  10. Well done in getting that clarification - just goes to prove the whole area is a bit of a minefield.
  11. GDPR covers anyone who processes personal/sensitive data of EU residents—be it individuals, organisations, or companies 2. Filming in public Going outside a studio and filming in public may get more complicated, especially if it’s in a big bustling city like London or Bristol. First of all, understand that captured video footage involving anyone in public is considered personal data. So here’s what you need to do: Have a written permission from parents or guardians, if you’re going to film and publish a video of a child. Get the written consent of anyone identifiable in any shot, whether they are the subject of your video or in the background. If you’re in a huge public area and consent forms are nigh impossible, you can place signs around to inform all passers-by of what you’re doing. Do this before you start filming, so anyone who don’t want to be captured can avoid the area. Keep your shots focused on the essentials of the story, possibly in close up. This way, you won’t have to obtain any consent forms from anyone in the background. Blur any identifiable individuals in the background during the editing phase.
  12. A distinctly grey area - the use of any personally identifiable data without the express consent of that individual, is a breach of the GDPR. Video is data. Quite how the police get away with that is something I can't answer.
  13. And fishing will quickly follow (except perhaps for the ultra-exclusive beats that exist for the entertainment of the Establishment).
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