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  1. 🤣 I'm sure you will be 👍
  2. Cheers mate something to think about 👍 👍
  3. Yeah I have heard a lot of people still shoot steel through non steel proof but the amount of duck im going to shoot at its not going to break the bank Cheers mate
  4. Which steel do you use?
  5. My Aya isn't steel proof so I use bismuth, don't shoot many duck's so it's not too expensive
  6. Gamebore bismuth £29 a box 👍
  7. Cheers mate 👍 I've got both as well so I'll just see which one suits me best
  8. Hi all What size bismuth cartridges does everyone use for duck's ie 4s,5s Cheers
  9. Hi all What size bismuth cartridges does everyone use for duck Cheers
  10. I had a pair for a week,a glue started to come away got my money back and got a pair of le chameau
  11. Hi Gen Perhaps you could try googling the serial number and make to see if that brings any info up if not I'm sure someone in the sxs group will be able to help you🤞
  12. I brought a new 525 two years ago within the first year it had to go back to have two new firing pins and springs,six months later it went back again this time the leaver was so tight I had to force it open,so I've traded it in for something else it's put me off Browning's, mine might just have been a one off
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