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  1. You know, there are days when I think life is just one great big pile of poo. And then a thread like this turns up. I owe what's left of the positive side of my mental health to PW. Thank you all.
  2. Bloody hell - he wasn't kidding!!
  3. Moved from BT (worst customer service of ANY industry, let alone telecoms) last year to Sky. My costs have dropped dramatically but their routers lack power. You cannot replace theirs with a generic router and getting hold of the Sky boosters is not easy. In the evenings, there are lots of devices sharing the bandwidth and we occasionally get issues as a result. Overall though, I am satisfied - their staff in Scotland are always pleasant and don't push if you say "no" to their offers.
  4. You've hit it on the head Ditchy. His actions have been remarkably naïve, bordering on the downright stupid. Hers weren't naïve at all - rather they were coolly calculated. Stitched up like a kipper.
  5. Absolutely wonderful heart-warming series of posts. Well done Centrepin - you should be massively proud of yourself.
  6. Thanks for the warning Ben. As you point out above, it was indeed a hoax. As it happens I was nursing a bottle of red at the time but my son was returning from a gym in Shrewsbury and said incident caused total chaos from what he could see. Thanks again.
  7. Just read somewhere that a big Canadian paper has said "we don't want you in Canada" to H&M. Oh dear, what a shame.
  8. My eldest son (25) is really into his shooting and is lucky enough to have access to a shoot in Scotland where he's not yet failed to make a kill. Problem is that he brings back chunks of animal and expects me to butcher it. The end result is generally nothing like anything you'd see in a butchers shop! The other lad (23) is very much into his rugby but comes with me on the clays occasionally. Our 16 year old daughter was accidentally introduced to "how to wring a chickens neck" at the tender age of three. (Much worse than that in reality because my son tugged a little too hard, head come off, blood everywhere...). Didn't seem to do her any lasting harm and she's very aware that the meat she loves to eat comes from those cute things that wander around fields. But we are lucky in that we live in the countryside. I have no idea how we expose and educate the youngsters in the towns and cities if we are to stand any chance of preserving the country ways of life. Sad.
  9. This really is an interesting thread. More contributions please, especially those like Centrepin and DiverOne's contributions. Fascinating stuff. Should be turned into a movement aimed at re-wilding the young.
  10. Probably helps consolidate Putin's role as lifelong dictator.
  11. Didn't Harry marry the German Chancellor?
  12. Dan Walker is a nice enough fella but that interview should have been conducted by one of the many journo's who know how to handle BJ. The heavyweights must be feeling pretty miffed that Dan did the interview. And what a cock up he made by pushing BJ on the extradition request - the Beeb must have been aware that there's intense diplomatic activity on that score and no good would come of pressing BJ. HRH and I went to the theatre in Shrewsbury about 5 years ago for "An audience with Boycie" where Walker was the MC. He should have risen no further.
  13. I normally have BBC Breakfast on in the background but yesterday I was so annoyed at the amateur Dan Walker, interviewing BJ that I turned over to ITV. Don't know if it was a typical day but there was a fantastic row going on between Pierced Organ and some lady who reckons everything negative reported about Mrs Merkel is down to racism. It really was great sport. So much so, I went back this morning where it had all kicked off again. I'm no Organ fan but the way he was being assassinated by snowflakes was shocking. So it really is true that one cannot say anything about anyone, without being accused of being a bigot of some sort. And Suzannah Reed - what's the point? My prediction - Mrs Merkel will break Harry's heart and they will divorce within 5 years, during which time the Firm will have been rocked by numerous exposes in the media (I have no idea where the leaks will come from....).
  14. Wymberley is absolutely right - your post really nails it. Interesting that you use the word "Disneyfication". I've had a theory for a long time that having given up trying to influence the world through the Peace Corps, the U.S. has chosen to use Disney to brainwash the world's population, infecting all our brains with kitch BS.
  15. WestonSalop


    I think we may have just witnessed a miracle that should go down in PW history. Congrats gents!
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