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  1. Hi guys Just wondering if there's any pigeon shooting clubs near me who are looking for members. I live in selby near york i also drive so can travel.
  2. How many people do you need to be interested. I think if it can be done it would be a great idea. I've just started in the sport and would love to join a club would be willing to put in the hard work needed. Fingers crossed this does happen.
  3. Thanks for your help on this matter guys very much appriciated. I live in selby in north yorkshire the idea of being a memeber of a group or organization sounds more appealing to me so i can get to know more people and pick up tips to say am an amature at this is an understatement never done it in my life. I will have a look for some organizations do any of you know any good ones in the york/selby area?
  4. Is there any other way to get permissions then going and banging on a farmers door. Tbh am prity nervous about doing this. Is there any suggestions. It also doesn't help that i am literally nust starting to get into the sport and dont think i ll be taken seriously.
  5. Thats good to know i have been park lodge clay shoot everyone there is great and happy to help. Thanks for the link much appreciated. Basically am wanting to transfer over from clays shooting to game shooting and wanting to start with pigeon. Thanks i don't now and never will see the point in not telling truth especially when part of the sport/hobby involves guns just wouldn't be safe.
  6. Good morning everyone Totally new to the whole forum idea. Am not going to come on and ask for land to shoot on etc am more looking for help to find best books or people near to me who's willing to teach a complete novice the ins and outs and skills etc. I live in selby north yorkshire. If anyone can help or can point me in right direction would very much appreciate it. Thanks again Adam
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