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  1. Had something annoyingly happen to me regarding my GP. They asked for a fee for my medical report so I sent it in, they then said to pay when it's done. A day later the practice manager rung me up saying I'd have to pay before, I explained what had just happened and went back to pay the £30. One month on I get a call from my GP saying 'Your medical report wasn't done in the time allocated by Essex Police so we'll refund the medical report fee'. In a month, the doctor who was allocated my report didn't have any free time to do a medical report for the police, absolute joke. Police haven't been in-touch with me yet but the GP did say if they didn't reply to the police they'd take it as everything is okay to proceed. Which would of been ideal for the GP to tell me instead of requesting money.
  2. Personally I like both but probably an Omega.. I think the Rolex market is washed with all of the 'cheaper' watches that they sell.
  3. Maybe a few seats, probably will be beat the green party but that's about it. Don't want to speak too soon but probably not enough for a coalition.
  4. The Brexit party made by Nigel Farage will be the only independent party which in my eyes will be semi-successful in its campaign.
  5. Also I've just seen this.. her dad doesn't seem to caring with a teddy when he's protesting with Anjem Choudary.
  6. https://www.eleyhawkltd.com/media-events/press-releases/eley-hawk-launches-the-first-disolvable-and-biodegradeable-wad- Thought I'd leave this here, couldn't see anyone else post about it yet.
  7. Ah a fellow sportster love mine, Harley parts aren't cheap if he would have dropped it! Would of been different if he was riding with his club/group! See it all the time with the protests in the US with protesters blocking the road and being rammed out the way. To be honest with you, fair enough he drove through people and they stopped him guess they could flip it as if he was going to cause them harm, as they probably would.
  8. Hey from Southend o7
  9. I saw this last night while I was at work. She should have been stripped of her British citizenship, she is a radicalised extremist bride. She has no regrets about joining the Islamic State. She will come over here and continue her ideology and radicalise others in the UK. As for the baby, you can only imagine the poison she will be teaching it. I do not trust our police forces in monitoring anyone on their watch lists due to the fact there are so many and if she does do something illegal, the government will be held accountable for it and will make an example out of any other foreign fighter coming back.
  10. The license fee should be scrapped and the mobs of uneducated morons who they send out to inspect houses without a fee by claiming someone's reported them is insane.... In reality like you said, if people paid for Iplayer monthly like Netflix, Amazon or Now TV... You'd soon realise Iplayer wouldn't be worth the money as all of the other streaming sites offer such a better quality of movies and TV shows. I personally don't watch anything on the 'main' channel's as watching old auction programmes or a soap doesn't appeal to me and once you realise you're paying for it, it rubs salt into the wound!
  11. I've had a look at the Ultra XS Pro and is a serious contender!
  12. Good to hear, I can't see much wrong with it and I prefer a basic black action. Will have a look online and see if my local gun shop has it!
  13. Hi guys, currently looking at purchasing a Browning B725 prosport, any other alternatives that anyone would recommend, my budget is around £3000. I would be open to suggestions, or comments on the Browning B725 prosport itself. Thanks.
  14. srspower I'd recommend, videos aren't too long and is a mix of commentary and shooting. https://www.youtube.com/user/srspower/videos
  15. Watched it, the Botley Mills gun shop are hands down one of the best pro-shooting channels in the UK at the moment. Almost to the point were I wouldn't mind travelling down to them for my next purchase!
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