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  1. Hi Does anyone here use specsavers tinted prescription glasses? If you do how do you get on with them, do they work well. I'm particularly interested in yellow and red. Chris.
  2. Recent SGC grant in Cornwall, start to Finnish 56 days. Happy with that.
  3. If you put the bead below the target then your aiming below the target. Where does your shot pattern if you put the bead on the target?
  4. No facility to shoot at the shop but had tried a Beretta 692 and Browning 725 at the clay club the week before as two shots let me use theirs. Only tried the ultra XS Pro in the shop. I prefered the pistol grip on the pro sport to the other two, it seemed much fatter and fitted my hand much better. Though all 3 have adjustable stocks my eye came down on the rib so much more naturally on the Pro Sport. Shop owner said that all round it was the best fit of the 3 and as it was also the cheapest option he obviously wasn't just saying it for profit. So I have ordered a 30" Pro Sport.
  5. Ok I have been to the gunshop and played around with both guns. Overall the Pro Sport felt better and fitted much better even before adjustment so I have ordered the Pro Sport.
  6. Farmer7. I had never considered the pro Trap. Is it ok for sporting Clay's?
  7. Thanks for your comments steve 1066. Another question is what length barrels? I have not been shooting long and at present use my friends gun, a Beretta 682. I have tried other guns belonging to people at our shooting ground and prefer the bigger feel of the Brownings. I will get my cert in a week or two. Again what barrel length? Chris.
  8. Thanks for your comments andoffer Jay. Unfortunately I live in Cornwall. Chris.
  9. Please let me know what he thinks of it. Chris.
  10. Hi. I am looking for opinions on the Browning B725 pro sport and the Browning 525 ultra XS Pro. I shoot sporting and skeet. I know best fit is king and I will try both. All comments welcome. Note. This question has been posted in other forums to get a wider audience.
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