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  1. Just the two with the shotgun today. Total 576
  2. 5 this afternoon with the shotgun and thermal. Total 533
  3. Just the two today, both dray shot. Total 348
  4. Thermal and shotgun worked an absolute treat this afternoon, nowhere to hide! Six tree rats down. Total 306
  5. Cracking afternoon on the squirrels today. Thermal and shotgun combo worked an absolute treat, six tree rats down. I reckon it will be even more effective first thing in the morning before the trees have warmed up.
  6. Thank you all for your welcome, very much appreciated. Out on the squirrels and hopefully a pigeon or two tomorrow.
  7. Hi, I bought my first shotgun, an older Beretta 686, last year. I put some time in on the clays and had two beaters days at the end of the season, absolutely loved it. My plan this year is to get out and learn pigeon decoying and roost shooting, I’d also like to have a crack at the corvids. I’m lucky to have a 14,000 acre permission of fields and woodland so I think the fishing will take a back seat this year. I was in the market for a Benelli semi auto but ended up with a stunning Aya no.4 de Luxe! A beautiful gun which I couldn’t say no to. I’ll be trawling this forum for all the tips I can get. Cheers, Jack
  8. Is the model a de Luxe or a BQBL, I’ve seen it referred to as both?
  9. Thanks, yes it’s a stunner and I know it’s history. Bought new in 1977 from Chichester Armoury and spent most of the next 40 years in a cabinet. Sold to an rfd when the chap died and bought by my friend who hadn’t got round to using it. He sold it to me when he bought his Churchill’s. It looks and feels like a new gun. My plan is to get a few hundred cartridges through it on the clays, then it’ll be my pigeon gun and used on beaters days.
  10. I bought an XQ38F a couple of months ago and it’s transformed my rabbit, squirrel and fox shooting. Nothing can hide from it! Got mine from Blackwoods for a good price compared to rrp.
  11. Very recently from Optics Warehouse, mounts not included.
  12. Hi there, I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while and now that I’ve bought my first ever side by side I thought I’d say hello. I bought this absolutely mint Aya no.4 De Luxe in 12g from a friend who’s upgraded to a matching pair of Churchill’s.
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